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June 12, 2021

World’s biggest prison for journalists eight years after September 2001 round-ups

first_img Follow the news on Eritrea RSF urges Swedish judicial authorities to reverse Dawit Isaak decision News October 27, 2020 Find out more Reports January 13, 2021 Find out more Related documents RSF Eritrea Prisoners Sept 09PDF – 1002.47 KB Receive email alerts Organisation Help by sharing this information RSF_en April 14, 2021 Find out more News Eritrea now has at least 30 journalists and two media workers behind bars, which means that, exactly eight years after the round-ups of 18 September 2001 that put an end to free expression, it has achieved parity with China and Iran in terms of the number of journalists detained.“Eritrea’s prisoners of conscience are not just the victims of their jailers’ cruelty,” Reporters Without Borders said. “They are also, and even more so, the victims of indifference, tacit consent or overly timid efforts on the part of the country’s international ‘partners’. The Eritrean government has become a disgrace for Africa.”The press freedom organisation added: “Eight years after President Issaias Afeworki took his country on a tragic new course, it is time for him to change direction again and agree to release the imprisoned journalists or try them according to international norms. We count on the Swedish government, the current holder of the European Union presidency, to obtain concessions from Issaias, especially as one of the jailed journalists holds dual Swedish and Eritrean citizenship.”The three most important waves of arrests of the past eight years were in September 2001, November 2006 and February 2009. Thirty journalists and two media workers are currently detained, without trial. Many are being held in metal containers or underground cells in Adi Abeito military prison (northwest of Asmara, on the road to Keren), in Eiraeiro prison (near the locality of Gahtelay, north of the road from Asmara to the port city of Massawa), in the Dahlak archipelago or one of the many other detention centres scattered around the country. Reporters Without Borders has confirmed that four journalists arrested in September 2001 did not survive the appalling prison conditions.The journalist with Swedish and Eritrean dual nationality is Dawit Isaac, the founder of the now banned weekly Setit, who was arrested on 23 September 2001. He was taken to the airforce hospital in Asmara for treatment earlier this year but he is now in Embatkala prison in Ghinda, 35 km northeast of the capital on the Massawa road.The Eritrean authorities are keeping the state of his health a secret despite the international campaigns for his release. In response to a question about Dawit during an interview for Swedish journalist Donald Boström at the end of May, President Issaias said that he did not care where Dawit was held, that he would never be tried and that the government would never negotiate his release with Sweden. See the interview with Issaias .In a resolution on 7 January 2009, the European Parliament expressed deep concern about Dawit’s continuing imprisonment and demanded his immediate release. But all the European Union attempts to obtain news about him have been ignored by the Eritrean authorities.Reporters Without Borders has meanwhile learned that, during the past three weeks, dozens of civil servants working for the ministries of information, defence, foreign affairs and national security have been forced by the authorities to surrender their email passwords.See the complete list of imprisoned journalists (updated this month): Read the account of Tedros Abraham, an Eritrean journalist exiled in Norway. Learn more about the press freedom situation in Eritrea .Picture : Issaias Afeworki (Reuters / Ho New) EritreaAfrica September 17, 2009 – Updated on January 20, 2016 World’s biggest prison for journalists eight years after September 2001 round-ups Swedish prosecutors again refuse to investigate Dawit Isaak case EritreaAfrica News Prisoner of Conscience Since 2001 – Why has Sweden not managed to bring Dawit Isaak home? to go furtherlast_img read more

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June 2, 2021

Class Action Alert: Frank LLP Notifies Trustpilot’s Subscribers of Deceptive Business Practices Alleged in…

