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November 18, 2020

Avian flu puts animal health on WHO radar

first_imgSep 14, 2004 (CIDRAP News) – Avian influenza and other diseases that originated in animals show that the World Health Organization (WHO) needs to pay more attention to animal health, the WHO’s regional director for the Western Pacific said at an international conference yesterday.Dr. Shigeru Omi, discussing the response to avian flu, said, “Animal health has not traditionally been seen as part of WHO’s mandate. We can no longer afford to take that view. Both avian influenza and SARS [severe acute respiratory syndrome] originated in animals, as did other recent emerging pathogens, such as the Nipah virus in Malaysia in 1999. We can be virtually certain that more zoonotic diseases will continue to emerge.”Omi’s comments were in a report he presented to the WHO’s Regional Committee for the Western Pacific, which is holding its annual meeting this week in Shanghai.Omi said the WHO Western Pacific Region staff is working on a joint strategy with the agency’s Southeast Asia Region “to combat outbreak-prone diseases, in full consultation with WHO Headquarters. This document will include a significant component on the production and marketing of animals for food.”He also said the WHO’s Western Pacific and Southeast Asia regions need to increase collaboration to combat disease threats. “Improved collaboration between our two regions will have global implications,” he stated. “Many of the emerging global threats to health begin in Asia—if we can nip them in the bud here, the whole world will benefit.”Omi added that he has begun an “extensive dialogue” with the Southeast Asia regional director on how to strengthen the two regions’ joint efforts.In other comments, Omi urged countries to strengthen their preparedness for the possible re-emergence of SARS and H5N1 avian flu. “Many countries still do not have national pandemic preparedness plans essential to minimize the impact of the next pandemic,” he said, as quoted in a WHO news release.The WHO statement said that despite Asia’s experience with avian flu, which has killed at least 28 people and forced the destruction of millions of poultry this year, “most countries lack comprehensive programmes to prevent animal-to-human transmission of zoonotic diseases.”In other developments, three new poultry outbreaks of avian flu were detected in northeastern Malaysia, one of them outside the existing 20-kilometer-wide quarantine zone, Agence France-Presse (AFP) reported today. All three outbreaks were in Kelantan state.Malaysia’s first outbreak of H5N1 avian flu was detected in mid-August, in fighting cocks thought to have been smuggled from Thailand. Before today, outbreaks had been reported in at least five locations in the quarantine zone.The AFP report said five birds at the new outbreak site outside the quarantine zone showed signs of disease. A veterinary official said 579 birds have already been culled at the other two new outbreak sites, which are villages inside the quarantine zone, according to the report.AFP also reported that a 26-year-old man and an 8-year-old girl from one of the villages were hospitalized for observation because of symptoms that included cough and flu-like symptoms. Ramlee Rahmat, a Health Ministry official, was quoted as saying both patients had had contact with dying chickens.Also today, a report by the Thai newspaper The Nation said seven suspected human cases of avian flu in Thailand were ruled out on the basis of laboratory tests. Test results were still being awaited in three other suspected cases, the newspaper said.See also:Dr. Shigeru Omi’s report to the WHO regional meeting in Shanghai read more

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UK Salmonella outbreak linked to lettuce

first_img The United Kingdom’s Health Protection Agency (HPA) has confirmed 368 cases of Salmonella enterica serotype Newport infections in England and Northern Ireland, according to an Oct 7 report in CDR Weekly, the HPA’s communicable disease bulletin. Another 14 cases were confirmed in Scotland. See also: Patients reported illness onsets from Aug 21 to Sep 25, according to CDR Weekly. The report said molecular typing of 122 S Newport isolates showed that 109 of them were identical and also matched isolates from the 14 cases in Scotland. CDR Weekly report on outbreak Dr. Bob Adak of the HPA said only about 150 cases of S Newport infection occur in the UK in a normal year, according to a report by The Independent newspaper. The increase in cases prompted increased testing, which showed that the Salmonella strains were the same, he said. He added that the HPA and the Food Standards Agency were collaborating to identify where in the supply chain the food was contaminated.center_img Adak told The Independent that while it’s possible the foods that caused the outbreak have left the food supply, it’s important to identify them. Lettuce was determined to be the culprit in a national outbreak of S Newport cases in 2001, the newspaper said. Oct 12, 2004 (CIDRAP News) – Lettuce has been implicated in an outbreak of Salmonella infection that has involved more than 350 cases in England, Northern Ireland, and Scotland. Case-control studies in Lincolnshire and Northern Ireland linked the infections with the consumption of lettuce, the report said. Food histories collected in England, the Isle of Man, and Northern Ireland pointed to fast-food and takeout restaurants as the source of contamination, the article said. Thirty-three people were hospitalized.last_img read more

