Muslim leaders urge everyone to demand service to humanity

first_img… promote equal rights of men and womenBy Devina Samaroo in LondonUpholding unity in humanity and understanding that morality trumps all are some of the major messages being promoted by Muslim leaders as the 50th Jalsa Salana continued on Saturday in Hampshire, United Kingdom.Representatives from various countries underscored the need to put differences aside and work together to promote peace and harmony among all mankind.One of the female students receiving an award from His Holiness Mirza Masroor AhmadHead of the Nigerian Jama’at Fashola Mashhud Adenrele explained that everyone needs to unite now more than ever as the world is going through great turmoil.“The world is going through so many crises everywhere and we believe that it is with the grace of God Almighty that we can overcome these crises. We can work hard but we also need to pray,” he stated during an interview with Guyana Times at the Jalsa Salana.In this regard, the Nigerian leader emphasised the significance of the annual gathering of the Ahmadiyya Muslims at the convention in promoting love, peace and unity.“This event promotes unity in humanity, all across the world from various tribes and various countries people come together and what we are emphasising is not sectoral differences or religion differences but the unity in humanity and the moral values that bond our humanity, we are emphasising the principle of love for all, hatred for none,” he expressed.He also remarked that it is time to break to stereotype cast upon the Muslim community, particularly the Ahmadiyya group, and show the world that its sole purpose is to encourage peace among mankind.“Ahmadiyya is trying to tell all groups that God does not look at what you call yourself, whether you call yourself Christian, Ahmadis or Muslims. That’s not what God’s after, God’s after your heart. Are you sincere, are you patriotic, or are you dutiful. If your words do not agree with your heart, you are just wasting time. Moral values can unite all mankind,” he stated.The religious leader continued that, “religion should unite us because all religion is teaching the same thing, righteousness, mercy, and help for the poor. So why are we fighting each other, we should come together to demand service to humanity.”Also during an interview with this publication, the Head of the Jama’at in Belize reiterated that unity can coexist with the many differences in society.“You don’t have to become a Muslim to find peace. Peace is there in all of the prophets, if you look at the teachings, they are all from the same source which is God Almighty… In each of the religious teachings, if you go to the original scriptures, you will find peace there. So, one message you can take from this convention is find peace from your own teaching even if you aren’t inclined to Islam,” he encouraged everyone.Meanwhile, at day two of the Jalsa Salana, the world leader of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, his Holiness Mirza Masroor Ahmad addressed the large gathering of women, who sat separately from the men.In his charge, His Holiness emphasised that women’s rights are equal to men’s rights, dismissing the popular perception that females are being suppressed under the faith of Islam.“The blessings being given to men are the same blessings being given to women. Nowhere is it written that ladies are going to get less than that… The Holy Quran made it clear that the sentiments of the ladies are as same as the man and the desires of the man are the same as the ladies,” he stated, noting that any effort to inflict harm or deny women their rights should be boldly forbidden.Moreover, His Holiness explained that the segregation of men and women in relation to their seating arrangements at the grand event is by no way an indication that women are viewed of lesser value than men.“Their greatest allegation against us is why men and women are seated separately,” he pointed out, noting that Islam establishes the rights of all people, men and women alike.At the ceremony, a number of female students were presented with awards of excellence for their performances at universities across the world.His Holiness also delivered another address to the gathering of men, once again spreading the message of love for all and hatred for none.last_img

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