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January 11, 2020

Burbank priest Signey dies

first_imgBURBANK — Funeral Masses will be celebrated Wednesday and Thursday for the Rev. Lawrence Signey, who served at St. Robert Bellarmine Roman Catholic Church. Signey, 45, died Saturday after a short illness. “He was very much a ‘people’ priest,” parishioner Bob Wyar said. “He had a great sense of humor and made you feel at ease. “His mission, when he became our parish priest, was that all are welcome. He was a breath of fresh air and he ignited a fire in this community.” Wyar said Signey, who had been assigned to the church nearly five years, preached to the congregation as if he were talking to each parishioner individually. He was also known for his eclectic musical tastes and enthusiasm for the latest technological gadget. “He was extremely an extrovert, a very dynamic and good man,” said Carol Gallagher, the church’s director of religious education. “He gave great homilies. You never left church without a smile on your face when he was preaching. There is no one like him.” Lawrence Signey was born April 4, 1961, in Durham, England, and was raised in Long Beach. He developed an interest in a religious vocation when he was in first grade. He later attended Queen of Angels High School Seminary in Mission Hills and graduated from St. John Theologate in Camarillo. He also earned a degree in counseling psychology in 1993 from Mount St. Mary’s College in Los Angeles. Signey was ordained in June 1987. Previously, he served at Holy Family Roman Catholic Church in Glendale, as dean of students at Queen of Angels High School and at St. Bede the Venerable in La Ca ada Flintridge. Signey is survived by two brothers, Phillip and Andrew; a sister, Elizabeth King; and several nieces and nephews. A funeral Mass will be celebrated at 7 p.m. Wednesday at St. Robert Bellarmine Roman Catholic Church, 133 N. Fifth St., Burbank. A second Mass will be celebrated at 9:30 a.m. Thursday at the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels, 555 W. Temple St., Los Angeles. Signey will be buried at All Souls Cemetery, 400 Cherry Ave., Long Beach. [email protected] (818) 713-3708last_img read more

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January 3, 2020

Andy Goldstein’s Sports Bar Top Tens – Luke Campbell

first_imgThe Olympic gold medal-winning boxer answers Andy’s top ten questions as he talks about his career so far.last_img

