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February 27, 2021

Dell EMC’s Rocket Ship in All Flash

first_imgDuring 2016, the “Year of All Flash”, Dell EMC shipped more than an Exabyte of all-flash array capacity[i]. As a market and innovation leader in enterprise storage for decades – Dell EMC ironically was considered to be a bit late to the ‘All Flash’ storage market. Today we’re taking share from our competitors and growing revenues faster than the all-flash storage market according to IDC. Dell Technologies’ all-flash revenue growth is 72.1 percent, versus the 61.2 percent growth for the overall all-flash storage market[ii].In fact, this month marks the one-year anniversary of Dell EMC’s VMAX All Flash array. In 2016, we introduced the VMAX 450F and VMAX 850F then the VMAX 250F, inline compression and non-disruptive migration. During this transformative year, the VMAX business grew bookings of VMAX All Flash from 21 percent in Q1 2016 to approximately 70 percent in Q3, 2016 with continued progress in Q4.[iii]Thanks to a powerful portfolio of VMAX All Flash, XtremIO and Unity All Flash, Dell EMC has expanded its position as the undisputed leader of the all-flash enterprise storage market with greater than 2x the market share of the closest all-flash array vendor. This is according to the latest results of IDC’s Enterprise Storage Systems Tracker published on March 3, which labels Dell EMC as Dell Technologies.[iv]More importantly, Dell EMC’s all-flash portfolio enables customers to run their businesses more efficiently and effectively by modernizing their storage infrastructure. For example, Fresenius Medical Care a leading provider of lifesaving dialysis, moved off HPE 3PAR to Dell EMC VMAX All Flash and was able to reduce their data center footprint by 85 percent[v]. Check out this video testimonial to learn how Fresnius did it with Dell EMC.Thanks to this type of transformation, it’s no surprise that by 2020, IDC forecasts “All Flash” to grow to an $8.9 billion market, surpassing traditional hard disk arrays[vi]. All-flash already accounted for 26 percent of total external storage spending during the last quarter of 2016. As a market leader, Dell EMC is working to drive this transition even faster and will continue to evolve our all-flash portfolio to provide the transformative value of flash into all parts of the data center.This includes our recent introduction of Isilon All Flash and flash-enabled Data Domain – bringing flash to unstructured data as well as protection storage.  It also includes the mainstreaming of the DSSD technology across our all-flash portfolio, which will help accelerate  our innovation in all flash. Finally, we are set to introduce our first storage system with NVMe by the end of this year.Dell EMC’s broad expertise and deep portfolio approach is critical to helping our customers transform IT. For example, some of our largest traditional VMAX customers now purchase Dell EMC ScaleIO software-defined storage that support all-flash configurations for their data center scale workloads to gain incredibly simple storage lifecycle management. Likewise, we have numerous VMAX customers who have implemented Dell EMC XtremIO for the efficiency of iCDM and deduplication.After an incredible 2016, Dell EMC is on a mission to make flash the de facto standard for enterprise storage. Flash is faster; it’s more reliable, simpler and more cost effective from an overall TCO perspective.  That’s why we believe that ‘flash is the new normal’ and as the market evolves, more focus will be on a vendor’s ability to help transform their customer’s infrastructure into a truly modern data center. So buyer beware of companies that claim they can solve all your problems with a single all-flash array. Partner instead with a company that can tailor a solution to meet your modern data center needs for today and tomorrow.[i] Effective capacity based on Dell EMC actuals with an assumed efficiency ratio[ii] IDC Worldwide Quarterly Enterprise Storage Systems Tracker – Q4 2016, March 3, 2017 IDC tracks the All Flash Array market at the vendor group level, shares cited are for Dell Technologies.[iii] According to Dell EMC internal business data[iv] IDC Worldwide Quarterly Enterprise Storage Systems Tracker – Q4 2016, March 3, 2017 IDC tracks the All Flash Array market at the vendor group level, shares cited are for Dell Technologies.[v] According to customer data: read more

