August 31, 2019

Women gain weight in high demand jobs

first_imgWomen who face heavy psychological pressures at work are more likely to gain weight, a study claims. The study, published in the journal International Archives of Occupational and Environmental Health, included data from over 3,872 participants in Sweden. “We were able to see that high job demands played a part in women’s weight gain, while for men there was no association between high demands and weight gain,” said Sofia Klingberg, researcher at University of Gothenburg.The participants in the study were investigated on three occasions over a 20-year period with respect to such variables as body weight and demands and control at work. They were followed either from age 30 to 50 or from 40 to 60. Also Read – Add new books to your shelfTo estimate the level of job demands, the respondents were asked about their work pace, psychological pressures, whether there was enough time for their duties and how often the demands made were contradictory. The questions about control at work covered such matters as how often they learned something new; whether the job called for imagination or advanced skills; and whether the respondent was personally able to choose what to do and how to do it. Also Read – Over 2 hours screen time daily will make your kids impulsiveThe results show that the respondents with a low degree of control in their work more frequently gained considerable weight, defined as a weight gain of 10 per cent or more, in the course of the study. This applied to women and men alike. On the other hand, long-term exposure to high job demands played a part only for women. In just over half of the women who had been subjected to high demands, a major increase in weight took place over the 20 years. This gain in weight was some 20 per cent higher than in women subject to low job demands.”When it came to the level of demands at work, only the women were affected,” Klingberg said. “We haven’t investigated the underlying causes, but it may conceivably be about a combination of job demands and the greater responsibility for the home that women assume. This may make it difficult to find time to live a healthy life,” Klingberg said. Having had or not had an academic education does not explain the associations in the study. Neither do quality of diet or other lifestyle factors. However, information about dietary intake comes from respondents themselves, with a certain risk of incorrect reporting. At the same time, given the problems associated with work-related stress, the study is relevant in terms of public health. The researchers think identification of groups who are susceptible to stress and efforts to reduce work-related stress would likely achieve a decrease not only in weight gain but also in the incidence of ill health PTIlast_img read more

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Living alone ups risk of mental disorders

first_imgMental disorders are more common in people who live alone, regardless of their age and sex, according to a study. Researchers noted that the number of people living alone has increased in recent years due to population ageing, decreasing marriage rates and lowering fertility. Previous studies have investigated the link between living alone and mental disorders but have generally been conducted in elderly populations and are not generalisable to younger adults. Also Read – Add new books to your shelfThe latest study used data on 20,500 individuals aged 16-64 living in England who participated in the 1993, 2000, or 2007 National Psychiatric Morbidity Surveys. “Living alone is positively associated with common mental disorders in the general population in England,” Louis Jacob from University of Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines said in a statement. Whether a person had a common mental disorder (CMD) was assessed using the Clinical Interview Schedule-Revised (CIS-R), a questionnaire focusing on neurotic symptoms during the previous week. Also Read – Over 2 hours screen time daily will make your kids impulsiveIn addition to the number of people living in a household, data was available on factors including weight and height, alcohol dependence, drug use, social support, and loneliness. The prevalence of people living alone in 1993, 2000, and 2007 was 8.8 per cent, 9.8 per cent, and 10.7 per cent. In all years, all ages, and both men and women, there was a positive association between living alone and CMD, researchers said. In different subgroups of people, living alone increased a person’s risk for CMD by 1.39 to 2.43 times. Overall, loneliness explained 84 per cent of the living alone-CMD association, they said. The researchers suggest that interventions which tackle loneliness might also aid the mental wellbeing of individuals living alone. Globally, the lifetime prevalence of CMDs is around 30 per cent. CMDs have a major impact on quality of life, physical illness and mortality. In the past decades, there has been a growing interest in the association between living alone and CMDs, researchers said. This is partly driven by the fact that in many settings, the proportion of individuals living alone is increasing due to factors such as population ageing, lowering fertility, decreasing marriage rates, and increasing divorce rates.last_img read more