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USDA estimates nation has 4 to 7 BSE cases

first_img “The data shows that the prevalence of BSE in the United States is extraordinarily low,” US Department of Agriculture (USDA) Secretary Mike Johanns said at a teleconference this morning. Apr 28 USDA news release The estimate is based on testing of about 730,000 cattle since 1999, including 690,000 since June 2004, Johanns reported. The testing program was greatly expanded after the country’s first BSE case was found in a Canadian-born cow in December 2003. Two more cases, both in US-born cattle, have turned up since then. Apr 28, 2006 (CIDRAP News) – After close to 2 years of expanded testing, the US government is estimating that there are between four and seven cases of bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE) among the nation’s 42 million adult cattle. The prevalence estimate comes as the USDA continues to negotiate for reopening of the Japanese market to US beef. Japan banned US beef after the first BSE case was found in 2003. The ban ended in December 2005, but it was renewed in January of this year when some pieces of bone were found in veal imported from the United States. See also: The agency ran several additional sets of calculations to assess the effect of changing certain assumptions and to see what the estimates would be if up to three more BSE cases had been found. The resulting estimates ranged from 1 to 30 cases, and “strongly support the conclusion that the prevalence of BSE in the United States is below 1 case per million adult cattle,” the USDA report says. Johanns said he plans to share the prevalence estimates with Japanese agriculture minister Shoichi Nakagawa next week in Geneva and to explain the process for deciding on future surveillance. “I think he’ll be very, very pleased to see it [the analysis],” Johanns said. The USDA is looking to cut back the BSE testing program, but it will wait for an independent scientific review of the prevalence estimate, Johanns said. The agency hopes the review will be completed by the end of May. USDA used two methods to estimate BSE prevalence. The “BSurvE” method yielded an estimate of seven cases, while the “Bayesian birth cohort” method indicated four cases, according to the agency’s draft report. Dr. Ron DeHaven, administrator of the Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS), said the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) has two sets of guidelines for BSE testing: one for initially determining the prevalence of the disease and another for “maintenance” surveillance. USDA will meet or exceed the recommended level of maintenance testing, he said. USDA officials refused to predict exactly how many cattle will be tested for BSE in the future, but they said the number is likely to be somewhere in the neighborhood of 40,000 per year, far below the level of the past 2 years. “Based on the current evaluation we estimate that number will be somewhere in the 40,000 animals per year level,” DeHaven said. The estimates did not factor in the first BSE case, since that was in a Canadian-born cow. With the inclusion of that case, the respective estimates were 11 and 5 cases. In response to questions, DeHaven said the USDA is currently testing 5,000 to 7,000 cattle per week at a cost of roughly $1 million weekly. “I would argue that there’s little justification for continuing surveillance at this [expanded] level once our analysis is affirmed by peer review,” Johanns said. Transcript of Apr 28 USDA teleconference Johanns stressed that the BSE surveillance program “is not part of our food safety protection.” The surveillance is designed to gather enough data to draw statistically valid conclusions about the prevalence of BSE, he said. Food safety, on the other hand, is ensured by the ban on use of nonambulatory cattle and high-risk cattle parts (specified-risk materials) in human food and the ban on feeding cattle protein to cattle, he added. “Science enables us to set a 95 percent confidence level in that estimate,” Johanns said. “In other words, we have an extraordinarily healthy herd of cattle in our country.”last_img read more

