Bundesliga Round 14 TuSEM Essen takes their first season point in Wetzlar

essenpieczkowskiTUSEM Essenwetzlar Very few would have believed before the game that TuSEM Essen would have any chance in Wetzlar, a team that has been in terrific form lately winning many top games. However, with the new coach change, there might be a chance for Essen if we’re to judge by tonights performance. The team from Essen took an important point in Wetzlar, and might definitely mean a huge boost of confidence in the team ahead of the next game. Wetzlar had 5 goals advantage with two minutes to go, but with two goals Essen makes it bearable 17-14 for Wetzlar at half. In the second half TuSEM gets to 18:18 in the 37th minute and from this point on a goal-for-goal game occurs, with Essen even taking the lead 32:32 in the 57th minute. Wetzlar takes the lead back with 45 seconds to go, and with Pieczkowski‘s goal 4 seconds before the whistle, TuSEM make it 33:33. Their first point in the season. ← Previous Story Veselin Vujovic: “Three goals is not unreachable, we can beat Magdeburg” Next Story → World Championship (W) Qualifications: Netherlands with a win over Slovenia

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