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August 30, 2019

The Woman who Used Music to Survive a Concentration Camp

first_imgFor many people music is an integral part of their lives, and it has also been found to be therapeutic. Alzheimer’s patients have been known to respond to songs from their youth, knowing every lyric, even if they can’t recall once familiar details about their lives. For Alice Herz-Sommer, music may have literally saved her life.Born in Prague in 1903 to Friedrich and Sofie Herz, Alice was part of a small German-speaking Jewish community. She had a twin sister, Mariana, as well as a second sister, and 2 brothers. Her parents were acquainted with many well-known writers at the time, including Franz Kafka (who used to come for Sunday lunch regularly) and Franz Werfel, not to mention composers like Gustav Mahler.Kafka in 1910.But it was her older sister Irma who taught her how to play the piano, which she took to immediately and played diligently, later taking lessons with Conrad Ansorge who had been a student of composer Franz Liszt.Another friend of the family encouraged her to become a professional classical musician, and she went on to study at the Prague German Conservatory of Music where she was the youngest student in attendance.In 1931 she married fellow musician and businessman Leopold Sommer, and they had a son, Raffi (Raphael), a few years later. Alice began giving concerts and soon made a name for herself in central Europe, until Germany invaded Czechoslovakia in 1938 and took over Prague. For the time being, Alice’s musical endeavors were at an end.Cityscape view on the clock tower and Tyn cathedral on the old square in Prague.While most of the Herz-Sommer family left Czechoslovakia and emigrated to Palestine, Alice stayed behind to look after her mother whose health was failing.When the deportation summons arrived from the Nazis, Sofie and Friedrich Herz were both sent to Auschwitz, where they were killed. Alice’s husband, Leopold, died of typhus in the same camp only a few weeks before it was liberated.Alice and her son were sent to the infamous Theresienstadt camp in 1943. Alice was billeted with her son, and he was one of only a small number of children who survived the camp. And it was here that music saved Alice and her son’s life.Three Jewish children rescued from Theresienstadt rest in the Hadwigschulhaus in St. GallenAlice found a way to survive the horrors of the concentration camp through music. During her time in the camp, Alice played over 100 concerts, together with other incarcerated musicians, for the guards and her fellow prisoners.She said of her performances at the camp: “We had to play because the Red Cross came three times a year. The Germans wanted to show its representatives that the situation of the Jews in Theresienstadt was good. Whenever I knew that I had a concert, I was happy. Music is magic. We performed in the council hall before an audience of 150 old, hopeless, sick and hungry people. They lived for the music. It was like food to them. If they hadn’t come [to hear us], they would have died long before. As we would have.”One of the trains that left Bergen-Belsen for Theresienstadt in early April, liberated by American forcesRaphael has also credited his mother with getting both of them through their time in the concentration camp, stating that Alice somehow managed to shelter him from the worst of it, and that she created a Garden of Eden for him in the midst of that hellish time.When the Soviet Army liberated the camp in 1945, Alice and Raphael returned to Prague. However, finding nothing of her past remained there, they moved to Israel where they were reunited with some of her family, including her twin sister.Here, she taught at the Jerusalem Academy of Music in order to support herself and her son, although she never resurrected her professional concert career. Raphael showed promise as a cellist, having inherited his mother’s musical ear, and was awarded a scholarship to the Paris Conservatory. From there he went on to settle in England, where he married and had 2 children.The two pianists Alice Herz-Sommer und Luiza Borac in 2010 in the private home of Alice in 6, Straffan Lodge, 1-3 Belsize Grove, London NW3 4XE, England Photo by Luiza Borac CC BY-SA 4.0Alice followed in 1986. Unfortunately, Raphael died in 2001 of an aneurysm.In her small flat in London, Alice continued to play her piano, up to three hours a day, right up until the end of her life. She was a firm believer in the power of music: “Music saved my life and music saves me still … I am Jewish, but Beethoven is my religion.”Close to the end of her life, she reflected on how music played a part throughout it: “I think I am in my last days but it doesn’t really matter because I have had such a beautiful life. And life is beautiful, love is beautiful, nature and music are beautiful. Everything we experience is a gift, a present we should cherish and pass on to those we love.”Indeed, to survive the horrors of the Holocaust is a triumph; but to survive with an optimistic and gratifying outlook on life, in general, is remarkable.Alice’s own brand of optimism was extraordinary, and she often stated, “I have lived through many wars and have lost everything many times – including my husband, my mother and my beloved son. Yet, life is beautiful, and I have so much to learn and enjoy. I have no space nor time for pessimism and hate.”Read another story from us: Greatest Video Ever – Old Man Reunited with WWII Children whose Lives he SavedWhen Alice died in 2014 at the age of 110, she was believed to be the oldest known Holocaust survivor (a recognition that then passed to Yisrael Kristal who was born 2 months before Alice).Alice was the subject of an Academy Award-winning documentary, The Lady in Number 6, which was filmed when she was 109. She is buried in London at the St. Pancras and Islington Cemetery.last_img read more