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The Benefits of HDR 10 and Dell HDR Monitors Explained

first_imgAt Dell, meeting customers’ needs with industry-leading innovation underpins the solutions we design. It is this commitment to delivering best-in-class technology for our customers that has led to Dell earning a place as the No. 1 displays brand in the world for four consecutive years.Benefit of High Dynamic RangeWe’re often asked by customers why High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology is important – in a nutshell, its superb contrast with brighter hues, darker shades and greater color depth results in vibrant, lifelike images that pop on screen.Over the last few years, the displays industry has seen rapid growth in the number of options for HDR-enabled TVs. The TV industry currently uses a variety of HDR standards including HDR10 and Dolby Vision, among others; however, HDR standards for PC use are still being defined today.As a member of the Video Equipment Standards Association (VESA) and as an innovation leader in monitor technology, Dell is working to define HDR standards for PC use in partnership with other association members.Two Kinds of Displays DesiredIn conversations with customers, we received feedback that two kinds of HDR-capable displays were needed at two different capabilities and price points.We heard from creative professionals on their desire to work on HDR10 content and from consumers on their desire to view HDR10 content. In response to this feedback, we introduced an HDR10 and Dell HDR-enabled monitors: The Dell UltraSharp 27 4K HDR Monitor (UP2718Q)  starting at $1999.99, our first monitor with HDR10 UHD Alliance Premium Certification from our award-winning line of UltraSharp monitors with PremierColor designed specifically for professionals who demand precise color performance and outstanding detail.We also introduced five new Dell HDR monitors for viewing HDR10 content: Dell UltraSharp 27 4K Monitor (U2718Q), Dell UltraSharp 25 Monitor (U2518D), Dell 27 Ultrathin Monitor (S2718D), and Dell 24 and 27 Monitors.Dell HDR and HDR10 Certified OptionsWhile the industry aligns on a common HDR standard for PC use, we wanted to bring the benefits of HDR technology to consumers with the Dell HDR feature.Dell’s HDR feature has been designed with a PC user in mind and supports specifications that are different from existing TV standards for HDR. With a peak brightness of more than 50 percent higher than your average monitor’s typical brightness (400-550 nits vs. 250-300 nits), Dell HDR monitors use a hardware engine in the monitor to process HDR metadata and deliver true-to-life color, contrast and detail, starting at $289.99 today. While these monitors don’t deliver HDR10 peak brightness, Dell HDR monitors are perfect for users looking for a striking viewing experience with beautifully modern design at an affordable price point.For professionals who need HDR10 certified monitors for color critical design work, the Dell UltraSharp 27 4K HDR monitor is a one-stop solution that offers Dell PremierColor features with wide color coverage, color accuracy and user calibration. For users looking for a monitor with HDR10 viewing capability and perfect for everyday tasks with a desktop monitor, we recommend our Dell HDR monitors.Dell HDR10 monitorDell UltraSharp 27 4K HDR Monitor (UP2718Q) is available on at $1999.99.Dell HDR monitors Dell UltraSharp 27 4K Monitor (U2718Q)Dell 27 Ultrathin Monitor (S2718D) is available on starting at $699.99.Dell UltraSharp 27 4K Monitor (U2718Q) is available on starting at $739.99.Dell UltraSharp 25 Monitor (U2518D) is available on in Asia and Europe and will be available in the U.S. on Sept. 15 starting at $499.99.Dell 24 Monitor (S2418HX) starts at $289.99 and Dell 27 Monitor (S2718HX) starts at $379.99 and are available on read more

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Glasgow STEMAspire Experience

