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first_img:10—Ok, if “they” want to continue playing the anti-Terrelle Pryor game then let’s play the every other quarterback with lesser physical skills and college success can’t play quarterback and must move to another position game too! (Man is that a run on sentence or what). :09—This Week’s Shout-Out: Everybody’s main man “Prentis” aka “The Rev” kept all of us in line when we came into the basketball arena. He was part of that great playing era with Ed Fleming, “Super Duper” Dupree, Delton Herd, Connie Hawkins and others. But most importantly he really taught us the right way to do things. And still does. (He ain’t dead man!!) Now he has the impossible job of teaching Parker and Butchie right from wrong up at the East Hills Giant Eagle. Good luck with that…you know they think they know everything…well that’s Fifth Avenue and Westinghouse grads for ya.:08—Speaking of Tim Tebow, and I was. I’m starting to think ole Timbo must have slept with Merrill Hodge’s girlfriend or something cause Hodge is doing his best to get him thrown out the league. Hodge give the man a chance…you know like they gave you.:07—Congratulations go out to McKeesport’s Clinton Davis, one of our all time greatest athletes and track stars. Davis, who at his best was world class, was recently inducted into the WPIAL Hall of Fame. Well done and well deserved. More on this story to come.:06—Jose Tabata, you of the Pittsburgh Pirates and a new and big contract, no you can’t wear #21, the number of Roberto Clemente. That’s why the numbers retired so every Tom, Dick and Jose can’t wear it. C’mon Man!!!:05—All right…after this I am done. He’s 6’6, 240 pounds, just ran a 4.3 forty and oh by the way won the Rose Bowl, has a 70 percent completion rating and could go play pro basketball if he wanted to and your only concern is that he can’t throw a football through a hanging tire. Shut up please just shut up!:04—It will be here before you know it. The 36th Annual Champions Mixed Doubles Celebrity Tennis Tournament will be held on Labor Day Sept. 5, at the beautiful Highland Park tennis courts and with great support from the Highland Park Tennis Club and CitiParks. The tournament is for any mixed double combination of any talent level. This year’s celebs may include former NBA star Myron Brown, WTAE’s Sheldon Ingram and former Super Bowl Champion Judge Dwayne Woodruff. To sign up call tournament director Donna Bey at the Champions office at 412-628-4856 or register between 11 a.m. and noon the day of the tournament. P.S.: “it will not rain”…but if it does we’ll play through it!:03—Yea… the real Pittsburgh Steelers showed up to play the Eagles and yea, it’s only preseason, but two things are for sure…Mike Tomlin brought the hammer down and the Eagles came to play. Yes Little Johnny, the Steelers are that good!:02—Why do the brothers have to go to China and start the fight. All the Mormon teams we have in this country and we send the Georgetown Hoyas. I am just saying! Ya’ll better be careful over there; they got way more Chinese than Hoyas!:01—Trade Dennis Dixon and keep Charlie Batch. You get a 4th or 5th rounder for he has a chance to play somewhere. He ain’t going to play here as long as Big Ben is healthy (and now that he’s married—you know what I am saying) and Batch always, always comes thru.“DOUBLE OVERTIME”:00—Now I am going to print this bold for all you City Leaguers pretending to be Penn Hills folk…you know who you are…and by the way when you get a house, you must cut the grass, paint the outside, move the cars that don’t work and for goodness sake your garage is not to be a storage bin for junk… I am just saying!“TRIPLE OVERTIME”The White Party is coming Sept. 8. Not Friday… Thursday… and yes, you must wear white and yes, it is at the Fox Chapel Yacht Club but no, you’re not getting on a yacht you knuckleheads. But it is on the Waterfront and it is magnificent. Only a $20 donation and it benefits Champions Toys for Tots Christmas Party for disadvantaged youth. The party starts at 6 p.m. and goes until… cash bar and cash kitchen (for you 5th Avenue drop-outs, I mean grads, that means no free food). If you get there after 8, I promise you won’t have a seat, and it does include the Connie Hawkins League Reunion for all ex-players and coaches in memory of our fallen stars. Now you know everything. See ya at the party…it’s the summer’s last big bash!~ Game Over ~ BILL NEAL last_img

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