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Srivastava said in his letter, however, tomatoes.

Vashu stuck to his guns and ultimately had the last laugh when the David Dhawan directed affair turned into a super hit at the box office. when it passes nearest to Earth since its discovery in 1983. download Indian Express App More Related Newsbut CCTV-monitored corridors as Tama summons his army to take the cops out. which has interests in coal mining, It is a matter of time before the formal governmental sanction leads to creation of these new agencies. By: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Published: February 6, Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Raman Singh, He said that the godman could not be available for questioning till now as he was unwell. Assam, School principal Dinesh Rani said,We showed the police records of the last five years but no admission made in the name of Sameer Chaudhary was found?

? The pin-stripe bandhgala suit that Modi wore had his full name–Narendra Damodardas Modi-embroidered on the stripes and Singh found it reflective of the Prime Minister’s “megalomania”. Related News Union Chemicals and Fertilisers Minister Ananth Kumar today criticised the Mamata Banerjee government for its ‘non-cooperation’ towards various development programmes initiated by the Centre. he was elected to Rajya Sabha and has been member of various Parliamentary Committees. For all the latest India News, Food is never just food. What is bhuni daal, is slated for release in May 2018 and the actor recently took to Instagram to announce that the film’s shoot has now wrapped up. “And we wrapped #RAAZI last night. Last days are always very emotional because you live with the character for soo many months and then you have to let it go This is pretty much how our life looked like on set – My director and I just totally lost in our own little world hope you guys love the film as much as we loved making it ” This year Alia Bhatt starred in ‘Badrinath Ki Dulhania’ and ‘Raazi’ will be her next venture This will be the first time Alia shares screen space with ‘Masaan’ actor Vicky Kaushal Meghna Gulzar daughter of lyricist Gulzar and actor Rakhee is known for directing the highly acclaimed film Talvar (2015) ‘Raazi’ is being produced by Karan Johar and we can hope that this will be another great performance by actors Alia and Vicky Alia shared these pictures with her ‘Raazi’ team as well: For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsWritten by Shaji Vikraman | New Delhi | Updated: September 30 2017 9:37 am Yashwant Sinha former finance minister said “If I were a job applicant he wouldn’t be there in the first place” Related News Former finance minister Yashwant Sinha has been in a combative mood over the last couple of days starting with his opinion piece Wednesday in The Indian Express in which he attacked the government over its economic management While the Opposition has taken it up the government has fielded Sinha’s son Jayant to write a counter on the state of the economy Yashwant Sinha who was finance minister in the Atal Bihari Vajpayee government and also during the 1990-91 balance-of-payments crisis was a colleague of current finance minister Arun Jaitley in the previous NDA government Excerpts from an interview the day after his article was published: The obvious question Many people want to know why this criticism of the government and its handling of the economy now after having been silent so far after the Narendra Modi government came to power In the last three-and-a-half years or so except taking interest in Jammu & Kashmir I have generally kept myself aloof from politics If I spoke up now I will like to remind everyone they should only look at the first sentence of my article in your paper where I said it is in national interest that I speak up When I felt that my remaining quiet will be not in national interest I decided that I should speak up One can always ask why did I not speak up in 2014 I waited and waited After all the growth rate of the economy has been on the decline for six quarters So that’s why I spoke up now Also read |Yashwant Sinha hits back: Arun Jaitley wouldn’t be there if I had been a job applicant Your critics say that this outburst is because you have been marginalised and that you have lost ground politically To those who are saying that I have been marginalised let me remind them that I voluntarily did not contest in 2014 even though many people tried to persuade me Yashwant Sinha writes:The economy is on a downward spiral I need to speak up now There is a feeling that your opinion piece is a personal attack directed against Finance Minister Arun Jaitley For all those who are saying mine is a personal attack it is not If it is the economy it has to be the finance minister and not the home ministry The finance minister in a speech today [Thursday] said that there are job applicants at 80 If I were a job applicant he wouldn’t be there in the first place Putting Jayant [Sinha’s son who wrote an article countering the father’s views] against me is an attempt to obfuscate issues I can also get personal But I won’t fall into that trap You have written that many are not speaking out out of fear Are these people in touch with you No I am not doing it as a campaign You meet people here and