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December 24, 2019


first_imgThe annual Manor 5k Road Race was held today Tuesday 1 st July.Ivan Toner, winner of the Manor 5K.On what proved to be one of the warmest evenings so far this year, more than 150 runners and walkers turned out in the village of Manor to compete in this popular 5k road race.Ivan Toner LAC, proved just how good an athlete he has become with a comfortable and controlled performance to win in a time of 16.26. The next three places were filled by Ronan McLaughlin in a time of 17.10, local man Anthony Doherty, Upper Corkey in 17.25 and Patrick Mahon of Sparta, Derry.The senior Ladies race was won by Finn Valley athlete Claire Kennan in a fine time of 21.29 from Emma Jo McConnellogue NW Triathlon club, and the ever improving Sabrina Mackey 24/7 club 22.39.The men’s over 40 aw Colin McNulty FV triumph in a time of 17.58 with John Daly 24/7 club come in second in a time of 19.10. Barry Mackey proved how tough he is with a 20 minutes dead time to win the over 50s from local Lagan Harps man Ernie Pollock. Karl McGinley of Lagan Harps won the under 18 in a time of 21.33 Karl is still under age for another 4 years, a nephew of well known Finn Valley athlete Pat Hegarty. Perhaps there is an athletics career ahead for Karl?The Ladies over 40 race was won by Patricia McKenna LAC 22.33 from local athlete Eileen Morning 26.53. In the Ladies over 50 Gloria Doherty FV took the honours in a time of 24.40 from Catherine Gilligan Drumoghill couch to 5k 32.16 a great start for Catherine after only a few weeks of regular training. Ciara Crossan won the junior girls in a very good time of 24.22. The prize for the first Lagan player home went to young Dean Murray. What a run from the young lad, and he looked like he could have went around again! Breege McGinty’s training is paying off.On the Local front Drumoghill Couch to 5k Group were out in force tonight, having spent the last 8 weeks training in Drumoghill. Over thirty members turned out and performed admirably. It just goes to show that with a little effort and dedication everyone can enjoy a fitter and more fulfilling life. Well done to all runners and their coaches. Keep up the good work.Once again and a year older, the local battle that spilled over from last year between Shaun (Swan) O Donnell and Eugene and Errnie was on again. Only yards seperated the three as the passed through the village of Manor and made their way out into the country via Ray Grave yard. No resting at the McKeammy Hills this time to gain a breath, they didnt even stop for a water break. Shaun had suffered a sore defeat on home ground in 2013 having got his tactics all wrong. Eugene had set the pace with Ernie on his shoulder but Shaun had got it right and closed the gap and at the 4k mark as they rounded Platts corner only 4 seconds seperated the three of them. Ernie hit for home on the Derry Road, and it proved decisive as his ten metre gap was maintained to the finish