first_img Pinterest NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Feb 3, 2021– Frank LLP announces the filing of a federal class action lawsuit against Trustpilot Inc. and Trustpilot A/S (together, “Trustpilot”), famous for the Trustpilot.com customer-reviews website. The suit alleges Trustpilot subscribers—mainly small to mid-sized companies—were subjected to deceptive business practices, among other violations of the law. Trustpilot.com earns billions of dollars a year posting consumer reviews of businesses by claiming to offer a platform internet users can trust, because its integrity is not for sale. The new complaint alleges Trustpilot did sell its integrity, to companies reviewed on its site. Worse, while Trustpilot promised many paying companies it would help them game the reviews system, it actually helped only a handful of high-paying, large companies do this. Meanwhile, small and medium-sized companies with tight budgets got nothing for precious dollars they spent on annual “subscriptions” for Trustpilot’s services. And when media reports blew the lid off the scheme, and subscribers were eager to cancel, Trustpilot sent them “auto-enroll” emails designed to go straight to subscribers’ junk folders so the email went unread until it was too late to cancel. This class action suit, filed in federal court in Manhattan, seeks compensation for this group of mainly small to mid-sized companies in the U.S. IF YOU ARE OR HAVE BEEN A TRUSTPILOT SUBSCRIBER AND WISH TO SPEAK TO AN ATTORNEY ABOUT CLAIMS YOU MAY HAVE AGAINST TRUSTPILOT, EMAIL [email protected] TO READ A COPY OF THE NEW CLASS ACTION COMPLAINT AGAINST TRUSTPILOT, CLICK HERE. Founded in Denmark in 2007, Trustpilot grew exponentially by filling a hole in the online-review market. Other sites like Yelp and TripAdvisor focus on online reviews of mainly bricks-and-mortar businesses like restaurants and hotels. Trustpilot focused on online reviews of businesses which themselves operated mainly online. Trustpilot’s website was popular, but not profitable, as its content was free. To increase revenue, Trustpilot began selling annual “subscriptions” with benefits that would purportedly help companies reviewed on Trustpilot improve their online reputations. For example, a favorable Trustpilot star-ranking for a subscribing company would be embedded as an image in Google search results about that company. Trustpilot’s revenues grew, but profits remained elusive, as Trustpilot struggled to attract subscribers, especially in the U.S. Critics of Trustpilot long wondered how the site could maintain integrity when it relied on reviewed companies for profit. Beginning in late 2018, investigations by top British media outlets confirmed Trustpilot was selling its integrity to the highest bidders—large, wealthy companies who got help gaming the reviews system to falsely boost their online reputations. Honest, negative reviews about these preferred subscribers were removed, while fake positive reviews about them were allowed to proliferate. In the wake of this, Google in late 2019 announced changes in its relationship with Trustpilot—most painful for the majority of subscribers, restrictions on visibility of positive Trustpilot scores within search results. For countless honest businesses struggling to simply improve their online presence—an essential goal of any modern company—this erased what little value their Trustpilot subscriptions had. The complaint alleges that Trustpilot prevented subscribers from ending their money-wasting connection to Trustpilot by sending renewal emails from two web domains that it owns. The primary Trustpilot domain, “Trustpilot.com,” is Trustpilot’s highly visible face. In addition to hosting the site, one of the internet’s most popular, Trustpilot uses this domain for nearly every email it ever sends, from addresses ending in “@trustpilot.com.” But Trustpilot also owns “Trustpilot.net,” which hosts no website and is essentially a zombie domain. No Trustpilot subscriber would recognize an email from an address with “@trustpilot.net”—even if their email application didn’t block it as junk immediately. Yet, when Trustpilot faced a wave of subscriber cancellations on the back of its integrity scandal, it used “@trustpilot.net” addresses to send subscribers emails automatically re-enrolling them for another year’s subscription (and at higher rate). Subscribers did not see these emails originating from the zombie “Trustpilot.net” domain, and did not realize until seeing a new charge on their credit account that Trustpilot had secretly locked them in for yet another year. If they did complain, Trustpilot said it was too late to cancel. The complaint further alleges that the scheme worked out well for Trustpilot. It has recently crowned itself a “unicorn”—an online startup valued at $1 billion or more, a distinction relatively few European firms achieve. The complaint alleges that this valuation was largely supported by gains in revenues from U.S. subscribers deceived into new subscriptions they did not want and could not get out of. Building on its unicorn status, Trustpilot has begun plans to sell shares in an initial public offering, securing its financial future. FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT THE NEW CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT AGAINST TRUSTPILOT, CLICK HERE. Frank LLP is a national firm based in New York. The firm’s attorneys have extensive expertise in prosecuting consumer protection litigation. Attorney Advertising. Prior results do not guarantee similar outcomes. View source version on businesswire.com:https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20210203006017/en/ CONTACT: Frank LLP Gregory A. Frank, Esq. Tel: 212-682-1853 [email protected] KEYWORD: UNITED STATES NORTH AMERICA NEW YORK INDUSTRY KEYWORD: LEGAL PROFESSIONAL SERVICES SOURCE: Frank LLP Copyright Business Wire 2021. PUB: 02/03/2021 08:29 PM/DISC: 02/03/2021 08:29 PM http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20210203006017/en By Digital AIM Web Support – February 3, 2021 Facebook Facebook Class Action Alert: Frank LLP Notifies Trustpilot’s Subscribers of Deceptive Business Practices Alleged in New Federal Suit TAGS  Previous articleWOMEN’S COLLEGE BASKETBALL: Berry’s career-high lifts UTPB past UT TylerNext articleFeds: Member of Proud Boys arrested in Washington state Digital AIM Web Supportcenter_img Pinterest WhatsApp Twitter Local NewsBusiness Twitter WhatsApplast_img read more