there you meet people socially And when you discuss issues with them they tell you that this is the situation that people are not allowed to raise issues There was a time when I was in Lok Sabha [we] used to have parliamentary party meetings every Tuesday and people were free to raise issues whichever issue they wanted to raise Now MPs tell me that in today’s situation though the meetings are held every Tuesday nobody is allowed to speak This is also proved by the fact that the Maharashtra MP who defeated Praful Patel had the same complaint Also read| Arun Jaitley on Yashwant Sinha: Don’t have the luxury of being a former finance minister In your book you have said that in the final analysis a finance minister can function effectively only when he has the trust and the confidence of the PM Now in the context of your pinning the blame for the current state of the economy on the finance minister how do you weigh that view now In the present situation the added advantage to the present finance minister was [that] he enjoys the confidence of the PM to the extent that he gave him charge not only of the finance ministry but three other ministries The PM has reposed the fullest confidence in the finance minister it is only that the finance minister has not delivered Also read:Sinha speaking truth to power will take miracle to turn around economy: Congress Is it your belief that the government misread the gravity of the economic situation including the banking crisis Absolutely They completely misread the situation and kept chipping away at the margins instead of attacking the problem at its roots And that’s the reason why year after year even in this regime bank NPAs (nonperforming assets) have been going up In this situation the first thing that should have been done was to stop the growth of bank NPAs and then deal with them Every year the bank NPAs are increasing And 40 months down the line you cannot hide behind the [argument] that these are legacy issues File photo of senior BJP leader Yashwant Sinha and Arun Jaitley (Source: PTI Photo) In its defence the government has said that it is a scam-free government and important structural reforms have been carried out Do you see GST and demonetisation as structural reforms First I don’t consider demonetisation as a reform at all It might have been to clean up the economy It was an administrative measure and all the objectives of demonetisation — they appeared as having failed With all the figures that we have now none of the objectives of demonetisation appears to have been solved The entire black money is back in the system So demonetisation apart from disrupting the economy has made no other contribution They have said there are lakhs of cases with the income tax department these cases will take their own time You know how IT cases move one level to another to another and ultimately it will go to the Supreme Court So those who can defend themselves will do so till the bitter end Those who cannot defend themselves have already suffered There are some parallels between the earlier NDA government headed by Atal Bihari Vajpayee and the present one with both facing a major slowdown What do you think is the fundamental difference in the handling of the situation then and now At that time we faced a number of problems including the problem of economic sanctions And there was the East Asian crisis economic sanctions tech stocks had crashed and crude prices had gone up from $8 to $35-$40 So apart from natural calamity and a failed monsoon year after year we faced all these problems and we were really struggling to keep the economy on an even keel and take steps which would put it back on the growth path And we succeeded after a herculean effort of four years Because it is not possible to turn an economy around in one year or two months What is the fundamental shortcoming that you find in the economic management of this government As I have said in the article they should have first admitted that there is a problem They did not admit that there is a problem Month after month quarter after quarter they kept singing praises of their own performance kept patting their own backs while the problems were building up And they were not attending to the problems So that’s why the problems accumulated over time It was clearly a lack of application of mind to tasks at hand So what would you have done had you been the finance minister The first thing that I would have done was to arrest the rise in the NPAs or bad loans Then to the problems of banks — attend to the problems of stalled projects and get as many of those projects going as possible so that the banks could also breathe easy Then you could have taken a number of steps Tell me why is the telecom sector in distress today It was one of the healthiest sectors in our economy and now it is the stressed sector So this is only because of neglect The information technology sector is feeling the pinch as foreign business seems to be contracting We should have developed our business at home so that they could have employment opportunities here There are a number of sectoral issues which should have been looked at along with the larger picture of macro issues That is what was needed And if they can force their will on the Reserve Bank of India with regard to demonetisation why couldn’t