at the orchard foot ball field. However Ernie was much the worst for ware and shaun advised that Ernie might require an ambulance. Eugene wasn’t available for comment after the race, so we will let Shaun have the last word. He is holding back for the Termons 5k on Thursday night and was only using this race as a warm up.Lagan Harps would like to thank everyone that help on the night and a special word of thanks to Lorraine and the Ladies that made the home baking and served up refreshments after the race. Thanks to the Resource Centre for the use of the Premises.Manorcunningham Road Race 2014 Race No. First Name Surname Club Category Time16 Ivan Toner LAC Senior Men 16.2664 Ronan Mc Laughlin Senior Men 17.10109 Anthony Doherty Local Senior Men 17.25 15 Colin Mc Nulty Finn Valley O40 men 17.58112 Patrick Mahon Spart Senior Men 18.3020 David Porter Inishowen AC Senior Men 18.4065 Aaron Deane NW Triathlon Club Senior Men 18.5638 John Daley 24 seven O40 men 19.10101 Brendan Irwin Finn Valley Senior Men 19.2262 Jason Brown Senior Men 19.3032 Aaron Cole O40 men 19.3145 Paul Mc Connellogue NW Triathlon Club O40 men 19.3346 Emmett Mullan NW Triathlon Club Senior Men 19.4019 Vinny Hegarty Inishowen AC Senior Men 19.4756 Adrian Gill United Health Senior Men 19.48108 Paul Lynch Local Senior Men 19.4921 Barry Mackey O50 men 20.0072 Martin Donnelly Letterkenny 247 O40 men 20.1218 Rory Mc Laughlin NW Triathlon Club O40 men 20.21110 Seamus Nallen 24 seven Senior Men 20.2366 Cathal Morrison O40 men 20.27118 Cairan Bovaird O40 men 20.4241 Garet Mc Carron Lifford ac Senior Men 20.5927 Kevin Higgins Drum Football Senior Men 21.2640 Philip Kelly Lifford ac Senior Men 21.2836 Clare Keenan Finn Valley Senior Lady 21.2968 Stephen O Donnell Senior Men 21.31125 Gerarld Mc Connell Senior men 21.3211 Karol Mc Ginley Junior Lagan 21.3354 Gareth Rodgers Senior Men 21.3763 Shane Brown Senior Men 21.4547 Emma Jo Mc Connellogue NW Triathlon Club Senior Lady 22.3022 Patricia Mc Kenna LAC O40 Lady 22.332 Gary Neely Local O40 men 22.37105 Siobhan Mackey 24 seven Senior Lady 22.396 Ernie Pollock O50 men 22.40119 Shane Kevenney Senior Men 22.441 Shaun O Donnell Lifford ac O50 Men 22.55107 Gearld Baxter Local Senior Men 23.0655 Roy Mc Connellogue Senior Men 23.0710 Eugene Mc Ginley O40 men 23.0917 Paul Gillen O40 men 23.26102 Annmarie Dalton Finn Valley Senior Lady 23.35103 Liam Mc Mullen O40 men 23.5333 Sam Cole City Of Derry Junior 23.5974 Wesley Vance O40 men 24.1758 Pat Byrne Killybegs O50 men 24.18111 Orla Nallen 24 seven Senior Lady 24.19117 Grace Devine Drumoghill Couch to 5k Senior Lady 24.2067 Ciara Crossan Junior Lady 24.2239 Robert Mitchel Lifford ac O40 men 24.3737 Gloria Donaghey Finn Valley O50 lady 24.4030 Clare Molloy Senior Lady 25.57123 Wendy Gordie Senior Lady 26.20106 Brian Doherty Local O40 men 26.4528 Jonathan Wilson Drum FC Senior Men 26.4657 Billy Brodrick Killybegs O50 men 26.5171 Eileen Morning O40 Lady 26.53205 Dean Murray 26.53204 Teirnan Brown 27.1773 Noel Heekin Senior