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January 17, 2021

Wild Radish Troublesome

first_imgWild radish may sound like a variety food in a rabbit’s diet, but it’s a real pain inGeorgia wheat fields.”We’re seeing wild radish as the No. 1 problem in small grains this year,”said Greg MacDonald, a weed specialist with the University of Georgia Extension Service.Wild radish can infest all of the small grains grown in Georgia, the most important ofwhich, by far, is wheat.The pesky weed reseeds itself year after year, and its seeds are tough, so farmers mustbe persistent to control it.This low-growing member of the cabbage family steals water and nutrients from younggrains. If the grain can’t get these vital things, MacDonald said, it won’t matureproperly.”It’s essential that the wheat get the water and micronutrients it needsnow,” he said, “to become strong enough to support a mature grain kernel.”Wild radish can hurt at harvest, too, both by interfering with equipment and by beingharvested with the grain, which can lower the crop’s quality grade and, as a result, theprice the farmer gets for it.MacDonald said farmers must act quickly to control wild radish. They have only a brieftime to spray effective, legal herbicides.”Most of the chemical herbicides that are effective on wild radish can damagewheat, especially, if they’re applied during an improper growth stage of the grain,”he said.A wheat plant emerges with a main stem and then secondary stems, or tillers, all ofwhich can produce seed heads which provide the plant’s yield of grain.Farmers can safely apply phenoxy herbicides, MacDonald said, when wheat is betweenthree-tiller and full-tiller stages.Applying before that can stunt the crop’s growth or reduce tiller numbers. Applyingafter the full-tiller stage can cause seed heads to be malformed.The good news is that wild radish plants are usually still small at that stage of thewheat plants’ growth, so herbicides can still easily kill them.Later, not only do growers risk damaging grain heads, but larger radish plants are muchhardier.”Once that radish plant bolts and sends up a flower head, it’s extremely hard tocontrol,” MacDonald said.Many grain fields need nitrogen at this midseason growth stage, too. So growers can mixtheir liquid nitrogen and herbicide and do both jobs at once.”The timing for both of those has to be just right, though,” MacDonald said.”It’s a rather delicate timing factor.”Other herbicides, called sulfonylureas, effectively control wild radish and can beapplied over a much longer time. But these products cost slightly more than phenoxy types,and they may be less effective on other weeds.Growers must decide between these two types of herbicides based on the growth stage oftheir grain, the size and number of wild radish and other weed plants and the relativecost, MacDonald said.Whichever they use, two factors are key: “Identify the weed early,” he said,”and apply effective herbicides when grain plants will be least damaged.”last_img read more