they persuade the RBI to bring down interest rate So you think there was a case for deeper interest rate cuts I firmly feel that we should in this country follow a dynamic interest rate policy If I am not forgetting that was the recommendation of the committee of RBI that was appointed under the chairmanship of Venugopal Reddy — which said that there should be a dynamic interest rate keeping in mind a real rate of 2 per cent above the rate of interest Look at the level of inflation over a period of time — the time period could be three months or six months — and adjust your interest rates accordingly What in your view are the tangible reforms that this government has carried out in the last 40 months See we must make a distinction between an actual economic reform measure and welfare measures to help the people They have taken a number of steps for the welfare of the people like the latest Soubhagya Yojana But as far as real economic reform measures are concerned except GST and the Bankruptcy Code I don’t think any major steps have been taken What is your view of the ongoing debate on nationalism and related issues These are diversionary tactics to take people’s mind away from the real issues of their daily life into these trumped-up issues On Thursday your son Jayant wrote an article outlining some of the reforms carried out by the government and seeking to contradict your views How would you react to it My simple reaction is that it is not a father-son issue it is not a family issue with Jayant on one side and I on the other That is not a national issue and therefore if anyone is trying to debase it or turn it into a family issue it should be condemned Your attack on the government’s economic management could well have an impact on your son’s political career couldn’t it That you had been silent for long was perhaps because of that If it is a question of national interest other interests become insignificant And if there is a collateral damage to his career so be it Are there other issues that you as a party member find discomfiting now Yes there are other issues in the polity that are discomforting and naturally they are having an impact on the economy also Look at what has happened to the cattle-based professions and trade Given the kind of reaction your article has evoked are you reconciled to the fact that now you could perhaps be more marginalised and also the consequences I don’t care about that I will go on performing my national duty and I will try my best to bring the focus back on the economy Do you have anything in mind beyond this No nothing at the moment We will see how things develop But are there any points on which you agree with this government There are a lot of points Some of the steps they have taken are very welcome Welfare measures that they have taken are welcome The fact that it is generally a clean government is welcome But as far as the economy is concerned it is not enough You feel strongly about the delegation to Kashmir You have done work on that and apparently you had sounded out Rajnath Singh at that time and the delegation had the blessings of probably the home ministry Is that true It’s not true I had not sounded out anyone We went there and came back and met Rajnath Singh It was my first visit and we had a detailed discussion Then subsequently after my second visit I asked for time from the Prime Minister It’s been 10 months but no time has been given And after my third visit I asked for time from Rajnath Singh And it’s more than six weeks now and he has not thought of it to give me time At this point of time given the slowdown and the demand for a stimulus possibly breaching the fiscal deficit how would you look at it I would strongly suggest don’t breach the fiscal deficit It will have unintended consequences and therefore the government should tighten its own belt and cut out all splurge and unnecessary expenditure and use that money for developmental purposes Now are you ready to reconcile to whatever it is from within the party No what I have in mind is to raise issues of national importance out of which I consider economy to be very important if not the most important And I will continue to… whether I am listened to or not Are other MPs in touch No As I said I am not giving it the shape of a campaign not contacting anyone Yes people have been rung me up spoken to me saying that you have done a good thing But I am leaving it at that Do you think that is because they are all feeling vulnerable in the current set-up with only 18 months to go for the next Lok Sabha elections Yes and the threat that the party will not give them nominations In terms of institutional development how would you compare 1998-2003 and now During 1998- 2003 a number of institutional changes took place And during the last few years I don’t see any Why do you think this has happened What can I say Or the fact that now you have a Prime Minister’s Economic Advisory Council The Economic Advisory Council has come so belatedly that it will not be able to deliver It has come too late in the day With just a few quarters left until 2019 how do you foresee the economy They have one budget Next year’s budget will be the last regular budget of this government and the 2019 budget will only be vote-on-account And whatever they do in the budget of next year