SEC championship game: 3 takeaways from No. 1 Alabama’s comeback win over No. 4 Georgia

first_imgNo. 1 Alabama did so many things wrong in the SEC Championship game, but the unlikeliest of heroes emerged in the fourth quarter.Trailing 28-21, Tua Tagovailoa went down with an ankle injury and Jalen Hurts was called upon to save the day. Jalen Hurts pulled a Tua TagovailoaThis is clearly a joke, but seriously, Hurts participated in a dramatic role reversal Saturday. Last season, Hurts was removed from the national championship game in favor of Tagovailoa. The Hawaiian QB then famously went on to lead Alabama from behind in the second half to win.Well on Saturday, it was Tagovailoa who needed the reliever as Hurts was called upon to take the ball after the sophomore went down with an ankle injury in the fourth quarter. The Crimson Tide were down by a touchdown at that time.JALEN HURTS. TIE GAME.Football is awesome. pic.twitter.com/NyiEWREIaC— CBS Sports (@CBSSports) December 2, 2018Hurts shined after entering the game. He led the Crimson Tide back to victory behind 7-of-9 passing for 82 yards with two total touchdowns.Hurts could have transferred this season, but Saturday’s performance shows why the Crimson Tide was happy that he didn’t.JALEN HURTS! JALEN HURTS! JALEN HURTS! JALEN HURTS! JALEN HURTS! JALEN HURTS! JALEN HURTS! JALEN HURTS! JALEN HURTS! JALEN HURTS! JALEN HURTS! JALEN HURTS! JALEN HURTS! JALEN HURTS! JALEN HURTS! JALEN HURTS! JALEN HURTS! JALEN HURTS! JALEN HURTS! pic.twitter.com/73wcDMtZld— Sporting News (@sportingnews) December 2, 2018Tua could have just lost the HeismanThis may be unfathomable, but is it possible that Tagovailoa, the consensus Heisman Trophy favorite all season long, just lost the award with his performance Saturday?Tagovailoa went 10-of-25 passing for 164 yards with one touchdowns and two interceptions. He also made some really bad decisions, including a near fumble on a pass he threw too late and another intentional grounding on third and long which put the Crimson Tide back even further. And yes, he got hurt, but he played nearly three and a half quarters and completed 40 percent of his passes. It wasn’t a Heisman-worthy performance.This comes on a day in which Oklahoma’s Kyler Murray threw for 379 yards and three touchdowns while avenging the Sooners’ lone loss on the year in a Big 12 championship victory over rival Texas. He also went over 4,000 yards passing and 40 touchdowns on the season in the win.Murray made a statement in his championship game and has better numbers than Tagovailoa across the board. Is that enough to take the Heisman away from the Bama signal-caller?Georgia has a chance to still reach the CFPWith Georgia’s loss to Alabama on Saturday, the CFP selection committee has a decision to make: do they keep the Bulldogs in the playoff despite having two losses? It’s a valid question and one that needs some context. In the five years of the College Football Playoff, a team with two losses in the top four teams is a rarity. It has happened just one time and it came last season when Auburn was ranked in the top four with two losses on the year. The Tigers would have made the playoff if they had beaten Georgia in the SEC title game.So does Georgia — which gave possibly the best team in the last decade everything it could handle Saturday — deserve to be in the playoff despite two losses? It depends on whether the committee is looking for the four best teams or the four most deserving. If it’s the four most deserving, then OU is the likely choice. Despite the points allowed this season, OU has three wins over currently ranked opponents and defeated Texas in the Big 12 title game.But if the committee wants to take the four “best” teams, then that is Georgia’s way of getting in. Two losses have been justified before. Will they be justified now? He did just that as he threw for a score and rushed for another touchdown to lead Alabama to a 35-28 victory.Here are three takeaways from the SEC Championship game. Related News Tua Tagovailoa injury update: Alabama QB leaves SEC championship with leg injurylast_img

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