Colombo mall to investigate horror house groping claims

A popular shopping mall in Colombo has said it will investigate allegations of groping said to have taken place inside a horror house.Colombo City Centre posted a message on its facebook saying it will investigate the allegations and take necessary action against those involved. “They held us roughly and tightly and we struggled so much. Then it got worse. They grabbed my cousin and I by our waist and they grabbed her butt. They touched us all over and didn’t stop,” one post said. Parents and girls have been posting messages on social media alleging that men inside the horror house at Colombo City Centre had groped girls. In an initial response, Colombo City Centre said it was saddened to hear that some people had such a bad experience at their thrilling Zombie Run.Colombo City Centre said that the ‘Zombie Run’ was a choreographed performance conducted by professionals. “This act has been rehearsed many times to ensure that we provide our valued customers an exciting experience in the utmost professional manner. The acts involve a series of instances that the Zombies hold onto your arms and legs but, in the most respectful and professional manner as per the choreography of the entire show. Even though we have not received a single complaint in three days, we will look into this matter very seriously and inquire with all professional actors and the event team handling it,” Colombo City Centre said.In a follow up post on Facebook, Colombo City Centre assured it will not defend anyone in this matter and will take it as a top priority. (Colombo Gazette)

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