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States slow to sign up for Tamiflu subsidy

first_imgJul 18, 2006 (CIDRAP News) – The federal government on Jun 30 announced a subsidy to help states buy the antiviral drug oseltamivir (Tamiflu) to build stockpiles in preparation for a potential influenza pandemic, but so far, few states have said they intend to use the program.The states have until Aug 1 to indicate they want to purchase the discounted Tamiflu, said Marc Wolfson, a spokesman for the HHS Office of Public Health Emergency Preparedness in Washington. Wolfson told CIDRAP News that so far, four states have notified HHS that they plan to order the medication.When HHS Secretary Mike Leavitt announced the program, he said the goal was to help states develop their own stockpiles, which would facilitate quicker distribution in a pandemic. HHS awarded a contract to Roche Laboratories, Inc, to sell oseltamivir to the states at a federally negotiated price, with the federal government paying 25% of the cost.The $149 million contract with Roche provides for the purchase of up to 31 million treatment courses of the drug, according to HHS. These will be in addition to 44 million doses that HHS is buying for future distribution to the states for free, the agency said.Each state and territory has been allocated a population-based amount of oseltamivir that HHS will provide at no cost and an additional amount under the subsidy program. For example, Colorado is due to receive 677,699 courses at no cost and can buy up to 477,470 courses at the subsidized price.Wolfson said he hopes more states take HHS up on the subsidy. He said the Aug 1 deadline only requires states to declare their intent to participate; it does not obligate them to follow through. They have until Dec 29 to tell HHS how much they want to buy. “We’re hopeful that everyone’s going to participate,” Wolfson said.Minnesota plans to buy about $1 million worth of the subsidized Tamiflu, said Aggie Leitheiser, director of emergency planning in the Minnesota Department of Health. According to a Jul 7 Associated Press (AP) report, officials from South Carolina, Utah, Alabama, Washington, Montana, Arizona, Oklahoma, and New Jersey have also expressed interest in participating.In the AP report on the program, some state officials said they struggled with deciding how much antiviral medication to purchase. Dr William Schaffner, an infectious disease specialist at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine in Nashville, recommends that states have some antiviral medication stockpiled for a pandemic outbreak. But he told the AP there was no right answer as to how much states should stockpile.See also: Jun 30 HHS press release on federal subsidy for state antiviral drug purchaseslast_img read more

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first_imgOne of the leading agencies in Croatia,, in its headquarters in Split, held the awarding of the “Star Host” award to the most prominent landlords – its partners in promoting the Adriatic and achieving excellent tourist results.”Star Host” is an award that marks the quality of renters and their accommodation units, and is awarded based on guest reviews and evaluation of business cooperation. This year, the “Star Host” award was won by 110 landlords, and the largest number of the best rated accommodation units is located in Omis and Makarska and on Peljesac.”On the positive example of this year’s winners of the “Star Host” we want to show how professional work, constant recognition and respect for the needs of guests and quality care for the facility are a guarantee of long-term success. In order to make it easier for future guests to find the ideal accommodation, we will add a special “Star Host” label to the search engine. We believe that guests will recognize the “Star Host” label as a relevant and credible indicator of the quality of selected accommodation units and their hosts.”Said Leana Čović, Head of the Data Administration also presented the results of the record season 2017, completed projects with global partners, as well as plans for the 2018 season. Last year, has a contract with 11.465 renters, and 675.345 overnight stays in 2017 were realized through them, which are excellent. the results. “During 2017, we provided landlords with free online registration of their facilities and we improved the interface for existing customers. We have also established direct cooperation with the Airbnb portal and with the leading Hungarian portal From 2018, we expect another record season, which will certainly be helped by a partnership with the TripAdvisor group, an interactive map for searching accommodation on our portal and iCal integration for easier management of booking dates on multiple portals.. ” Deni Jelinčić, Head of the Marketing Department, pointed out and added that they are one of the leading agencies in Croatia that provide their services online, and that the agency rightfully carries its motto “The shortest way to the Adriatic”.By the way, according to the agency, the guests of the five most popular destinations in Croatia in 2017 were Makarska, Pag, Hvar, Pelješac and Omis in fifth place.last_img read more