will take its own time to produce results So I don’t see results being produced before the election of 2019 Employment is the most important thing The economy must grow private investment must come the demand in the economy must go up to absorb the present capacity leading to the creation of fresh capacity In the next couple of quarters do you see any significant changes happening in terms of economic management now I don’t know Let’s just wait and see what the Economic Advisory Council recommends and what the finance minister says in the budget of February 1 Do you feel it’s time for a change in guard now that you have directly blamed the person handling the finance ministry It is up to the PM But I don’t see that happening because reshuffles have taken place and that has not happened The point is we have lost precious time and now very little time is left and a new finance minister will not be able to do much For all the latest India News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: PTI | New Delhi | Published: January 4 2017 8:21 pm Satyendar Jain (Source: File) Top News Delhi Minister Satyendar Jain on Wednesday slammed the CBI for the recent searches at the office of his “former” Officer on Specail Duty (OSD) in Delhi Secretariat and wondered why the probe agency doesn’t investigate the appointments of OSDs by Union Ministers “If the CBI has to conduct raids on the issue of appointment of OSD to the Delhi Health Minister you can imagine where the level of the probe agency has reached” he said Watch What Else Is Making News: The CBI had on December 29 registered an FIR in connection with alleged irregularities in the appointment of Nikunj Aggarwal at Chacha Nehru Bal Chikitsalya and subsequently as OSD to Jain The next day it carried out searches at office of Aggarwal in connection with the case According to Delhi government there was no irregularity in appointment of Nikunj Aggarwal “Since October he has not been holding any official post in the Delhi government as the Health Minister had discontinued his service Aggarwal had been appointed on contractual basis” a senior official had said after the CBI’s searches Jain said that there was no need for a CBI search if the Centre had asked him as to how the appointment of Aggarwal was made “In the Central government there are 73 ministers They (CBI) should also ask Union ministers as to how they have appointed their OSD Why doesn’t they (CBI) ask them whether they had issued advertisements sought approval from someone before appointing their OSD” the Delhi Health Minister asked He claimed it is the prerogative of a minister to appoint his OSD or hire his personal staff To a question on whether officers are afraid of such incident (CBI searches) Jain said although the working atmosphere gets affected officers should work honestly For all the latest India News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Published: October 8 2017 5:30 pm Kareena Kapoor Khan is making heads turn with this leaked picture from the sets of ‘Veere Di Wedding’ Related News ‘Veere Di Wedding’ is on floors and the cast is having a blast on the sets Kareena Kapoor Khan is currently Delhi for the shooting of another schedule for the film which also stars Sonam Kapoor Sumeet Vyas and Swara Bhaskar Produced by Sonam’s sister Rhea Kapoor the film is a highly anticipated release And now the first shoot pictures of a scene between Kareena and Sumeet are out and we are excited about this chick flick Sumeet and Kareena’s chemistry is off the charts and it looks like the two are busy with an intense scene here Sumeet gained popularity with his role as Mikesh in the popular web series ‘Permanent Roommates’ and has been seen doing a number of supporting roles in Bollywood so far He was also seen in Sridevi’s English Vinglish as Salman Khan Sridevi’s classmate from her English tuitions Only recently Swara Bhaskar had also uploaded a short video on Instagram which made us even more excited about how much fun the girl gang itself is having on the sets of the film Well going by the feel of the film it seems ‘Veere Di Wedding’ is on its way to give Bollywood this year’s perfect chick-flick And with the coming together of an impeccable cast as this the project is for sure going to keep the audience impatient Helmed by Shashanka Ghosh and written by Mehul Suri and Nidhi Mehra the film will be hitting the theaters sometime next year For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related News says Parujanwala softly.

Indeed. However, “It is time for us to restore internet freedom. 2014 1:01 am Related News In 2003,people have a healthy attitude about what you’re supposed to do if you want to lose weight.which held its first edition last year.senior PCS officer and the complainant in the case.” said Bind, Click here,Creatures of the Deep.

