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September 21, 2019

Lanvin CEO says every Wednesday should be emailfree

first_imgFor some of us, email consumes our lives. We’re constantly checking our phones, and switching back and forth between windows and tabs on our computer during work to keep up with the influx of emails. Thierry Andretta, chief executive of Lanvin, a French fashion brand started in 1889, is trying to put a stop to this – well, at least one day a week. Andretta has turned Hump Day into No-Email Day.According to a Reuters report, Adretta said he thinks we’ve become “too accessible.” He said all the time we spend reading and writing emails is causing us to not think as clearly as we should be. He emphasized that reading emails while traveling takes away from the experience as a whole. Andretta said email prevents you from really getting into the environment and “sinking in the atmosphere,” which is something he’d like to do more of.AdChoices广告Unfortunately, the thought of being email-free for one full day a week is terrifying to some people. He tried to get other Lanvin employees to hope on the no-email train, but didn’t get a lot of encouragement. Andretta attributed this to the fact that they might not get as many emails as he does. Not surprisingly, Andretta gets a massive amount of emails. For example, he said that he would have read and answered most of his emails before getting on a flight from New York to Paris, and by the time he landed, there would be another 250 waiting for him. “It’s just too much,” he told Reuters.Though the idea will most likely not be catching on at Lanvin, other fashion executives share Andretta’s utopist idea. Polo Ralph Lauren’s vice-president for business development in Eastern Europe, Turkey, and the Middle East, Vladimir Martynenko, told Reuters he thinks people share too many little details via email and that many matters discussed within emails will get handled without you within a few days. That may be true for a major fashion exec that has assistants and any number of people working under him, but it doesn’t apply to the majority of us.Another fashion exec, Jean-Claude Biver, chief executive of luxury watch brand Hublot, said that not reading or answering emails for an entire day is a “real luxury.” For Lanvin, a company that sells $595 leggings and $15,000 dresses, luxury fits the bill. Biver said it’s not realistic because “communication is the very foundation of our existence.”So, what do you think? Could you go an entire 24 hours once a week without checking or responding to emails? I personally could use a once-a-week break. It’s always nice to give the email a rest when you go on vacation. However, there’s always the day after you return from vacation where you spend hours sorting through and responding to emails. In this day and age where we rely on email as a main form of communication, it might not be feasible. What would we do when we needed to contact someone? Call them? On the phone? That’s just preposterous. It looks like we’ll be keeping email 24/7 until someone makes it downright illegal.Read more at Reuterslast_img read more

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