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The city of Vukovar bought an old hotel in the city center – Hotel Dunav

first_imgThe Mayor of the City of Vukovar, Ivan Penava, held a press conference at which he was pleased to inform the public and the citizens of Vukovar that on January 23, 2018, the City of Vukovar entered into an Agreement with EURCO dd for the sale of Hotel Dunav in the amount of 10.360.000,00 kn.”It is a building that for more than 10 years in a devastated state damaged the appearance of the central part of our city, and thus we became the owner of the former Hotel Danube, which is located in an extremely attractive location in the city center, at the confluence of the Vuka and Danube. With his paintings of the past years, he gave an ugly impression of Vukovar and reminded of various destructions. Due to the appearance of this building, we have been warned many times by tourist experts because Hotel Dunav is the only building in the city center that damages its reputation and is often the first thing that tourists see when they step on the soil of Vukovar., ”Said the Mayor of Penava, explaining that the responsibility towards the citizens and the awareness that Vukovar needs to move forward quickly are pushing the City Administration of Vukovar to take over capital projects that are not its primary activity, but necessary for the development of the city.Reconstruction, equipping and conversion of Hotel Dunav into Social Education Center “Danube” is planned through the Intervention Plan of the City of Vukovar in the amount of 35.000.000,00 kn and 5.959,40 m2 of gross construction area will include multifunctional halls, public spaces, classrooms, cabinets, restaurant, cafe, business premises and accommodation units. A more detailed division of areas and purposes will be defined through the project documentation, taking into account the fact that the citizens of Vukovar are emotionally attached to the same, and will consist of a ground floor and 8 floors.”In this way, it will fully serve our fellow citizens, but also all visitors to Vukovar, ”Concluded the Mayor of Penava.The news, which is at least strange and difficult for me personally to understand, because with this decision the City of Vukovar is directly entering the private sector. I can understand and only support the desire and need for one such object, which is in the center of the city and a symbol of the city, to put a new value into function because this is just a mockery of the city. But to enter the market competition, and thus put the private sector at a disadvantage, is insane to me. Especially because Vukovar needs it the most, private investments and opening new ones market jobs.Also, Vukovar, which unfortunately can only be seen from the media only in a negative context, asking for state help and donations for various projects, which is not disputable because Vukovar has suffered enormous damage and certainly needs help to develop well, suddenly buys a property of 10 million HRK and additionally invests HRK 35 million. I wonder, couldn’t that money have been invested in a better way?Tourism as an opportunity for the development of Vukovar                              The development of tourism in Vukovar has incredible potential, and it is certainly not through war tourism, but focused on Vučedol culture, the Danube, culture, gastronomy, cycling tourism and other forms of tourism. Regardless of the fact that Vukovar realized twice as many nights last year, when we “peel” tourist nights from arrivals on the Day of Remembrance of the Victims of Vukovar and the number of eighth grade students who come to Vukovar on a mandatory two-day program, only then can we get a clearer and more realistic picture arrivals and overnight stays.On the other hand, Vukovar has a problem with the lack of accommodation capacities, from which Vinkovci ultimately benefits, where most of the guests will actually be accommodated due to the proximity of Vukovar. However, fortunately, family accommodation is developing well, but there is certainly a lack of hotel capacity.Also, I wonder what capital will come into the negative atmosphere? None. Capital goes where it is desired, where there is a positive atmosphere, and where it can be developed and fertilized.The potentials are there, Vukovar is being built, arranged and developed, but the city is not buildings, but people. And there are fewer and fewer people, and a radical paradigm shift is needed, and tourism could be just that. Why tourism? Because the development of tourism with relatively little money and time, compared to other industries, can create a positive entrepreneurial climate, generate tourism spending, and start many micro enterprises, and we know that tourism is not one industry but connects vertically and horizontally different industries. Especially if we know that the Vučedol culture developed and sprouted in Vukovar, which laid the foundations of European civilization.Vukovar has a great opportunity and its chance for tourism development through year-round tourism, and thus send a positive image. Also, there is a need for accommodation and construction of a hotel, but this is how a wrong and contradictory message is sent.So, in conclusion, instead of developing a market economy, we are again developing the public sector.last_img read more