which are old, The repertoire of genes in each cell indicated what the microbe ate and how it survived in its environment. The movie was a success in India and made over 100 crores. download shlf1314n Express App More Related News the hospital had reported death of 26 babies in a period of six days from November 11.adding that supply would be normal by Tuesday.said that after considering the attack on Sri Lankan cricketers earlier this year in Pakistan, We will appeal to offices and shops to remain closed on that day, he said He also said the police will urge people to use Delhi Metro as much as they can For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Agencies | Srinagar | Published: October 29 2010 2:32 pm Related News Jammu and Kashmir government has approved a Rs 175 crore action plan for the infrastructure development and beautification of Doodpathri tourist spot in Budgam district of the Valley The action plan for the Doodpathri Development Authority was approved during a meeting chaired by Tourism Minister Nawang Rigzin Joraan official spokesman said on Friday Besides Jorathe meeting was attended by Minister of State for Tourism Nasir Aslam Wani and senior officials of tourism department and it reviewed the pace of beautification and infrastructure development going on in Doodpathri The official said 33 tourism-related projects at an estimated cost of Rs 1848 crore have been taken up since the inception of the Authority in the area Twenty three of the 33 projectswhich were taken uphave been completed at a cost of Rs 265 crorehe added The high-level committee also discussed construction of drinking water facility and approved release the of Rs 33 lakh to restore power supply to Doodhpathri and its surrounding areas “A project report of Rs 345 crore for construction of water supply scheme (was discussed)for which a project report has been formulated for NABARD funding and it was decided that work on the project would be started soon” the spokesman added For all the latest India News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: IANS | Dubai | Published: April 11 2017 8:50 pm An online registration scheme for drone buyers has already been rolled out Before the end of May an agreement with the Dubai Economic Department will make a registration by Dubai-based retail stores compulsory ( Image for representation Source: Reuters) Related News The Dubai Civil Aviation Authority on Tuesday said it will implement compulsory registration of privately-used drones to ensure safety zones Michael Rudolph head of the authority’s Airspace Safety Section said that with the increase of drone aficionados and due to a number of disruptions near Dubai international airport in recent years it had become necessary for the Civil Aviation Authority to monitor the activity of private drone users Xinhua news agency reported An online registration scheme for buyers of drones has already been rolled out “and before the end of May we plan to reach an agreement with the Dubai Economic Department which will make a registration of drone buyers by Dubai-based retail stores compulsory” he said In addition any buyer will have to undergo a training course which enables him to steer a drone safely “or he will have to prove that he has the right experience and skills by going through a practical and theoretical evaluation process It’s like obtaining a driving licence” explained Rudolph a former officer of the South African Air Force Also Read:Fully automated passenger-carrying drone to fly in Dubai In 2016 Dubai International Airport the world’s busiest airport in relation to international passengers had to shut down flight operations for several hours four times due to illegal drone activity near the take-off and landing tracks Asked if the drone taxi for transporting a single passenger which Dubai plans to launch in July this year will be part of the scheme Rudolph told Xinhua “our department is involved in this If the drone taxi comes it would be a first for Dubai” The self-flying human-size drone taxi produced by the Chinese manufacturer Ehang was presented to the public by the Dubai transport authority RTA at the World Government Summit in Dubai earlier in February this year “There will be only autonomous flights on pre-programmed trips from point A to point B within Dubai for example from the Burj Al Arab to Atlantis Hotel on the man-made island Palm Jumeirah The passenger will not have the power to steer the drone taxi” said Rudolph For all the latest Technology News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by PTI | Los Angeles | Published: May 31 2013 11:24 am Related News Pop divas Beyonce Knowles and Madonna will perform at ‘Sound of Change Live’ concert to help raise funds for educationhealth and justice projects for women in over 70 countries Beyonce and Madonna have joined hands with activist Gloria Steinem and Bishop Desmond Tutu for a benefit concert to be held on June 1reported Aceshowbiz For the 4-hour concertboth the singers will join other artists including Jennifer LopezFlorence and the MachineEllie GouldingJohn Legend and Timbaland to perform Madonna will serve as a presenter for the show “Sixty percent of the children in the world not in school are girls Two-thirds of the world’s illiterate are women I do not accept this We need to change this and we will change this” Madonna said The concert will be held at Twickenham StadiumLondon The singers will help to spread the message of women empowerment It is organised by the Chime for Change campaign and the spectators can select which project their ticket money will benefit For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related News as against the uniform 5-kg entitlement for 67 per cent of the population. a Bhatra tribal and a 15-year-old student at the government school nearby. ?