first_imgIn my 18+ years in the IT Industry, I have seen many changes. The most impactful change is the focus on Women in IT and the inspiring women who drive this diverse and inclusive agenda, so needless to say, it was without thought I wanted to be involved in the Dell EMC Glasgow STEMAspire program.It is indeed a real privilege being a Mentor and I am lucky to be aligned with a great mentee, Vardah Malik, who is keen to learn and keen to stay in the IT industry. Vardah is about to finish her HND in IT at City College Glasgow and wanted to either move into work in IT or to further study technology or web design at University. We have spent many hours working through her University application, her personal statement and browsing through the courses of interest. I have introduced her to a network of supporters in Dell EMC as well as external Industry Leaders, we even set up time with a UK Director to allow Vardah understand his career journey in Web Production.What has been most interesting is working with Vardah on the Social Media campaign around the STEMAspire initiative. We have learnt a lot together about social media platforms, the guiding rules around representing Dell EMC online, what makes a good blog (I’m still getting the hang of that!) and how to storyboard and make an animation come to life – check out the links below, and please share the start of our journey on your own social media platform.Introduction BlogInformation on STEMAspireSTEMAspire Event – 23rd May 2018The STEMAspire program not only offers one on one mentoring support, but also the chance to get together as a group at arranged events. The latest one in the Dell EMC office in Glasgow was a real success. Read about the key speakers, workshop agenda and highlights of the day.With the agenda set, speakers confirmed and workshop content ready to go, the Dell EMC Glasgow STEMAspire workshop was ready to rock, inspire and guide our visiting mentees and guests.The steering guidance for the agenda came from feedback from Mentors and Mentees around objectives and goals, giving the mentees a fantastic opportunity to learn some important lessons in preparing for employment and personal developmentThe day kicked off with a pitch on the STEMAspire Social Media campaign, where my mentee plays a starring role in a short animation about our experience and the benefits she gets from the program so far. – Introduction BlogWe were then treated to a few key guest speakers talking us through their career and lending some golden nuggets of advice. Take a look at their LinkedIn profiles below….Key Note SpeakersThe first speaker was Chelsea Jarvie, Security and Information Risk Manager at Social Security Directorate. Chelsea has been recognized for her passion for Women in IT and was named “Woman of the Future” by Equate Scotland – LinkedIn profile – second speaker was Gillian Docherty, CEO of The Data Lab, which is one of 8 innovation centers set up by the Scottish Government to enhance innovation across key sectors in Scotland. Gillian has been recognized in industry as “CEO of the year” at the Digital technology awards. LinkedIn profile – speakers focused on the importance of Networking and grabbing an opportunity when it arises!Speed NetworkingThe mentees then got the opportunity to participate in a speed networking activity. This was a fast-paced networking experience which provided a safe environment to test newly learnt networking skills and the opportunity to meet and learn about some of the external Industry Leaders supporting the event as well as their fellow Mentees from other Learning InstitutionsWorkshop 1 – Hire-abilityAfter a short lunch break, the workshops kicked off. I was delighted to be a presenter in the first of the 2 planned workshops on Hire-ability. The hire-ability workshop came in 3 parts.CV Writing – Do’s and Don’tsFirstly, Debbie Fraser of Talent Acquisition took us through the important do’s and don’ts of CV writing, from making sure your CV has 2 pages, making it punchy, displaying your skills, metrics and achievements.Thru the Lens of a Hiring ManagerIan Capperauld was the second speaker for the Hire-ability workshop and focused on “Thru the Lens of a Hiring manager”, which for some mentees, who are students, was a great insight into the preparation for a job interview, the common characteristics that hiring managers seek in a successful candidate and the enthusiasm that should be displayed.Personal BrandThe last part of the Hire-ability workshop, which I presented, was about Personal Brand. This short and interactive piece was about how to develop your personal brand statement and how to manage your Online brand. The STEM students were really engaged with the activity in selecting well known “celebrities” and telling us about their public brand and were given homework to go away and develop their own personal brand statement for future discussions with their Mentors.Workshop 2 – Confidence BuildingAfter a short comfort break, the mentees gathered for the second workshop – Confidence building.This was an excellent workshop around Barriers to confidence, tips for overcoming challenges and then a great exercise on building your elevator pitch.Barriers to ConfidenceThe Barriers to confidence opener focused on turning CAN’T into CAN by dispelling fear, negative self-talk and worry. One of the main quotes – which I thought was very inspiring was “The best way to gain self-confidence is to do what you are afraid to do” (Swati Sharma)Overcoming ChallengesSo, how do you overcome confidence challenges? Its all about the positive and the preparation. The team gave some great handouts around Self Esteem journal, gratitude exercise and assertive communications.Elevator pitchThe STEM Students had 10 minutes to prepare their elevator pitch and a selected brave few stood up and gave their pitch to the whole group. I was delighted that my mentee Vardah took the bull by the horns and went for it!SummaryAll in all, it was a successful event and the first of many to come throughout the course of the STEMAspire program. The hope is that the STEM Students could take away some key life skills and knowledge and also some new contacts within Dell EMC that they can reach out to in future.  The feedback received so far on the event is very positive and our Mentees left feeling inspired and motivated to take control of their next steps in their journey.I’d like to thank the amazing DELL EMC team in Glasgow for their dedication, hard work and for driving this very important agenda within the industry. They are a team to draw inspiration from and a real pleasure to work with.last_img read more

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If Santa Replaced Magic with IoT Technologies