Men 27.42113 Jordan Gallagher Lagan FC Junior men 27.56115 Bernie O Donnell Drumoghill Couch to 5k Senior lady 28.02124 Amanda Stephenson Senior Lady 28.2135 Jacko Crawford Lagan FC Senior Men 28.3734 Damien Mc Fadden Lagan FC Senior Men 28.385 Daniel Bonner O40 men 28.4453 Aishling Rodgers Senior Lady 29.2842 Mary Curran Lifford ac Senior Lady 29.4643 Damien Monaghan Lifford ac Senior Men 29.47225 Mary Meilly 29.50114 John Boyle Ind O40 men 30.16116 Annmarie O Donnell Drumoghill Couch to 5k Senior Lady 30.1769 Sarah Hunter O40 Lady 30.3475 Orla Redmond Senior Lady 31.0413 Georgiana Mc Crudden Senior Lady 31.18224 Ciara Meilly 31.1944 Lucinda Magee Drumoghill Couch to 5k Senior Lady 31.42217 Mark Bonner 31.4414 Andrea Mc Gowan Finn Valley Senior Lady 31.5829 Catherine Gilligan Drumoghill Couch to 5k O50 lady 32.16104 Ciara Kavanagh Drumoghill Couch to 5k Senior Lady 32.173 Graham Edge Senior Men 32.1960 Catherine Stewart Senior Lady 32.2749 Elaine Brogan Drumoghill Couch to 5k Senior Lady 32.31229 Roseleen Lynch 32.4861 Ann O Donnell O50 Lady 32.53218 Conor Bonner 32.57222 Mathew Doran 32.58237 Niamh O Donnell 33.13221 mia Doran 33.14122 Emma Coyle Senior Lady 33.1570 Darah Rodgers Lagan FC Junior Men 33.4152 Laurren Gallagher Lagan FC Junior lady 33.42232 Amy Lynch 34.0924 Josephine Duggan O50 lady 34.17228 Eithne Wallace 34.38121 Gillian Doran Senior Lady 34.44120 Jannet Mc Crudden Senior Lady 34.45230 Gary Lynch 35.028 Olive Mc Ginley O40 Lady 35.0626 Damien Bonner Drumoghill Couch to 5k Senior Men 35.06244 Oisin Sharkey 35.14100 Karen Flood Senior lady 35.274 Ann Maria Gallagher O40 Lady 35.309 Germain Mc Ginley O40 Lady 35.3059 Deborah Clawson Drumoghill Couch to 5k O40 Lady 36.5225 Monica Bonner Drumoghill Couch to 5k O40 Lady 38.2951 Leah Gallagher Lagan FC Junior lady 38.5050 Damien Mc Fadden Jnr Lagan FC Junior boy 38.58234 Conal Brennan 40.07241 Gerard Sharkey 40.0823 Lisa Duncan Drumoghill Couch to 5k Senior Lady 40.5348 Antennette Moore Drumoghill Couch to 5k Senior Lady 44.22219 Dee Dee Diver 44.51209 Laura Mullally 44.59243 Aine Sharkey 45.09211 Meave Gillen 45.15240 Aoibhean Diver 45.48236 Ronan O Donnell 45.50239 Bernadette Burke 45.50238 Eamon Burke 46.00242 Carmel Hackett 46.00226 Kate Gibson 46.27227 Joan Farrel 46.27245 Geraldine Connelly 47.00208 Hanna Gillen 47.02210 Katie Gillen 47.02206 Marian Dill 47.30220 Kathleen Diver 47.30200 Pauline Mc Ginley 47.47201 Loretto Patton 47.47213 Alison Gibson 49.32214 Ann Gibson 49.32215 Cathy Bonner 49.32216 Sarah Louise Bonner 49.32202 Laura Mc Ginley 50.13203 Grace Sheridan 52.14212 Emer Gillen 52.30207 Veronica Gillen 52.317 Linda Mc Daid Senior Lady12 Majella Mc Hugh O40 Lady31 Ann Marie Cunningham Drumoghill Couch to 5k Junior Lady223 Angela Doran231 Jodie Lynch233 Margorie Brennan235 Annette O DonnellTONER WINS MANOR 5K – WHERE DID YOU COME? was last modified: July 2nd, 2014 by StephenShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Tags:donegalIvan TonerManor 5Klast_img read more

