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January 12, 2020

Govt mulls aerial surveillance for mining areas

first_img…not sure if bandits are indeed “foreigners” – RamjattanBy Bhisham MohamedIn light of the recent robberies committed on two prominent mining camps in Guyana’s interior locations over the past two weeks, Public Security Minister Khemraj Ramjattan on Monday said security forces are contemplating the implementation of aerial surveillance in mining areas.Public Security Minister Khemraj RamjattanMinister Ramjattan, however, believes that although the idea of implementing the aerial surveillance is a good one, the need for patrols on the ground is also important. He has, however, admitted that there are challenges in the hinterland communities.In a telephone interview with this publication, the minister explained that the Public Security Ministry is looking at efforts to strengthen surveillance of the “extraordinary” territory involved, and as such, more gun licences are being made available to miners to assist them in protecting their properties.“There are also some security firms that are contracted by the miners to provide the necessary protection, but I agree (that) the Guyana Police Force’s presence is needed in those mining areas,” the minister told Guyana Times.He could not confirm whether those security personnel are trained to deal with situations such as the robbed mining camps had faced.“In the last robbery, involving the Chinese mining camp, we were told that a security firm was contracted to provide security, but we are not sure what took place; and that brings back the question of training,” Ramjattan said.ChallengesCommander Kevin AdonisHe posited that getting Police officers to a crime scene in hinterland areas is quite a challenge.“Due to the mountainous terrain, it is sometimes difficult to reach at a location in a timely manner. Most times the use of ATVs are recommended, but in some cases, it’s boat and foot,” he related.Divisional Commander Kevin Adonis has expressed an opinion similar to the minister’s when referring to the latest robbery committed on the Chinese mining camp.“The closest Police outpost to the Black Water area is at Eteringbang, and it took a team of Police ranks and soldiers four hours to reach the location. The ranks had to use boats, and then walk some distance. It is not a case that as soon as these crimes are committed, the Police can react right away,” Adonis stated.Adonis added that the soldiers and Police are doing an exceptional job, considering the challenges. Protecting Guyana’s borders is paramount, he noted, but added that, at the same time, an investigation has been actually launched to determine whether or not the crimes are committed by foreigners.Also touching on this issue, the Public Security Minister noted that he is awaiting a report from the Commissioner of Police with the findings of an investigation that was launched into the robberies.“As of now, we are aware that the people who committed the crimes spoke broken English, some Portuguese and some Spanish… This does not mean that they are foreigners… We have some smart Guyanese criminals who would use the little foreign language they know to make it look as if it is a bunch of foreigners who are trespassing on Guyana’s territory to commit the acts,” Minister Ramjattan said.He added that law enforcement officers are presently interviewing persons in the area to find out if they had seen any unusual movements by foreigners in the past weeks.About two weeks ago, four armed men staged a robbery on a mining camp at Baboon Backdam, Cuyuni River, Region Seven, escaping therefrom with millions of dollars’ worth of raw gold and other valuables, including a licensed shotgun.The bandits were reportedly armed with rifles and shotguns, and were clad in dark-coloured clothing. They also spoke a foreign language, allegedly Spanish or Portuguese.Initial investigations have revealed that about 28 workers attached to Mohamed’s Enterprise were in the mining camp when the men held the camp hostage. The miners were ordered to hand over all the raw gold that was kept in the camp, and all the personal items, including the shotgun.After committing the robbery, the gunmen disappeared.On Wednesday last, a group of four armed men — who also reportedly spoke Portuguese, broken English and Spanish — carried out a brazen daylight robbery on the China High Tech Mining Company at Black Water Backdam, Cuyuni River, Region Seven (Cuyuni-Mazaruni).The men, all masked, carted off 50 ounces of raw gold, estimated at $13 million; US$500, and two GPS systems belonging to the owner of the mining company.They also took one 12-gauge semi-automatic shotgun with six matching rounds, and one AR rifle along with eight matching rounds, property of Mark’s Interior Communication.The Police have not as yet arrested anyone in connection with the robberies.last_img read more

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December 19, 2019

Who Should Teach Self-Control?