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December 20, 2020

Uruguayan President Supports Peruvian Idea of Reducing Military Spending in Region

first_img On 25 January, at the end of a state visit, the first by an Uruguayan president to Peru in twenty-five years, Uruguayan President José Mujica said that he “will take very much into account” the proposal by his Peruvian counterpart, Alan García, to reduce military spending in South America. Mujica, who was traveling on to Venezuela the following day, was received with military honors at the Government Palace in Lima, where he signed a joint declaration with García and where they were present at the signing of eight bilateral cooperation agreements. “Our countries need resources in order to address the needs of populations that are in situations of poverty,” the Uruguayan president said, after his Peruvian colleague asked him to “take up the banner of peace and disarmament among our South American countries.” “The president is doing a good thing, that we should stop being idiots and spending money on arms when we have to spend a lot of money on other things and raise up so many people who are still left behind, crushed, subjected, and ignored,” Mujica added. Likewise, “I thank the president, and I’m going to take his advice very much into account,” he declared. García said that he was sure that “Uruguay’s voice, in the person of Mujica, will have profound consequences in the Union of South American Nations” (Unasur, which is made up of twelve South American countries). “I’m sure that the call that we cease our suspicions and that peace reign in our countries will be heard,” he added. The demand for reductions in military spending is one of the central foreign-policy aims of the Peruvian president, who maintains that some governments in the region, Chile and Venezuela among them, spend excessive amounts of money on the acquisition of sophisticated weapons. The two presidents met for an hour in the presidential palace, where they reviewed the state of bilateral relations and discussed items on the international agenda. Following the signing of a variety of cooperation agreements, Mujica showed himself to be in favor of improving Peruvian-Uruguayan relations in a meeting with journalists. He invited Peruvian entrepreneurs to invest in his country. “There’s room for entrepreneurs, there’s room to live. We’re almost empty; we have three and half million inhabitants and a fertile land.” “The Americas are one; don’t just stay in Argentina and Buenos Aires, take a little side trip,” he noted. Mujica was characterized by García as a “fighter for democracy and social justice, someone looked to as an example in Latin America.” In a note of modesty, the Uruguayan president said that he did not deserve “so much noise, because the pigeons get frightened,” in allusion to the twenty-one-gun salute that startled the pigeons in the Plaza Mayor, where the seat of government is located. He also denied that the fourteen years he spent in prison for his revolutionary activities make him a hero. “Sometimes we need to behave heroically because there’s no other choice, but we’re just like any guy from the neighborhood,” he said. Subsequently, at a meeting with businesspeople at the Lima Chamber of Commerce, upon receiving a decoration from the business group, Mujica said, “I’m a country boy; I don’t deserve this decoration.” Eight cooperation agreements on issues of migration, ports, health, trade, and diplomatic training were signed in connection with Mujica’s visit to Peru. Mujica was also received at ceremonial sessions of the Lima municipal government and the Congress. By Dialogo January 27, 2011last_img read more

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December 18, 2020

Four ways to avoid strategic plan drift at your credit union

first_imgStrategic planning sessions are fun (or at least they should be). You examine your successes and failures, brainstorm new initiatives to grow, put timelines together and wrap it all up with a pretty PowerPoint presentation. You strategize, you plan, you prioritize.And sometimes, then you drift.Strategic plans face many obstacles when it comes to success: external threats, unexpected economic downtowns, unfortunate staffing challenges, etc. There are several ways you can lose strategic momentum or fail to reach your goals. But one of the greatest traps you must avoid is the strategic plan drift.As Darren Hardy, publisher of Success Magazine and author of The Entrepreneur Rollercoaster says, “You see, we don’t fall off course, we drift off course. We don’t fall off our workout schedule, our diet, our resolutions, our goals—we drift.”He goes on to say, “We drift ever so slightly and slowly without realizing it. Then a while down the road, we finally regain consciousness, only to realize we are completely off course.”Once your plan is crafted, then the tasks of running your credit union or bank can easily dominate your daily routine. You don’t intend to drift, but somehow you fall off your desired path. So how do you avoid having your strategic initiatives drift? Here are four ways to not fall into that trap. continue reading » ShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblrlast_img read more