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December 21, 2019

South has rough outing in 8-man all star game

first_imgRedding >> There wasn’t much to celebrate Saturday evening at Shasta College when the South team, including eight players from Mercy and Los Molinos, battled the North squad in the Lions All Star 8-man football game.The South was shut out 56-0 in the lopsided affair, despite strong performances from Mercy’s Al House, Bryce Baer and Richie Borges and Los Molinos’ Tyler Winter.Other standouts for the South squad were Greenville’s Ray Bustamante, Elk Creek’s Jared Burrow and Loyalton’s Luke …last_img

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December 19, 2019

Researcher Denies SETI Is a Religion

first_imgApparently irritated by charges that SETI research is like a religion (see, for instance, the article by novelist Michael Crichton mentioned in our 12/27/2003 entry), David Darling of the SETI Institute has issued a response.  On Space.com, his title was direct: “Of Faith and Facts: Is SETI a Religion?”  The answer was a forthright NO to people like George Basalla (U of Delaware, emeritus) who claimed in his new book Civilized Life in the Universe (Oxford, 2006) that in the absence of any positive evidence, SETI relies more on a kind of religious zeal than anything else.  Basalla attempts to draw stark distinctions:Religions are characterized by two factors: worship—in other words, some system of devotion directed toward one or more omniscient and supranatural beings—and faith in the absence of material evidence.  SETI qualifies as a religion on neither of these counts.  Unless I’m very much mistaken no SETI researcher offers prayers to the subject of his or her quest (although it would be fascinating to know what spiritual traditions might have grown up among the civilizations of other stars).  And any faith that’s involved in SETI is only the kind of non-religious “faith” that any scientist adheres to—faith in the scientific method, the equipment she uses, the all-important peer review process, and so on.  As I’ve mentioned, we already have material evidence for intelligence in the universe: it consists of the brains you’re using right now to assimilate these thoughts.  Unlike a religion which relies on pure faith that a god exists, we don’t need faith that intelligence and technology exist.Other intelligences that we already know about, Darling said, include dolphins and great apes.  Darling draws a parallel between the hunch that other scientists had 40 years ago that extrasolar planets exist, not confirmed till recently:If we were to follow Basalla’s line of reasoning, the search for extrasolar planets also qualifies as a kind of religion.  Shouldn’t we simply have given up after four decades of looking?  Surely that’s enough time to have found something if it really existed?  Isn’t continuing beyond that a sign of misplaced faith and over-optimism?  Fortunately the quest did go on and we’re now reaping the rewards—new planets by the bucket-load.He admits, though, that SETI has not detected anything, so the comparison is only in the spirit of the early researches, and its confidence in the physical theories that expected to find extrasolar planets.  “SETI researchers know their limitations,” he says, in the spirit of Murphy’s Ultimate Law: By definition, when investigating the unknown, you do not know what you will find.  “We are … like Columbus sailing into uncharted waters,” Darling ends.  “We don’t know what we’ll find.  But,” he adds with positivist flair, “the quest is extraordinary, exciting, abundantly worthwhile, and true to the methodology and spirit of science.”Give this to J. P. Moreland; he will have a field day with the faulty analogies, false dichotomies and straw-man arguments, to say nothing of Darling’s junior-high philosophy of science.    Science in our culture is like the celebrity everyone wants his or her picture taken with, wants to name-drop and pretend is a close friend.  But does hanging around with scientists, using scientific equipment and engaging in peer review qualify as science?  Darling and the other SETI Institute darlings like to shmooze with the scientists in the green room, but they cannot publish a peer-reviewed paper about aliens because they don’t have any.  They might get peers to review an article about the detection limits of this or that instrument, but such documentation could not support the belief that extraterrestrials exist, any more than describing the physical characteristics of a fine-mesh net establishes its ability to capture ghosts.  The reference to peer review also begs the question whether peer review qualifies something as scientific, or grants credibility (see 02/05/2006).  Even theologians and historians engage in peer review of a sort but don’t call their work science or faith.    Darling commits a blatant association fallacy by comparing apes and dolphins and human brains to alien intelligences.  We know about apes, dolphins and our fellow humans – whose brains are all DNA-and-protein based – but not anything demonstrable about alien intelligence, other than an endless chain of speculations tickling the imaginations of science fiction writers, cartoonists and Discovery Channel animators.  Darling’s bravado leans on the bruised reed of materialistic evolution.  He presumes Earth intelligence evolved, then transfers that assumption to outer space – ignoring the possibility that brains, dolphins and apes were created.  He unjustifiably extrapolates their presence here as evidence they could have evolved out there.    There’s nothing wrong with looking, but the existence of alien intelligence cannot even begin to be discussed scientifically till there are data in hand.  Even then, however, detection of unknown intelligence will not prove it is natural or arose naturalistically (see 05/11/2006, “is the universe natural?”).  If he wants to shore up the scientific respectability of SETI, let’s see some boundary conditions, a null hypothesis, criteria for success and failure, and willingness to consider alternative hypotheses – including creation.    Most egregious is Darling’s depiction of religion, a classic either-or fallacy.  He paints religion in the starkest of terms: mind-numbed devotees, going through worship rituals and prayers, exercising blind faith in things contrary to evidence.  Apparently he has not debated the likes of Gary Habermas or Josh McDowell, who accept Christianity precisely because of the facts, and certainly have more hard data in support of their “faith” (read: confidence) than has the SETI Institute.  What confidence, by contrast, can SETI researchers have in their compass, the Drake Equation?  It’s a series of unknown factors that can yield any number from a hundred million alien civilizations to zero.  Informed guesses don’t count, either, argued Michael Crichton: “If you need to state how many planets with life choose to communicate, there is simply no way to make an informed guess.  It’s simply prejudice.”    Darling, Shostak, Tarter and the rest of the SETI gang are free to look and believe, pray their Drake Equation rosaries and worship the Spirit of Charlie, who brings forth intelligence from particles.  As long as there are people willing to put money in their offering baskets and build their dish-shaped cathedrals, hey – it’s a free country.  But like Crichton warned, even if SETI research has some heuristic value, “that does not relieve us of the obligation to see the Drake equation clearly for what it is—pure speculation in quasi-scientific trappings.”(Visited 31 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

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December 12, 2019

Music Showcase! Royalty Free Piano Tracks

first_imgThe best royalty free piano music to add beauty and emotion to your video, slideshow or event!We’ve rounded up the best royalty free piano tracks to create an emotional connection with the listener.  Whether you’re using them in wedding slideshows or dramatic scenes in TV or film, the versatility of these piano tracks make them ideal for adding feelings of longing or love to any project.last_img

