12 jobs that made your young life miserable

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first_imgAS ADULTS, IT’S easy to see why the household jobs given to us in our youth seemed so horrible.It’s because they were.Clearly, parents delegate the jobs that they simply can’t face doing to their children, resulting in hours and hours of misery and strife.  So cruel!Here are 12 jobs that made your young life a living hell. (You may even find yourself doling out these tasks now if you have children.)Dusting and polishingTake everything off the shelves, put everything back on.  Take everything off, put everything back on.Nightmare.Cutting the grass Obviously if you have a slick ride-on lawnmower it’s a different story. Although if you have a slick ride-on lawnmower your parents will probably be happy to do this job themselves.Hot, dirty, sweaty.  The novelty of being allowed to use the lawnmower wears off after the first five minutes.Picking stones out of the field Source: bawoodvineLiterally picking up stones out of the ground.Clearing out the garage/attic/shed Source: UnnarYmirThis is the kind of big job your parents would announce on a Thursday so that you knew you weren’t allowed to make any plans with your mates for the Saturday.It was a ‘family job’ that everyone had to get in on and it would probably last all day.  The thing is, you didn’t even use the bloody garage or care in the least about the clearout.  MISERY.Raking leaves It seemed entirely pointless, and depending on the size of your garden could be very labour intensive.If you had an aversion to slugs and worms there was an added element of terror as well as each sweep of the rake revealed the creepy crawly underworld.Picking up the dog dirt in your back gardenLet’s be honest, no one enjoys picking poo off the ground.Cleaning the bathroom Source: serenejournalThere are lots of nooks and crannies in the bathroom, and getting things done to your parents’ standard was always a challenge.Just when you thought you were finished someone would start going on about streaks on the mirror.Minding your siblingsThis really shouldn’t have been such a big deal, but it always seemed like such a chore.  Probably because your brothers and sisters were clearly put on Earth to annoy you.Washing the dishesFood congealed onto pots and pans and a sink full of dirty water do not a fun time make.Walking the dogEven if you loved your dog, you probably didn’t relish having to wrap up on Winter nights to take it for a walk.Sweeping and mopping Unless, of course, you have one of these cat mops. No one minds mopping with a cat mop.Tedious, time consuming, and seemingly never ending.  If you get given this as your ‘job’ you’ll feel like you never finish.Taking out the rubbishBIN JUICE.Rihanna’s Instagram photos used as evidence in Thailand>Is ‘BatDad’ the coolest Dad ever?>last_img

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