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One-stop digital banking at your credit union

first_img 9SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr “We’ve seen mobile become the driving force when it comes to serving our members,” says Jon Reske, VP/marketing at $400 million/34,000-member UMassFive College Federal Credit Union, Hadley, Mass. “It will become the preferred delivery system, especially for our demographic.”The CU serves the Five College Consortium, including these independent institutions: Amherst College, Hampshire College, Mount Holyoke College, Smith College and the University of Massachusetts’ flagship Amherst campus.Additional UMass satellite campuses include Dartmouth, Lowell, Boston and the UMass Medical School in Worcester, which are also served by UMassFive College FCU. “There’s a high level of technology aptitude in the education and medical markets,” Reske says, making it vital to offer robust digital banking services.Integration Proves KeyUMassFive College FCU has relied on Portico from Fiserv for account processing since 1983. So when it was ready to launch a more sophisticated digital banking offering, the credit union turned to Fiserv for a full suite of solutions, including the ASP (Application Service Provision) versions of Corillian Online and Mobiliti™, CheckFree® RXP® for bill payment, Popmoney® for person-to-person payments, and AllData® for personal financial management. continue reading »last_img read more

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Vendor management and compliance: To protect and serve

first_imgWe’ve all had the experience of putting trust in someone else, whether it’s trusting your hairstylist to give you a haircut that’s not too short, trusting the chef that there’s no peanuts in your dish, or the barista getting your “half-caff,” almond milk latte with extra foam order right.It’s the same with trusting your service providers to stay on top of compliance issues and keep your concerns top of mind, but the stakes are much higher than getting your coffee order right. The role of a good financial services vendor is not unlike the police department—to protect and serve.Protection is critical, especially when you factor in the (sometimes harsh) reality that the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) does not distinguish between the activities of vendors and the activities of the financial institutions that those vendors serve.Importance of Service Provider ManagementMany companies rely on service providers to essentially take over part of their functions, using expertise that the company itself may not have. For many, this includes monitoring compliance and risk management. That doesn’t mean you can entirely step away; your involvement shifts, instead, to service provider management or vendor management. This is a multifaceted program designed to oversee all third party activity and manage risks associated with vendor relationships. It is designed to protect the lender, the vendor, and, of course, the consumer. continue reading » 16SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblrlast_img read more

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November 18, 2020

Confession of a caterer: How to proceed?

first_imgI did not mention earlier, and it is important to the average reader that the restaurant employs only people from our county and that we did not hire workers outside Croatia. Most people in our restaurant have been working for 7 or more years, so let’s say that because of all the above, we are desirable employers.  The government and all those considering the measures must understand that our company, and most caterers, are financially indebted to keep employees this winter (it is good to note that our turnover through the winter was equal to the gross salary of employees) and now when turnover should have increased we were left without any traffic.  And so we come to February 2020. Because of the coronavirus, our groups from China have already dropped out, but we are still not in danger, later in the month other Asian groups are canceling and we are already worried, but we reckon that it is February and March, April will be better, we will survive. . Author known to the editorial office However, most of us are family people who work 12 hours a day to be able to feed our family, to be able to pay this beautiful Croatia for everything we need so that we can all live better together. And then the first person infected in Italy, and shortly afterwards in Croatia and then the whole of Europe, the whole world .. Unfortunately, according to all forecasts, and if the coronavirus is brought under control, we cannot expect any large turnover this year until the beginning of the high season, and thus we will not be able to repay debts to the state that will accumulate during this time.  And here we are now where we are, a closed restaurant, employees at home. Even before the aforementioned Government measures, we have decided to leave all people on the payroll, regardless of the difficult situation. We have been together from the beginning and I hope we will survive this together. I told them all to stay home, that no one would be fired for the next two months, that we would cut their salaries, but also to be prepared to get stuck when the coronavirus situation calmed down. I will try to convey to you the opinion of one honest caterer. When I say honest, I mean the one who fiscalizes every bill in the restaurant, the one whose workers are all registered for full pay, the one who, despite the winter and reduced traffic, keeps all workers in employment. center_img I support the Government’s efforts and believe that the minimum payment measure is good for all employees, but I also believe that it should be accompanied by the exemption of all contributions and payroll taxes for this time while we are closed. The local government should also waive part of its claims. To clarify the situation, I have to go back a little to the past in 2016 and raise the VAT rate to 25%. Until that year, ie until 2017, when this tax rate started to be applied, my company worked with profit, salaries were regular in both summer and winter. Already in 2017, financial problems began to appear in the winter, simply VAT was too high. In 2018, the winter was even harder and I began to question my knowledge and managerial skills, and rationalize costs, provided that reducing the number of workers and reducing their salaries was out of the question, due to my sociological view of them, but also for fear that I won’t have workers for the season. Unfortunately, a few irresponsible caterers with their irresponsible behavior towards society, employees, the state have created a wrong image of us – the image of arrogant and irresponsible people who live only for themselves and their pleasures.  Due to this part of the caterer, the Government of the Republic of Croatia should think carefully and reconsider the measures adopted so far.  Unfortunately, I know that there are not many of us like this, but that is a problem of the Ministry of Finance and the Government of the Republic of Croatia. In my humble opinion, this is an easily solvable problem that is unfortunately not solved, but that is another topic. Already in 2018, I was hoping that the tax rate would be reduced to 13%, but unfortunately we did not get it. In 2019, the light at the bottom of the tunnel, finally VAT goes to a lower rate, should endure this winter… Winter 2019/2020 worst ever, but somehow it’s easier for me because the season is approaching, Asian groups have already started in the 2nd month, announcements for all year round on average and 15% better than the previous year. The team in the restaurant is organized, with 3-4 students we can work the whole season. Employees, despite the delay in salaries, stay with us in the restaurant, although they can find work in any other restaurant. Photo: Pixabay.comlast_img read more

