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September 29, 2020

RvTs must have right to sack pension fund boards, says Dutch state secretary

first_imgThe Senate also suggested the RvT be allowed to block the nomination of a board member who fails to comply with the set profile.Klijnsma, addressing recent concerns in Parliament that the RvT’s remit was too broad, stressed that not every dispute would be treated as an example of a “malfunctioning” board.“I assume the RvT will only use its right of dismissal in cases of serious and ongoing malfunctioning,” she wrote, referring to the “milder” remedy of alerting the pension fund’s accountability body, or the party that appoints board members.If these third parties respond too late, or their responses are lacking, the RvT could still alert De Nederlandsche Bank, the Dutch regulator, she said.The Pension Federation said it considered Klijnsma’s letter as guideline for RvTs, but it described the option of a two-track approach as “a bit strange”.Gert Kloosterboer, the federation’s spokesman, said: “These diverging tracks are at odds with the envisaged streamlining of governance.“However, because we assume something is seriously wrong before the RvT uses its competence, and given the state secretary’s clarification, we are not contemplating further action for now.”Henri Lepoutre, pensions adviser at employers association AWVN, said Dutch employers were not entirely happy with the RvT’s right of dismissal.“Companies usually appoint representatives from their own organisation on their pension fund’s board,” he said.“If they get fired by an RvT, it doesn’t reflect well. In addition, employers fear a loss of influence if an independent RvT can dismiss the board of their pension fund, while an RvT that cannot appoint a board but can dismiss one does not feel balanced.”He said clearly defining the concept of “malfunctioning” – to guarantee that the dismissal option is deployed only in the most serious cases – was “very important”. Jetta Klijnsma, state secretary in the Netherlands, has written a letter to the Dutch Parliament standing by her decision to give supervisory boards (RvTs) the right to dismiss pension funds’ boards.The RvT is to be introduced through new governance legislation coming into force in July 2014.Klijnsma initially decided to grant RvTs the right to sack “malfunctioning” board members at the request of the Senate, which feared that the supervisory board, as originally envisaged, lacked teeth.Boards that make a decision without an RvT’s approval, and fail to offer a compelling argument as to how that decision is in the best interests of all participants, are considered to have “malfunctioned”.last_img read more

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August 26, 2020

Dodgers can zero in on NL West title after avoiding Giants disaster

first_imgBut first things first.There are 13 games remaining to close out the division, including three more with the Giants, leaving ample time to either seize the moment or relinquish it.Perilous times to be sure.Thanks to their two-day stress test this weekend, they at least move forward with some wiggle room.It could have been much, much worse.They ventured north clinging to a frail-looking two-game lead over their longtime rivals, only to lose Ryu after one inning in the series opener Friday due to shoulder soreness.That set the stage for a 9-0 blowout loss and a dubious one-game lead.Forget leaving their hearts in San Francisco. The Dodgers were about to leave all momentum and control of the division behind too.They were as vulnerable as they have been in months. Good thing they had Greinke and Kershaw lined up Saturday and Sunday to steady the ship.Not to mention a reawakening of the offense.A 17-0 beatdown of the Giants on Saturday segued into another outstanding effort by Kershaw on Sunday in a 4-2 win — his 19th of the season.Rather than leaving San Francisco tied for the division lead or trailing the Giants, the Dodgers moved on to the Mile High City with a three-game lead.That gust you might have felt off the Pacific Ocean on Sunday was their collective sigh of relief rolling down from the Bay AreaIt was a fleeting moment of satisfaction though.An incredible amount of work remains before the Dodgers can turn their attention to the postseason, and history has shown how difficult it can be wrapping up a division title.The Dodgers lined their pitching up in such a way that Ryu, Greinke and Kershaw would face the Giants this past weekend and again next week. In fact, prior to Ryu going down, the plan was to use their best three pitchers 11 times over their final 16 games.Assuming Ryu doesn’t make his next start, the Dodgers can only hope to have their trio intact for seven of the final 13 games.If Ryu is unavailable — in the short term and the long — that means Dan Haren’s starts become even more pronounced.The Dodgers play the next seven games away from Chavez Ravine before returning home to host the Giants Sept. 22-24.The Giants left Sunday for a nine-game trip of their own, swinging through Arizona and San Diego on their way to Los Angeles.The Dodgers would love to have the pennant wrapped up before welcoming the Giants to Chavez Ravine next week, but realistically the three-game set in L.A. will determine their playoff fate. The good news is, the Dodgers, at 45-29, are the best road team in baseball and face a pair of last-place teams in the Rockies and Cubs.They also catch a break in that six of their last 13 games are against the Rockies, whom they have easily handled this year by winning nine of 13 games.It’s not yet time to order divisional playoff series tickets.But it wouldn’t hurt to check on prices.Considering what the Dodgers were facing just a few days ago, things are looking up. Now more than ever, the Dodgers are going to need their two aces to do ace-type things to hold off a Giants club that refuses to concede the division.Still, it looks a lot better today then it did 72 hours ago.Not that they’ve escaped the minefield just yet. Starting pitcher Hyun-Jin Ryu will most certainly miss his next scheduled start dealing with a shoulder issue, and depending on the results of Monday’s MRI he could be out even longer.The Dodgers might survive the pennant chase without Ryu, but anything beyond is pushing it. As late-season gut checks go, the Dodgers could have done worse than the challenge presented them over the weekend against the San Francisco Giants.That they successfully dealt with the potentially disastrous situation not only reduced their magic number to clinch the National League West to 11 games, it also offered a peek into their baseball souls.From this vantage point, they seem a resilient bunch. And how beautifully convenient when they got knocked to their knees this weekend, it was Zack Greinke and Clayton Kershaw reaching down with a helping hand to pick them up.center_img Newsroom GuidelinesNews TipsContact UsReport an Errorlast_img read more