first_imgA symposium at Massey University in New Zealand has come up with a profound thought: self-control is a key to a happier life.  Academics have helped themselves to an ancient notion that teaching self-control to children leads to happier outcomes as adults.  Did the world need science to reach this conclusion?    Self-control is an important virtue in many religions and philosophies, such as Judaism and Stoicism.  But at the symposium, “Head of School Associate Professor Cindy Kiro, a former Children’s Commissioner, says the symposium would bring together some of the most prominent scientists, health researchers, community providers and policy makers in New Zealand to make sure that “science informs policy” on such matters.    The press release from Massey University said nothing about parents, churches, synagogues or other non-scientific entities having any role in teaching self-control to children.  Rather, “If we can do the right things to promote self-control among children when they are young, we will significantly improve their chances of economic wellbeing, good health and lower participation in crime when they are adults,” according to a professor involved.  The press release was echoed on PhysOrg.We need science telling us about obvious things like “self control is valuable” like we need government telling us to be kind to one another.  Teaching self-control belongs at home, but only by parents guided by the Creator’s instruction manual.  Scientists and educators cannot direct knowledge and virtue to good ends.  Just as a well-taught mathematician can be a better swindler, a self-controlled sinner could become a radical terrorist, or a follower of a false religion willing to endure useless acts of self-torture.    Self-control must be directed to good ends, but who decides the good ends?  It takes self-control to become a champion athlete or skilled musician.  These are best as individual decisions.  Beware the government or scientocracy (see ID the Future) that decides the ends and trains its citizens, like Hitler Youth, to accomplish its political desires.    Virtuous self-control requires submission to the Creator.  Paul said that self-control is a fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5:23, I Timothy 1:7).  In the last days, he said, people would be without self-control (2 Timothy 3:3).  That is the natural state to which people descend without pressure from outside or inside.    Can scientists, educators and government bureaucrats lacking the spirit of God produce a self-controlled society?  How can they decide on “the right thing” for children?  What does “right” mean for someone who believes in evolution or scientism?  They have neither the means nor the ends to accomplish such feats among a population of sinners.  Imagine teaching Johnny, “Now today, Johnny, we are going to teach you how to be self-controlled.”  What answer could they give to “Why should I?”  It’s doubtful that an answer like ,“You’ll be happier twenty years from now,” will carry much weight to a youngster who, as a self-indulgent brat, cares only about the present.    To be lasting, self-control must be seen as a responsibility or duty toward our Maker.  It is a virtue that is expected of us, but something for which (in relation to God) we are incapable of producing on our own.  Righteous self-control has to start on the inside.  Let those lacking self-control repent before God for their autonomy and self-indulgence.  Let them submit to Christ for redemption and reconciliation.  Let them receive God’s spirit and be grafted into His life.  Then they will have the resources for learning self-control.    Churches, don’t outsource the teaching of self-control or any other virtue to scientists.  Bring the scientists inside.  They need it, too.(Visited 14 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

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October 18, 2019

Over 80 malaria cases in Delhi 34 of dengue

first_imgNew Delhi: Over 80 cases of malaria have been reported in Delhi this year so far, more than double the number of people affected by dengue, a municipal report released on Monday showed. About 39 of these malaria cases have been recorded in July. According to the report, till July 27 this year, 34 cases of dengue have been reported — 12 in July, 11 in June, three in May, two in April, four in March and one each in February and January. Also Read – After eight years, businessman arrested for kidnap & murder Last year, 2,798 dengue cases and four deaths were recorded by the South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC), which tabulates the data on vector-borne diseases in the city. Cases of vector-borne diseases are usually reported between July and November but the period may stretch to mid-December. Also, of the 83 cases of malaria, 35 were recorded in June, eight in May and one in April. And 19 cases of chikungunya nine in July, five in June, two in February and one each in March, April and May have been recorded. Also Read – Two brothers held for snatchings The dengue victims last year included a minor boy. Three of the victims were identified as Aman Tiwari (13), Sanskriti (21) and Gagan (23). Doctors have advised people to take precautions and urged them to wear full-sleeves and use mosquito nets. Water coolers should be dried up when not in use as mosquitoes carrying the dengue virus usually breed there, a doctor said. Civic bodies had also organised a workshop recently on prevention of vector-borne diseases. Mosquito-breeding has been reported in at least 48,039 households and 46,580 legal notices have been issued this year. Of the total number of dengue cases last year, 141 were recorded in December, while 1,062 in November, 1,114 in October, 374 in September, 58 in August, 19 in July, eight in June, 10 in May, two in April, one in March, three in February and six in January. The rest of the cases were reported from areas outside the jurisdiction of the three municipal corporations of Delhi. Also, 473 cases of malaria and 165 cases of chikungunya were reported last year. According to the SDMC, 10 people died due to dengue in Delhi in 2017, of whom five were not residents of the national capital. Overall, the vector-borne disease had affected 9,271 people in the city in 2017.last_img read more