first_imgThe holiday season brings songs and stories about Santa Clause with his sleigh full of toys which he delivers around the world to good boys and girls. Magic may not be able to make digital transformation happen, but Santa…Santa runs on magic (along with milk and cookies and lots of imagination).Should Santa’s magic run a bit low, he and his team could turn to IoT technologies to support many of the use cases needed to deliver millions of packages in one around-the-planet journey.Predictive Maintenance and Route OptimizationHow Santa and his sleigh move through space and time so quickly is part of the magic IoT cannot replace. However, the flight mechanics on the sleigh likely need multiple servicing stops. Sensors and smart gateways with VMware Pulse IoT Center mounted near moving parts can aggregate data on actual conditions. This data should be analyzed on-sleigh as much as possible as the latency and networking costs to send data continuously to the North Pole would be staggering.  However, key alerts of emerging issues can be sent to the Central Elf datacenter environment, where more in-depth analytics can be run and software fixes sent OTA back to the sleigh.  Also, the datacenter/cloud environment could deliver insights from the ground that impacts Santa’s route. Weather-related insights can be used to identify risky storms and low visibility areas for re-routing. Not to mention, we know Santa can only deliver presents to houses where children are asleep. The sleep-monitoring system can stream in final, last-mile adaptions to Santa’s route.Energy and Health MonitoringChristmas Eve is a physically demanding shift for the reindeer, and Santa is a strong promoter of a healthy workplace. Health monitoring is a key use case he can implement to ensure the reindeers’ heart rate and lung capacity stay within a healthy range. Also, Santa’s blood sugar can spike too high if not carefully managed during an evening full of cookies. This too can be remotely monitored…with ongoing reports sent down to Santa’s physicians and Mrs. Claus.Asset Management and Delivery VerificationSanta needs to manage millions of presents and ensure each one is delivered to the right house. Santa is being asked for increased regulatory and compliance reporting and has a need for more proof of delivery for any legal challenges that come up in January. One always controversial input into present allocation is the role of the Naughty vs Nice algorithm. Many children improve markedly in late December and earn their way to the Nice list, and Santa wants to be agile and have flex inventory on hand to deliver to everyone.Santa would be a challenging customer, requiring a broad team of Dell Technologies experts as well as specialized technologies from our partner ecosystem. These challenges are a fun and accessible way to think through the art of the possible, which is an important part of how we work with our customers every day. Let’s all enjoy the magic of the holiday season and we look forward to working with customers on their own IoT magic next year. Happy New Year!last_img read more

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February 8, 2021

Fourth Zimbabwean Cabinet member dies of COVID-19 in surge

first_imgHARARE, Zimbabwe (AP) — Four Zimbabwean Cabinet ministers have died of COVID-19, three within the past two weeks, highlighting the resurgence of the disease that is sweeping through this southern African country. President Emmerson Mnangagwa said the coronavirus is reaping a “grim harvest” in the country. In a televised address to the nation the president said that that the pandemic has been indiscriminate and everyone is exposed to it. Zimbabwe, like many other African countries, initially recorded low numbers of COVID-19 but has recently experienced a spike in cases. There are fears that a new, more infectious variant of the virus came to the country when scores of thousands of Zimbabweans living in South Africa returned home for the holiday season.last_img

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Fiat Chrysler agrees to plead guilty, pay $30M in UAW probe

first_imgDETROIT (AP) — Fiat Chrysler Automobiles has agreed to plead guilty and pay a $30 million fine for a corruption scandal at the union that represents its factory workers. Federal prosecutors in Detroit charged the company with conspiracy from 2009 to 2016. The government says company representatives gave more than $3.5 million in cash and other things to senior officials at the United Auto Workers. The money came from a jointly run training center. Fiat Chrysler spokeswoman Shawn Morgan confirmed the company’s planned guilty plea and fine. Edward “Nick” Robinson, who was a union official in the St. Louis area, was sentenced to a year in prison Wednesday for conspiring to embezzle dues. His cooperation helped the government convict former presidents Dennis Williams and Gary Jones.last_img read more

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UK opens formal investigation of Facebook’s Giphy takeover

first_imgLONDON (AP) — The U.K.’s competition watchdog has launched a formal investigation into Facebook’s purchase of Giphy over concerns it will stifle competition for animated images. The Competition and Markets Authority said Thursday the investigation’s first stage has a deadline of March 25 to decide whether to trigger to a more in-depth probe. The watchdog started examining the deal last year, shortly after Facebook announced its plan to acquire Giphy in a deal reportedly worth $400 million. Giphy’s library of short looping videos, or GIFs, is a popular tool for internet users sending messages or posting on social media.  Facebook said it will fully cooperate with investigation. Flast_img

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Trump names 2 lawyers to impeachment defense team

first_imgWASHINGTON (AP) — Donald Trump has named two lawyers to his impeachment defense team, one day after it was revealed that the former president had parted ways with an earlier set of attorneys. The two lawyers representing him will be an Alabama attorney, David Schoen, and a former prosecutor in Pennsylvania, Bruce Castor. Several South Carolina lawyers who were set to represent Trump at the trial starting next week have left the team. Trump is the first president in American history to be impeached twice. He is set to stand trial in the Senate on a charge that he incited his supporters to storm Congress on Jan. 6last_img

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