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October 19, 2020

PREMIUMCap Go Meh festivities in Chinatown celebrate city’s diversity, unity

first_imgForgot Password ? LOG INDon’t have an account? Register here Topics : Linkedin Facebook cap-go-meh Chinese-New-Year Lunar-New-Year China glodok china-town West-Jakarta Log in with your social account Google Hundreds of Jakartans were drawn into the excitement of the post-Lunar New Year celebration of the Cap Go Meh festival in the capital’s Chinatown area of Glodok in West Jakarta on Saturday, with visitors enjoying the various performances that celebrated diversity and the fusion of Chinese and local traditional cultures.Hendrawanto, a 54-year old resident of Penjaringan, North Jakarta, laughed heartily as he watched two lenong (traditional Betawi theater) performers trade pantun (four-line rhyming poems) with each other.Hendrawanto, who is of Chinese descent, said he had grown up watching lenong performances.“I enjoy watching the performances because they’re so funny. I’m glad that I came to the festival as it’s very rare that I can see a show like this,” Hendrawanto said.The Cap Go Meh festival, w…last_img read more

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More guests leave Canary Islands hotel locked down over coronavirus

first_imgInside the hotel, guests were allowed to circulate freely, using the restaurants and swimming pools, as long as they wore protective masks, washed hands regularly and checked their temperature twice a day, according to instructions from the health authority.Videos from inside the hotel showed guests sunbathing by the pool and others serving themselves at a restaurant buffet. Some guests complained that basic safety measures such as wearing masks and washing hands regularly were being ignored.Spain’s total number of coronavirus cases rose to 32 on Friday. The bulk of them were linked to Italy, the site of Europe’s worst outbreak.One of the cases involved a sports reporter from Valencia who had recently travelled to Milan, and the Valencia football club announced on Friday the suspension of all non-sports indoor events such as news conferences “that present risk to players, coaching staff and club staff”.The coronavirus can spread via droplets in the air when an infected person coughs, sneezes or breathes out, and these can also contaminate surfaces such as door handles and railings.Topics : The Canary Islands health department said the organisation of the guests’ departure was a police matter. Police would not comment.Half a dozen guests, including a baby in a pram, exited the H10 Costa Adeje Palace south of Tenerife, and underwent temperature scans in the back of the hotel before boarding a 15-seater minibus, the video, shot by hotel guest Christopher Betts, showed.One of the people boarding said he was from Belgium.Another small group left in a large taxi with darkened windows and five more people left in a second minibus. A large bus and another minibus were waiting in the laoding bay, according to Reuters witnesses. Three small groups of guests left a Tenerife hotel in minibuses on Friday on its fourth day of quarantine over thecoronavirus and at least two people could be seen leaving in an ambulance, but around 700 holidaymakers remained in the compound.It was not clear where they were being taken or whether those in the ambulance had any symptoms of the virus.The Canary Islands regional government on Thursday cleared 130 guests to leave the hotel, which was placed on lockdown after four cases of thecoronavirus were detected there, but others showed no symptom of illness.last_img read more

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