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September 21, 2019

Nokia may be working on a 10inch Windows RT tablet

first_imgNokia is already firmly entrenched in Windows Phone 8, and rumors are swirling once again that the company is getting ready to launch a 10-inch Windows RT tablet. There were rumblings last spring, too, saying that Nokia was working on some sort of Windows 8 tablet device — possibly like the one pictured in a patent application. This time around, DigiTimes is saying that Nokia is actually bringing something to market.DigiTimes’ word can’t be taken as gospel, of course, but the site claims that manufacturing giant Compal is set to churn out an initial run of 200,000 Nokia tablets running Windows RT. Nothing else is revealed about the device, save that it will utilize a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor. As far as partners go, those names make sense. Nokia chose Compal to build its first Windows Phone 7 devices, and its Lumia phones have leaned on the Snapdragon.Why wouldn’t Nokia choose to stick with familiar collaborators if it’s really building a Lumia Windows RT tablet?While DigiTimes can’t be relied on for air-tight information, it’s not a secret that Stephen Elop at least has tablet ambitions. He went on record last year as saying that there are “200 tablets on the market” and that Nokia didn’t want to simply be tablet number 201. The company’s offering has to be something that is “uniquely Nokia,” said Elop.What could that mean? Inductive charging and PureView imaging tech seem like good possibilities, as does that clever glove-on touchscreen. Elop is right on the money, though. If Nokia does want to bring a tablet to market, it’s got to offer consumers something truly different if the goal is anything more than modest sales. With a compelling Lumia tablet to offer and a more mature Windows Store serving up apps, success is a definite possibility for the once-mighty mobile computing titan.via DigiTimesMore reading: 5 cool Surface RT featureslast_img read more

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