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November 18, 2020

Confession of a caterer: How to proceed?

first_imgI did not mention earlier, and it is important to the average reader that the restaurant employs only people from our county and that we did not hire workers outside Croatia. Most people in our restaurant have been working for 7 or more years, so let’s say that because of all the above, we are desirable employers.  The government and all those considering the measures must understand that our company, and most caterers, are financially indebted to keep employees this winter (it is good to note that our turnover through the winter was equal to the gross salary of employees) and now when turnover should have increased we were left without any traffic.  And so we come to February 2020. Because of the coronavirus, our groups from China have already dropped out, but we are still not in danger, later in the month other Asian groups are canceling and we are already worried, but we reckon that it is February and March, April will be better, we will survive. . Author known to the editorial office However, most of us are family people who work 12 hours a day to be able to feed our family, to be able to pay this beautiful Croatia for everything we need so that we can all live better together. And then the first person infected in Italy, and shortly afterwards in Croatia and then the whole of Europe, the whole world .. Unfortunately, according to all forecasts, and if the coronavirus is brought under control, we cannot expect any large turnover this year until the beginning of the high season, and thus we will not be able to repay debts to the state that will accumulate during this time.  And here we are now where we are, a closed restaurant, employees at home. Even before the aforementioned Government measures, we have decided to leave all people on the payroll, regardless of the difficult situation. We have been together from the beginning and I hope we will survive this together. I told them all to stay home, that no one would be fired for the next two months, that we would cut their salaries, but also to be prepared to get stuck when the coronavirus situation calmed down. I will try to convey to you the opinion of one honest caterer. When I say honest, I mean the one who fiscalizes every bill in the restaurant, the one whose workers are all registered for full pay, the one who, despite the winter and reduced traffic, keeps all workers in employment. center_img I support the Government’s efforts and believe that the minimum payment measure is good for all employees, but I also believe that it should be accompanied by the exemption of all contributions and payroll taxes for this time while we are closed. The local government should also waive part of its claims. To clarify the situation, I have to go back a little to the past in 2016 and raise the VAT rate to 25%. Until that year, ie until 2017, when this tax rate started to be applied, my company worked with profit, salaries were regular in both summer and winter. Already in 2017, financial problems began to appear in the winter, simply VAT was too high. In 2018, the winter was even harder and I began to question my knowledge and managerial skills, and rationalize costs, provided that reducing the number of workers and reducing their salaries was out of the question, due to my sociological view of them, but also for fear that I won’t have workers for the season. Unfortunately, a few irresponsible caterers with their irresponsible behavior towards society, employees, the state have created a wrong image of us – the image of arrogant and irresponsible people who live only for themselves and their pleasures.  Due to this part of the caterer, the Government of the Republic of Croatia should think carefully and reconsider the measures adopted so far.  Unfortunately, I know that there are not many of us like this, but that is a problem of the Ministry of Finance and the Government of the Republic of Croatia. In my humble opinion, this is an easily solvable problem that is unfortunately not solved, but that is another topic. Already in 2018, I was hoping that the tax rate would be reduced to 13%, but unfortunately we did not get it. In 2019, the light at the bottom of the tunnel, finally VAT goes to a lower rate, should endure this winter… Winter 2019/2020 worst ever, but somehow it’s easier for me because the season is approaching, Asian groups have already started in the 2nd month, announcements for all year round on average and 15% better than the previous year. The team in the restaurant is organized, with 3-4 students we can work the whole season. Employees, despite the delay in salaries, stay with us in the restaurant, although they can find work in any other restaurant. Photo: Pixabay.comlast_img read more

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August 16, 2020

Edin Dzeko and Amra to get a Baby Boy! Congratulations!

first_imgCaptain of the Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) national football representation Edin Dzeko gave an interview for Sky. In addition to questions about his childhood, past career, plans for the future, Dzeko has discovered that his wife is expecting a baby boy.“My wife is in the sixth month of pregnancy. We already know that she will give birth to a boy,” Dzeko said.Moreover, Dzeko has revealed that his unfulfilled desire is to be trained by Jose Mourinho.“I once said that I wanted to play in a club that is trained by Mourinho,”. They called him a “Special One” in England because he was special and he has won so many trophies with different clubs, and footballers who played for him. They all have only nice words for Mourinho, “Dzeko added.last_img

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