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The largest ITB tourism fair opens in Berlin

first_imgToday, the world’s largest tourism fair ITB was officially opened in Berlin, where the Croatian National Tourist Board premieres with a new stand design that will be used until 2022.ITB Berlin is the world’s leading tourism industry fair, taking place in its 52nd edition this year from March 7-11. The fair presents more than 180 countries from 5 continents, and during the event it is visited by more than 150.000 visitors. It is estimated that jobs worth 7 billion euros will be contracted during the fair.”Today, Croatia is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the world, and in order to maintain the status of a hit tourist destination, we must follow the trends and continuously strengthen the recognition on the tourist market. That is why in the promotional segment, Croatia must be presented through an appropriate contemporary visual concept that will be able to attract tourists from around the world. Investing in the quality of visual identity certainly has its contribution to this. The new stand is dominated by furniture made in Croatia, and with the new design we are once again imposing trends and proving our creativity and innovation.”, Said director Staničić, emphasizing the importance of promotional activities on the German market and concluded that most of the funds provided for marketing activities CNTB invests in the German market.At the ITB fair, in addition to the Croatian National Tourist Board, 21 co-exhibitors present their offer: TZŽ Splitsko-dalmatinske, TZŽ Šibensko-kninske, TZŽ Dubrovačko neretvanske, TZ Grada Grada, TZO Ston, Croatia Airlines, ID Riva, Katarina line, Valamar, Maistra, Perfecta Travel, Aronda Adriana Travel, Aminess (Laguna Novigrad), Plava Laguna, Abacus Tours, Crvena Luka, Liburnia Riviera hotels (Remisens), Sunčani Hvar, The Yachting Club, Arena Hospitality Group and Maricom doo”The positive reactions of visitors at the ITB fair confirm Croatia’s position as a hit tourist destination. In 2018, we expect almost three million guests from Germany, and we pay special attention to even better direct air connections between our countries. This year, over twenty new airlines from Germany are waiting for us, which will connect numerous destinations in Croatia with Germany during all twelve months.”, Said Minister Cappelli and added that the great focus in further promotional and development activities will be on stronger development of selective forms of tourism such as health, cyclo, eno-gastronomic, rural and many others that are very interesting to visitors from this market.A new concept and creative solution for the CNTB’s appearance at tourism fairsPhoto: HTZThe new concept and creative solution of the CNTB’s appearance at tourism fairs is the work of the Group + Architecture team (Tihana Taraba, Filip Despot, Tvrtko Topic) under the theme “Connecting diversity and openness”. The emphasis of the new solution of appearances at tourist fairs gives the impression of openness, visual clarity and orderliness and quality organization, which is achieved by standardizing the emphasis of visual features of exhibitors at individual stands and designer furniture made in Croatia as an ambassador of domestic creativity and quality.Photo: HTZGermany is the main emitting market for Croatian tourism The German market is one of the most important emitting markets for Croatian tourism, from which the largest tourist turnover is realized. According to the eVisitor system, 2,7 million guests from Germany (+15 percent) visited Croatia last year, realizing 20,7 million overnight stays (+14 percent), which represents a high 20 percent share in the total number of overnight stays. Of the destinations, they mostly stayed in Rovinj, Poreč and Medulin. Also, guests from Germany are also the most numerous guests in continental Croatia, and they mostly stayed in Rakovica, Tuhelj, Slunj, Osijek and Sveta Nedjelja. They mostly stayed in household facilities (37 percent), followed by camps (32 percent) and hotels (19 percent).Positive trends in this important market are confirmed by research results TOMAS Summer 2017, according to which guests from Germany in Croatia spent an average of 75 euros per day, which is an increase of 13 euros compared to a previous survey conducted in 2014. We are also happy with the data according to which the main motives for the arrival of German tourists, apart from the “sun and sea”, are products such as gastronomy, natural beauties and new experiences.last_img read more

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New edition “Profiles of emitting markets 2018”

first_imgAttachment: ISSUING MARKET PROFILES 2018 These are market profiles Austria, Belgium, France, Italy, Japan, South Korea, China, Hungary, the Netherlands and Germany. Profiles from other markets will be added later. In order to provide support in the decision-making process and strategic planning of public and private sector entities in the Croatian tourism industry, the CNTB published new information related to market trends and trends, analysis of achieved receptive results, as well as results of targeted market research programs related to various segments of tourism. business, ie promotional activities of the national tourism organization.center_img Study the market profiles in order to get to know tourists from the mentioned countries as well as possible and to plan and advertise tourist packages for a certain target group of tourists in the best possible way.last_img read more

