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September 21, 2019

Geek deal Up to 600 off the Alienware M18x dualGPU gaming laptop

first_imgFor a long time, there were certain performance attributes that were relegated to desktops only, leaving laptops at a disadvantage in one fashion or another. Then, in the mid-2000s, hardware development switched tracks from a “bigger is better” desktop-centric focus to one of power optimization from the ground up.Intel’s “Dothan” Pentium M processors were the first chips truly designed for a mobile focus and this eventually spilled over to GPU’s too. The result is that we now have multi-core, multi-GPU laptops that give up nothing to their desktop components. Sure, you can eek some more gigahertz out of a setup that has no heat or power constraints, but the vast majority if users won’t actually be missing anything.At first, these technologies were relegated to huge notebook chassis’ designs that were more like a server rack than a portable computer. As technologies mature and adoption increases, we have systems like the Alienware M18x that are actually portable and don’t cost more than a 10 year old car..While a $2,000+ laptop is still expensive by most people’s standards, and rightly so, the deal we have on the M18x is downright smoking hot. As implied by the name, the M18x is a no-holds barred 18.4-inch notebook that packs every bit of powerful technology you could ever want.Let’s see if we can get all of the options out in one breath: 1080p screen, dual hard drives with RAID option, SSDs, dual graphics cards, slot-loading optical drive, dual HDMI video outputs, integrated subwoofer, USB 3.0, and of course there’s more.While the M18x has yet to be refreshed with the latest “Ivy Bridge” processors, you still have more than enough performance, especially at this price. For a limited time, you can get a $500 coupon on an M18x with dual Radeon HD 6990M 2GB GPUs or get $600 off one with dual NVIDIA GeForce GTX 580M 2GB GPUs.This brings the starting price down to just $2,118 for the Radeon system and $2,418 for the NVIDIA SLI model. Both models come very well equipped with quad-core Core i7 CPUs, 1080p screens, 4GB RAM, 750GB hard drive, and more. They are also fully customizable to meet your needs.Visit LogicBuy for the dual Radeon HD M18x 0r the SLI M18xlast_img read more

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