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December 9, 2019

5 Reasons Your Prospect Doesn’t Buy (And What To Do About Them)

first_img Essential Reading! Get my 3rd book: Eat Their Lunch “The first ever playbook for B2B salespeople on how to win clients and customers who are already being serviced by your competition.” Buy Now Yesterday I had a Facebook chat exchange with my friend, Chris. We were chatting about why people who know they need to change don’t buy when what is being sold will help them. Here are five reasons your prospective clients don’t buy and some ideas about how you can better serve them.1. They haven’t yet reached threshold: Some of your dream clients haven’t yet reached threshold. They know that they have a problem, they know the status quo no longer serves them, but they haven’t yet reached the point where they believe that they have to do something. They don’t yet believe that the consequences of inaction are great enough.Talking about the implications of inaction makes most salespeople as uncomfortable as it does their prospective clients (and for the softest of salespeople, they can’t fathom the thought of bringing up the negative implications of failing to change). But discussing the dire consequences is exactly what helps your prospect reach threshold. Ask, “What happens if you don’t change,” or “What happens when you run out of time?”2. Too little value: Your prospective clients don’t buy when they don’t perceive enough value in what you sell. They may very much believe they need to make a change, and they may have reached threshold without believing that what you sell is the answer. People buy when they believe the benefit they receive from what you sell outweighs the price they pay for it. It’s easy to believe your buyer doesn’t “get it.” But helping them “get it” is how you create value.To move a prospective client who doesn’t perceive enough value, you have to increase the perception of value. You have to help them see the value they are overlooking. Too many salespeople refuse to build up the value because they’ve been frightened out of pitching. Say, “Can I share with you all of the ways I believe this is going to make a difference for you?”3. Too much risk: What you sell may produce outstanding results. You might even have dozens of clients who are benefiting wildly from the outcomes you helped deliver. But unless and until your dream client believes they are going to experience the same benefits, the risk of not achieving those benefits will seem too great.Because you know how something works and how it will benefit your customers, it’s easy to believe that they should know what you know. You have to help your customer resolve their concerns about their ability to execute and their ability to achieve the results you promise. Ask, “I want to make sure I have given you everything you need to support this decision. What else would you need to see to move forward?” Assume there is something left unresolved.4. Not enough information: When you hear the words “I need some time to review this,” you can be certain that your prospective client lacks information. In a business-to-consumer sale, this is a clear indication that they are seeking more information, information that you haven’t given them. In a complex, business-to-business deal, it likely means you don’t yet have consensus.To help your prospective buyer make a better decision, you have to help them with more information. You have to help by providing more information and more discussion. A lot of salespeople fear engaging the client here, worrying that they are overstepping their boundaries by not allowing their prospect time. They are shirking their responsibilities. You ask, “If you need more time, that’s usually an indication that we’ve haven’t covered something as well as we needed to. Can you share with me what your concerns are, and I’ll see if I can’t provide you the information you need?”5. Too much fear: All of the above are really derivatives of fear. Your prospective clients worry about spending money. They worry about their image, what others will think of them. They fear you won’t be there to help them. They fear failure. They fear negotiating a poor deal and that you are claiming too much value.The long and short of all of this is that you have to be prepared to help your clients deal with their fears in whatever form they manifest those fears. Much of the time, they fear the wrong danger.Think about the last time you needed to buy something but hesitated. What did you fear? How could someone have helped you with that fear?last_img read more

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November 28, 2019

Cabinet divided over Ajay Maken’s Sports Bill

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October 23, 2019

Global Ship Lease Inks ThreeYear Charter with HapagLloyd

first_imgzoomIllustration. Image Courtesy: Pixabay under CC0 Creative Commons license Containership charter owner Global Ship Lease has agreed a three-year charter with Hapag-Lloyd for a 2015-built, high-specification boxship.The new contract for the 9,115 TEU containership UASC Al Khor is in direct continuation of the current charter and is expected to commence in June, 2019. Re-delivery is set for the second quarter of 2022.GSL said that the charter is expected to generate around USD 28 million of Adjusted EBITDA.“The fixture is consistent with our strategy of locking in contracted cashflow for longer periods when rates have risen to attractive levels, whilst retaining some exposure to the short-term charter market, allowing us to enter into new charters in an improving market,” Ian Webber, Chief Executive Officer of Global Ship Lease, said.“This charter extension further improves our long-term cashflow visibility and is indicative of our expanded relationship with charterers.”The 111,000 dwt eco, wide-beam containership was acquired through GSL’s recent merger with Poseidon Containers, which created a combined fleet of 38 ships.last_img read more

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September 14, 2019

The Top of Its Niche How The Knot Garnered 1 Million Instagram


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