Mail delivery suspended for second straight day

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first_imgIndianapolis, In. — For the second day, officials from the United State Postal Service say delivery will be suspended for Thursday, January 31 in the following 3-digit ZIP Code locations:Michigan: 486-491, 493-499Indiana: 460-469, 472-475, 478, 479Chicago: 606-608Lakeland: 530-532, 534, 535, 537-539, 541-545, 549, 600, 602, 601, 611Detroit: 480-485, 492Central Illinois: 601, 603 – 605, 609, 613, 614, 616, 617Northern Ohio (Cleveland and Lima areas): 441, 458Ohio Valley (Cincinnati and Columbus areas): 452, 430-432Western Pennsylvania: (Erie and Bradford areas): 165, 169-177, 188Northland: 540, 546-548, 550, 551, 553-564, 566Hawkeye: 500-514, 520-528, 612Dakotas: 580-588, 570-577Eastern Nebraska: 680-68Here is a detailed list of Indiana communities in the 472 Zip Code: 47201ColumbusBartholomew County 47273ScipioJennings County 47249KurtzJackson County 47249FreetownJackson County 47236GrammerBartholomew County 47230DeputyJefferson County 47203ColumbusBartholomew County 47228CortlandJackson County 47226CliffordBartholomew County 47227CommiskeyJennings County 47246HopeBartholomew County 47229CrothersvilleJackson County 47250MadisonJefferson County 47281ValloniaJackson County 47223ButlervilleJennings County 47261MillhousenDecatur County 47235FreetownJackson County 47272St. PaulDecatur County 47264NormanJackson County 47245HaydenJennings County 47280TaylorsvilleBartholomew County 47274SeymourJackson Countycenter_img 47260MedoraJackson County 47262NebraskaJennings County 47225ClarksburgDecatur County 47232ElizabethtownBartholomew County 47202ColumbusBartholomew County 47234Flat RockShelby County 47240GreensburgDecatur County 47247JonesvilleBartholomew County 47220BrownstownJackson County 47243HanoverJefferson County 47224CanaanJefferson County 47263New PointDecatur County 47240BurneyDecatur County 47270Paris CrossingJennings County 47282VernonJennings County 47244HartsvilleBartholomew County 47265North VernonJennings County 47236ElizabethtownBartholomew County 47231DupontJefferson County Zip CodeCityCounty 47283WestportDecatur Countylast_img

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