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Cooperation between the auction house Sotheby’s and the Istria County Tourist Board: The first auction of white Istrian truffles is being organized in London

first_imgIn addition to extra virgin olive oils, the elegant audience will be served family wines Kozlovic from Momjan, Malvasia, Teran and Momjan Muscat. Cover photo: Zigante truffles, Sotheby’s, Illustration: In addition to Istrian white truffles, Istrian extra virgin olive oils of the family will be presented Chiavalon which will be served with truffle-based specialties and present at all Harry’s Bar tables so that each of the guests present is available for tasting.   That’s right! Excellent quality and authentic rounded tourist product. Experience truffles in Istria Istria attaches increasing importance to the UK market, where great efforts have been made for many years in terms of promotion, says Denis Ivošević, Director of TZIŽ and emphasizes that work is being done to increase traffic of UK guests, intensify existing and open new airlines – especially in postseason. “Since last year, the Istria County Tourist Board has been cooperating with the London PR agency, FOX Communication, so that Istria is more and more present in the local media and events, which is why the region is recording an increasing growth of British guests. After the Time Out Istria special for the English-speaking area, which was entirely dedicated to our region, TZIŽ is working intensively to become more famous in London and its wider surroundings, with a focus on guests of medium or higher purchasing power, so the auction truffles and one of the activities that will help Istria to build its image and reputation as a destination in Istria. I believe that this auction will contribute to the affirmation of the Istrian brand ” said the director of TZIŽ Denis Ivošević, adding that Istria is most often recognized in the world precisely for its gastronomy and lifestyle.  In addition to the auction, guests will have the opportunity to enjoy dinner based on Istrian white truffles, extra virgin olive oils and wines from Istria. A leading truffle processing and sales company is also participating in this important project for Istria Zigante truffles Ltd. from Plovanija near Buje, which will provide the main ingredients for the auction and Istrian dinner.  A tennis legend in the Pula Arena A new great step forward for Istria. Namely, the Tourist Board of the Istrian County in cooperation with the world-famous auction house Sotheby’s, on Monday, November 25, 2019, for the first time in London is organizing an auction of Istrian white truffles.  In the Istrian truffle ‘Bermuda’ triangle between Pazin, Buje and Buzet, especially in the valley of the river Mirna and in the Motovun forest, white and black truffles have their natural habitat. They grow underground and are sought after by specially trained dogs. The peak of the white truffle season, which is both the most expensive and the most prized, is the month of October. Namely, the auction will be conducted in four parts, and will be intended for both present guests and interested parties who will bid by telephone. In the first part, smaller truffles will be auctioned, in the second part, medium-sized truffles, then the package deal “Experience of truffles in Istria “, and at the end of the biggest truffle of the season, due to which the dinner was sold out in just a few hours, and a large part of those who failed to book a place on the list are waiting in the hope that some place will be vacated in the meantime.  How to extend the tourist season? How to increase tourist spending? Attract better guests? Then, in Livade, a famous truffle center near Motovun, a series of events are held on weekends in honor of this undisputed king among mushrooms. But before and after that, during most of the autumn, Istria lives in the rhythm of a noble mushroom and is full of celebrations in its honor. The event will be held in a prestigious Harry’s Baru in Mayfair – an elite area of ​​London’s West End, one of the most exclusive private clubs whose members are representatives of the London elite, international jetsetters, and UHNW individuals (ultra high-net-worth individuals). Three greats of Istria (Zigante, Chiavalon, Kozlović) with a top premium product, as well as the offer of top hotel accommodation, all nicely rounded off through one whole, ie the event Experience of truffles in Istria. That’s it, so it breaks through the wall and the noise in communication and positions itself strongly on the global scene. And that is why Istria is constantly in focus and at least ten years ahead of everyone, if not more. The Tourist Board of the Istrian County will organize the auction in cooperation with the world-famous auction house Sotheby’s, to be chaired by its President for the UK, Lord Dalmney, and with the support of a PR agency FOX Communication from London. Also, after an excellent promotion and cooperation with the football giant FC Bayern Munich, the Tourist Board of the Istrian County agreed on a new excellent promotional project and spectacle. The first is a new big sports spectacle in Istria, which, in cooperation with Wimbledon and the ATP Masters Series Tournament, would organize a revival match of tennis legends in the Pula Arena. The collaboration has been agreed, but details are not yet known, such as the date and the players who will come to Pula. Thus, Pula could host some of the famous tennis legends, such as: John McEnroe, Carlos Moya, Pete Sampras, Boris Becker and many others. Another big project is about attracting a new big festival in Pula. After the Outlook and Dimensions festivals left Pula, the Istrian Tourist Board is negotiating the arrival of Tomorrowland in Pula, currently the largest and most famous dance and techno music festival. Admittedly, there are still various discussions about the best techno music festival, Ultra or Tomorrowland, but one thing is for sure, if there is cooperation, it is a great motive for coming and promoting Istria. What is the magic winning formula? Focus on market development! Photo: Sotheby’slast_img read more