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September 18, 2019

Ryan Fraser wants to be a game changer in the EPL

first_imgThe Bournemouth winger believes he can do great things in the English Premier League; he thanks his manager Eddie Howe for the pushFor Bournemouth winger Ryan Fraser, the opportunity to become one of the best footballers in the English Premier League is very much alive.And after he played in Scotland’s match against Belgium, he believes he can do so much more.“This season I have tried to be the main man,” Fraser said to The Sunday Post.“When I say that, I mean make more of an impact than I have done in previous seasons.”“I want to be the one to change games, which is a massive thing at Premier League level,” he added.Cristiano Ronaldo, Nemanja Vidic, Manchester UnitedVidic: “Ronaldo is the most professional footballer I’ve seen” Andrew Smyth – September 14, 2019 Nemanja Vidic opened up on how a 21-year-old Cristiano Ronaldo’s professionalism left him stunned at Manchester United.“I am 24 now, and it is my sixth season in England. I started out in League One and then the Championship and now we are in the top flight.”“So I know if my career is to get to where I want it to go, then I need to step things up again,” he explained.“I think I have always grown as a player as we have come up the divisions. But the manager spoke to me and said he believes that I can do even more.”“He said my mindset had to change because if I didn’t, he would pick someone else over me,” he continued.“I took it all on board, and it couldn’t have gone much better, personally and for the team.”last_img read more

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September 10, 2019

Mercedes Concept GLB teases posh interior ahead of Shanghai Motor Show


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September 5, 2019

Vidya Balan hosts new radio show Dhun Badalke Toh Dekho with Vidya


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August 31, 2019

Why girls are outshining boys at school

first_imgThe researchers noted that according to a recent OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) report, 15-year-old boys are more likely than girls of the same age to be low achievers.”We saw a strong tendency for failing boys to be alienated from school; feeling distant and thinking it is not useful,” said lead researcher Andreas Hadjar, professor at the University of Luxembourg.”There was also a clear link with under-performance and boys having traditional opinions about their gender role, that is, that men should lead women.” Boys with these traits tended to be more disruptive in class and hence underperformed, scoring about eight per cent less in their year mark than the average male pupil, the study showed. Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’As many girls as boys expressed their alienation from school, but these attitudes were shown to have a more negative effect on boys. The study showed having traditional views of male/female roles are more prevalent among boys than girls.Other factors such as peer group attitudes and socio-economic background also hinder school performance as they influence school alienation and gender role orientations and, thus, educational performance, the researchers said. Also Read – Leslie doing new comedy special with NetflixFor the study, published in the journal Masculinities and Social Change, questionnaires, group discussions and video observation of lessons were used to analyse the behaviour of 872 children, mostly aged 13-14 years, going to school in Berne, Switzerland. The researchers also identified a potential solution as by observing behaviour in class, the researchers saw that underachieving boys responded best to authoritative teaching styles that feature a structured and caring but controlling approach. This is not to be confused with overly strict, authoritarian methods as they found that inappropriate teaching styles can cause and reinforce feelings of estrangement from school.last_img read more

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August 10, 2019

February 19 2014This continues our report about a

first_imgFebruary 19, 2014This continues our report about a winter project for our construction and groundskeeping crew and volunteers, the renovation of the East Foundry Apartment access and surrounding landscape [see posts from 12/16, 12/18, 12/20, 12/23, 12/27, 12/30/2013 and from 1/3 to 1/20/2014, 2/5 and 2/7/2014].Issac is pouring concrete into the stair form.[photo by Colleen Connery]Paolo van Erp on the wheel barrow.[photo by Colleen Connery]The pour is complete.[photo by Sue Kirsch] Isaac scrubs the surface with a hard brush.[photo by Sue Kirsch]The form has been removed and we can see the rough surface to match the existing path.[photo by Sue Kirsch]last_img

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August 9, 2019

Rep Barrett invites residents to July coffee hours in Dimondale

first_img17Jul Rep. Barrett invites residents to July coffee hours in Dimondale State Rep. Tom Barrett invites residents to join him for a cup of coffee and conversation during his local coffee hours.The meet-and-greet takes place Monday, July 24 from 8 to 9 a.m. at Mike’s Village Restaurant located at 115 N. Bridge St. in Dimondale.“I always look forward to the opportunity to meet with people of Eaton County,” said Barrett of Potterville. “Meeting face to face to talk about the concerns of citizens is what helps make me an effective representative.”No appointment is needed to attend coffee hours. Those who are unable to attend are encouraged to contact Rep. Barrett’s office by phone at 517-373-0853 or by email at [email protected]### Categories: Barrett Newslast_img read more

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August 7, 2019

Snapchat is due to see explosive growth in ad re


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