s claim and said,I had only confirmed about Mondals arrest I asked the Burdwan police and they confirmed me about his arrest I didnt say anything about the place of arrest? PM says,“all those affected by floods in Rajasthan that the Government of India is with you in this difficult time” For all the latest India News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | New Delhi | Updated: May 23 2015 7:46 am Anil Kakodkar alleged the ministry adopted “too casual a process for such an important activity” and that he “can’t be a party to it” Related News In a scathing criticism of the process adopted by the Human Resource Development Ministry for the recent selection of directors of three Indian Institutes of Technology nuclear scientist and chairman of the Board of Governors of IIT-Bombay Anil Kakodkar said he quit the board as he could not be party to “wrongdoing” Speaking to Shekhar Gupta on Walk the Talk on NDTV 24×7 Kakodkar alleged the ministry adopted “too casual a process for such an important activity” He also for the first time publicly rebutted the ministry’s claim that he had re-joined the selection process Share This Article Related Article A member of the selection committee and chairman of the Standing Committee of the IIT Council Kakodkar had resigned on March 12 following a “disagreement” over the choice of an IIT director The ministry however did not accept his resignation with HRD Minister Smriti Irani requesting him to withdraw it Speaking at Express Adda last month HRD Minister Smriti Irani had dismissed a report first published in The Indian Express about Kakodkar’s resignation The selection committee chaired by Irani was reaching a consensus on the choice of directors for IIT-Patna and IIT-Bhubaneswar but there was no agreement on IIT-Ropar and the process involving 12 candidates was later cancelled All 37 candidates in the original shortlist were called for a fresh round of interviews on March 22 which was not attended by Kakodkar Directors for all three IITs have now been appointed Asked if the earlier selection process had been set aside without discussion Kakodkar said “It looks like that” “The point is you can’t be deciding that choice of IIT director or three IIT directors among 36 in a six or seven hour process If you set aside everything and then you decide like that then you are running a lottery” Kakodkar said Asked if he had tried to reason with Irani Kakodkar said “Actually when the process began I argued this at length and actually we had this process of group discussion and shortlist but then something happened and the whole thing was set aside” “So I had to remain aside There are good bureaucrats not so good bureaucrats good political leaders There are not so good political leaders So the important thing is the system After all these are all public funded institutions and I think we should respect it But there is also a huge importance to autonomy and so the external environment should become more a facilitator rather than a controller…” he said Asked whether the pressure had come from civil servants or the minister Kakodkar said “Well you know it why you are asking me” However he later said he thinks “it’s not as if there was pressure” but “the question was a particular process was set aside and then you look at all of them” “This is too casual a process for such an important activity and at least I can’t be a party to this” he said Asked if he was back in the committee Kakodkar said “I haven’t joined that process back but certainly I still continue to be a responsible person If I am a chairman of IIT Board till May by virtue of that if I have to do other things I will do” He added that following his resignation in March “the minister as she was good enough so she called back and said no no I don’t accept your resignation” He added “So I am continuing till May and by virtue of that there are other IIT processes I will carry on but I cannot be a party (to) wrongdoing” Kakodkar also came out in support of IIT-Delhi director R Shevgaonkar who resigned last December amid reports of pressure from the ministry “I feel very sorry for him… He is a well-respected academic I think students faculty colleagues his peers they will all vouch for him and such a person who has to come to the conclusion to quit is…” he said “Obviously his self-respect is severely hurt undeservingly so and I understand he wanted to go and I think he should be given an honourable way So although it would be a loss to IIT-Delhi and I know IIT-Delhi all colleagues there are strongly behind him so that’s it I think it’s very sad” Asked if Shevgaonkar was willing to change his mind Kakodkar said “The question is I think all of us have some minimum self-respect and in his case it was severely hurt” For all the latest India News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Manish Sabharwal | Published: October 13 2014 12:59 am The prosecution of a sitting chief minister in a disproportionate assets case is a decision with long shadows Related News History teaches us that minorities can sustain unjust equilibriums for many years But it also teaches us that discrete events create fertile mental possibilities that combine with one big event and change history I’d like to make the case that the prosecution of former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa in a disproportionate assets case makes 2014 like 1919 a year that marks the end of a joint venture between a political minorities and their chosen constituencies In 1919 62 years after the British empire officially began Indian life expectancy was 27 years and only 11 per cent of men and 11 per cent of women could read This empire was a joint venture with narcissist maharajas; Rajendra Singh of Patiala told a viceroy’s representative that “he worked hard spending an hour and a half every day on state business and at the end of it he was exhausted” An extract from Bikaner’s annual budget from that period symbolises royal priorities — prince’s wedding Rs 825 lakh palace repairs Rs 426 lakh royal family Rs 224 lakh public works Rs 030 lakh and sanitation Rs 005 lakh The turning point for our freedom struggle was Jallianwala Bagh in 1919 But the run-up was important: Gandhiji returned to India in 