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Confession of a caterer: How to proceed?

first_imgI did not mention earlier, and it is important to the average reader that the restaurant employs only people from our county and that we did not hire workers outside Croatia. Most people in our restaurant have been working for 7 or more years, so let’s say that because of all the above, we are desirable employers.  The government and all those considering the measures must understand that our company, and most caterers, are financially indebted to keep employees this winter (it is good to note that our turnover through the winter was equal to the gross salary of employees) and now when turnover should have increased we were left without any traffic.  And so we come to February 2020. Because of the coronavirus, our groups from China have already dropped out, but we are still not in danger, later in the month other Asian groups are canceling and we are already worried, but we reckon that it is February and March, April will be better, we will survive. . Author known to the editorial office However, most of us are family people who work 12 hours a day to be able to feed our family, to be able to pay this beautiful Croatia for everything we need so that we can all live better together. And then the first person infected in Italy, and shortly afterwards in Croatia and then the whole of Europe, the whole world .. Unfortunately, according to all forecasts, and if the coronavirus is brought under control, we cannot expect any large turnover this year until the beginning of the high season, and thus we will not be able to repay debts to the state that will accumulate during this time.  And here we are now where we are, a closed restaurant, employees at home. Even before the aforementioned Government measures, we have decided to leave all people on the payroll, regardless of the difficult situation. We have been together from the beginning and I hope we will survive this together. I told them all to stay home, that no one would be fired for the next two months, that we would cut their salaries, but also to be prepared to get stuck when the coronavirus situation calmed down. I will try to convey to you the opinion of one honest caterer. When I say honest, I mean the one who fiscalizes every bill in the restaurant, the one whose workers are all registered for full pay, the one who, despite the winter and reduced traffic, keeps all workers in employment. center_img I support the Government’s efforts and believe that the minimum payment measure is good for all employees, but I also believe that it should be accompanied by the exemption of all contributions and payroll taxes for this time while we are closed. The local government should also waive part of its claims. To clarify the situation, I have to go back a little to the past in 2016 and raise the VAT rate to 25%. Until that year, ie until 2017, when this tax rate started to be applied, my company worked with profit, salaries were regular in both summer and winter. Already in 2017, financial problems began to appear in the winter, simply VAT was too high. In 2018, the winter was even harder and I began to question my knowledge and managerial skills, and rationalize costs, provided that reducing the number of workers and reducing their salaries was out of the question, due to my sociological view of them, but also for fear that I won’t have workers for the season. Unfortunately, a few irresponsible caterers with their irresponsible behavior towards society, employees, the state have created a wrong image of us – the image of arrogant and irresponsible people who live only for themselves and their pleasures.  Due to this part of the caterer, the Government of the Republic of Croatia should think carefully and reconsider the measures adopted so far.  Unfortunately, I know that there are not many of us like this, but that is a problem of the Ministry of Finance and the Government of the Republic of Croatia. In my humble opinion, this is an easily solvable problem that is unfortunately not solved, but that is another topic. Already in 2018, I was hoping that the tax rate would be reduced to 13%, but unfortunately we did not get it. In 2019, the light at the bottom of the tunnel, finally VAT goes to a lower rate, should endure this winter… Winter 2019/2020 worst ever, but somehow it’s easier for me because the season is approaching, Asian groups have already started in the 2nd month, announcements for all year round on average and 15% better than the previous year. The team in the restaurant is organized, with 3-4 students we can work the whole season. Employees, despite the delay in salaries, stay with us in the restaurant, although they can find work in any other restaurant. Photo: Pixabay.comlast_img read more

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