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August 16, 2020

Disgraceful? Classless? That’s exactly what the reaction to USWNT’s 13-0 win has been

first_img Getty Images https://images.daznservices.com/di/library/GOAL/e7/56/uswnt-celebrate-2019_oipy43l6bo711i112kqgs6t3f.jpg?t=1211391787&w=500&quality=80 Not all celebrations are excessive. Some are just celebrations, even if it’s for a goal total that may seem excessive.This point appears to be getting lost in the oftentimes breathless debate surrounding the U.S. women’s national team’s historical beatdown of Thailand on Tuesday evening in Reims. Before moving forward, as the USWNT surely has already, it’s worth considering exactly what the team was celebrating on Tuesday night.First, as mentioned, goal differential is a factor in the group stage, meaning every goal the U.S. scored on Tuesday got them one step closer to their mission of topping Group F. Even though three points were assured early in the game, each goal did accomplish something in its own right. Sweden, the USWNT’s primary competition for top spot in the group, could very well tally up a similar scoreline against Thailand. More importantly though, this is a World Cup . Every player dreams of reaching this stage, and scoring at the highest level with the eyes of the world watching is the culmination of decades of hard work, dedication and sacrifice.That is worthy of some celebration, whether it’s the first or 13th goal of the game.About those reactions, though. From some of the commentary out there, one may think that it was all backflips, coordinated dance routines and conga lines. In reality, most of the USWNT’s celebrations were pretty routine.Watch the replays again. On nearly every goal the player who scored does a routine arm-raise or fist-pump – and sometimes not even that much – before sinking into the typical group hug that envelops most goal-scorers.Alex Morgan was criticized for her celebration where she counted off all her goals on her fingers. But it was hardly an ostentatious display and, let’s not forget, she scored five goals in a World Cup game. Robert Cianflone https://images.daznservices.com/di/library/GOAL/1f/59/alex-morgan-megan-rapinoe-uswnt-womens-world-cup-2019_rt20v48gz9fn1uc1tidb51283.jpg?t=1227902771&w=500&quality=80 Admittedly, Rapinoe’s wild histrionics after scoring the team’s ninth of the night did cross a line. If there was one unnecessary display on the evening it was the veteran who, playing in her third World Cup, probably could have dialed it back several notches.If the outside commentary is getting to the USWNT players, you wouldn’t know it from what Sam Mewis – scorer of two goals on Tuesday – said on Thursday. Yes, the scoreline was stark in the World Cup opener for both teams: 13-0, a record margin of victory for any World Cup, men’s or women’s.The total is ugly, but the debate surrounding that scoreline has become even uglier.MORE: USWNT great Abby Wambach defends celebrations vs. ThailandsThankfully, that discourse at least seems to have moved past a discussion over whether the U.S. should have kept scoring at all. The strategic importance of accruing as many goals as possible, with goal differential the first tiebreaker in the group stage, has been well established.Besides, as U.S. forward Megan Rapinoe said after the game, the alternative to continuing to attack isn’t much better.“You don’t want to really take your foot off [the pedal] like that,” Rapinoe said, “you don’t want to pass the ball around in your own half for 30 minutes.”But the way the U.S. reacted as the goals piled up has come under heavy scrutiny.Perhaps no criticism was more widely shared than that of one current and two former Canadian national team players, who used words like “disgraceful” and “classless” to describe the USWNT’s on-field displays.In further evidence as to how toxic this debate has become, one of those pundits, Kaylyn Kyle, said she has received death threats over her comments. “I don’t really think we as a team are super involved in watching and reading a lot of media about ourselves, to be honest,” Mewis said.“We had heard there were some things going on and I think we’re really trying to focus on the next game and on Chile. We respect Thailand a lot and I think that we’re just looking at the next game now.”The USWNT appears to have already moved past Tuesday’s game. It’s probably time for the rest of the world to do the same.last_img read more

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January 20, 2020

I’m getting a raw deal

first_img “The people who booed me, those are the haters. You have people in it that them bringing (favour) and they fear me. “I am a danger to them, so if I am out, it may be easier for dem.” He added that some boxers are getting favours from officials. “I don’t have that relationship (like other boxers). Maybe because me is a one away guy.” Jamaica Boxing Board of Control president Stephen ‘Bomber’ Jones declined to get into a debate about whether certain boxers are favoured but spoke about the appeal. “It’s not the JBBC’s decision to have an appeal, it’s never personal” he said. “It’s a matter of having certain rules and everybody abiding by it. ” However, Davis said he will not let the matter rest if it results in a rematch. “If they (Leblond’s team) gonna make a big fuss out of it, we take it to court. Because I know I won the fight. They judged the fight in my favour. I’m not supposed to fight a guy two times. I’m not proving anything. I won the fight!” Local boxer Tsetsi ‘Lights Out’ Davis has said that he feels he has been treated harshly by the Jamaican boxing fraternity, which includes both officials and fans of the sport. Davis is currently waiting to hear if an appeal by Canadian fighter Dave Leblond, whom he beat in his opening round Wray and Nephew Contender Series bout three ways ago, will result in him being forced into a rematch. He told The Gleaner that he feels he is not a very liked fighter, because of what he claims he has been put through in his career over the past year. This includes not only awaiting the appeal, but also having to hand over his match earnings after beating Leblond, as a fine for not making weight, the day before. “I’m getting a raw deal.” Davis said. Davis said that fans at the Chinese Benevolent Association auditorium on the night of the fight were booing him and cheering for Leblond by shouting “Canada” did this because they felt threatened by him. HATE AND FEARlast_img read more

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