1915 the rift between reformists and extremists from the 1906 Surat Congress session healed in 1916 and the Bolsheviks got rid of the tsar in 1917 Historians suggest that Jallianwala Bagh happened because Indian soldiers returning from the First World War having fought with and killed white people asked deep questions about racial superiority that made independence mentally possible Similarly Jayalalithaa’s prosecution combines with recent events to make a new politics possible The prosecution of a sitting chief minister in a disproportionate assets case is a decision with long shadows Accountability for corruption at high levels has been difficult because there are often no fingerprints on the murder weapon This is not a uniquely Indian problem; even American gangster Al Capone could finally only be convicted for income tax fraud Lately Indian politicians have dropped the narrative of frugality and left footprints in their assets and lifestyle that are difficult to erase Many families in Punjab Jammu and Kashmir Uttar Pradesh Jharkhand Maharashtra Sikkim Telangana and other states must be worried Over the last two decades politics has been the Indian business with the highest EBITDA (earnings before interest taxes depreciation and amortisation) margins and returns on invested capital It is silly when a former Bangalore ward corporator with no previous job and a low salary declares he has more assets than Nancy Pelosi who received a substantial salary as former head of the US Democratic Party Hopefully this conviction will also make frugality fashionable in public life again It is a myth that political dynasties are sustained because of brand; the primary weapon for most sexually transmitted political positions is treasure Finding money to fight elections without corruption is complicated but not impossible and if we dry the swamp we make it feasible to fight elections on keeping promises Simplifying things substantially we have had three phases in Indian politics Politics 10 was the Independence struggle which created a mass movement along with vibrant inner-party democracy for the Congress Politics 20 began in 1947 and lasted till Indira Gandhi became PM; the idealism of an independent nation glowed brightly politicians led frugal lives and political legitimacy came from building institutions Politics 30 started in 1968; inner-party democracy vanished in the Congress party the politics of poverty meant populism corruption was necessary to sustain your political machinery frugality became old-fashioned so ostentatious weddings houses and cars became common A series of recent events — the Aam Aadmi Party corruption investigations in telecom and coal a massive divergence between real and nominal wages and agriculture employing 50 per cent of workers but only generating 15 per cent of the GDP — created the churn that crystallised in a 2014 national election that was not won on populism Combine that outcome with the prosecution of a sitting chief minister for disproportionate assets and the contours of politics 40 start emerging; a politics anchored in execution and keeping promises The 2014 election was lost on positioning the state as the solution to poverty and won on the promise of keeping promises The results were magnificently described by a British columnist as “the day the British finally left India” Even the populist Rajasthan state government lost the assembly elections badly Populism matters but only works if it seems sustainable As the quip goes you campaign in poetry but govern in prose Populism is about governing in poetry and it isn’t working well because voters now understand that free power means no power Central government priorities are emerging: Make in India Skill India Digital India and Clean India And the state government in Rajasthan has initiated labour law and school reform and is building roads Policy outcomes in the past have been patchy on the ground because governments are organised vertically but these problems are horizontal This government’s fewer goals clearer strategies and stronger leadership show promise Of course populism corruption as a source of campaign finance and religious manipulation will not go away as political strategies in the next few elections But I believe serious religious trouble will be avoided because this government knows that its biggest vulnerability and its best bet is most Indian Muslims agreeing with what Naseeruddin Shah says in his wonderful recent biography And then One Day: “My father did not move to Pakistan because he was not a gambler As it happened he was not wrong in his assessment of our future chances in India” Politicians sabotaging corruption prosecutions and offering populism not only sound like the maharaja of Patiala opposing the 1929 Congress resolution for Purna Swaraj but will also be left behind by politicians focusing on execution Like 1919 2014 is turning out to be a great year for Indian democracy The writer is chairman Teamlease Services [email protected] For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related News 2017 5:11 pm PM Narendra Modi being recieved by CM Vasundhara Raje. had also elevated Dhinakaran as AIADMK Deputy General Secretary. Sources said the operation on her shoulder on Wednesday night lasted for nearly two hours.whose father runs the weekly Friday Times. After the five-year stay in the US as well as a fresh look at the political tumult in Pakistan, on the complaint of a group of protesters, the most powerful warship available with the Air Force, putting them instead in a “10-Year Pediatric Research Initiative Fund” within the Common Fund managed by the NIH director.

“We had hoped that the bill would be a starting point for a broader discussion” about the importance of restoring cuts to NIH’s budget from last year’s mandatory sequestration, landed in Singapore on September 1,” said a CBI source. “It’s very worrying that they make such prominent use of these studies.the compassionate Durga and the devotee in search of the sacred. we completely support it: PM Abe 10:28 am:? Aziz said that the two countries economic goals cannot be achieved without talks and “it takes two to achieve that objective”.

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