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The Founder and Historical Beginnings of the Order of Illuminati

first_imgThe 18th century was an age of revolution as new ideas pushed educated men and women across Europe and America to question old assumptions about science, religion, and, of course, politics. One man wanted carry this light of reason — this illumination — into the darkest places. He formed the Order of Illuminati, an organisation that has grown to mythical size in the imaginations of wild-eyed keyboard warriors everywhere.Adam Weishaupt (1748–1830), founder of the Bavarian Illuminati.In what is now Germany, change couldn’t come fast enough. Not yet one country, it was divided into smaller city states, duchies and principalities, many of whom were still ruled by dukes, bishops and princes.They were part of the Holy Roman Empire, which was neither holy nor particularly Roman, but had limped on as a loose assembling of German and Central European states under a powerless emperor since the Middle Ages.The Owl of Minerva perched on a book was an emblem used by the Bavarian Illuminati in their “Minerval” degree.In the Electorate of Bavaria, one of the wealthiest southern states, a young law professor called Adam Weishaupt was eagerly absorbing the latest works from the greatest thinkers.In particular, he was won over by the philosophy of empiricism advocated by fellow Bavarian Johann Georg Heinrich Feder. Put simply, empiricism asserted that only the things you can confirm with your own senses are real — it’s firmly in favor of science and rational thinking, and firmly opposed to feelings and faith.Adolph Freiherr Knigge, the most effective recruiter for the Illuminati.Unsurprisingly given his new viewpoint, Weishaupt came to the conclusion that Bavaria’s problems could be traced back to two things: hereditary monarchy and the Roman Catholic church, both of which he believed held back new ways of governing society.Weishaupt initially joined the Freemasons looking for answers, but found that beyond the spooky rituals and general air of mystery, they were really just a gentlemen’s social club, more interested in helping each other out than helping Bavaria be more than a feudal backwater.Freemasons Hall, London, home of the United Grand Lodge of England. Photo by Eluveitie CC BY-SA 3.0He was frustrated by the self-serving nature of Germany’s secret societies, and declared “when there was no end of making game of and abusing secret societies, I planned to make use of this human foible for a real and worthy goal, for the benefit of people.”Weishaupt built his own secret society, but rather than being mystical, the Order of Illuminati were radical.According to Weishaupt, his club was to be free “from all religious prejudices; cultivates the social virtues; and animates them by a great, a feasible, and speedy prospect of universal happiness.” This could only be done be working towards “a state of liberty and moral equality, freed from the obstacles which subordination, rank, and riches, continually throw in our way.”Adam WeishauptThe first meeting of the Illuminati — Weishaupt and four of his students from the university — was held in the evening of May 1, 1776 in a forest near the city of Ingolstadt.In a torch-lit discussion they established the rules of membership: that all future members needed the approval of the whole group and — despite claims to equality and freedom from “rank and riches” — they had to be wealthy, well-connected, and should come from influential families.The Illuminati also took pseudonyms from ancient Greece and Rome, with Weishaupt calling himself Spartacus after the leader of the Roman slave revolt.Freemasons Hall, London, c. 1809.Still a Freemason, Weishaupt used his membership as a way of drawing recruits to his own group and like the Freemasons, the Illuminati had a supernatural-sounding hierarchy of Novices, Minervals, and Illuminated Minervals.The two more senior ranks were named after Minerva, the Roman goddess of wisdom, and true to Weishaupt’s academic origins each grade had recommended reading by which that wisdom was attained. Much of it was in the form of political and philosophical literature that was banned in Bavaria, but freely available in the Protestant German states.Raised-relief image of Minerva on a Roman gilt silver bowl, first century BC.By 1782 membership had reached as many as 600, including some of the most prominent men in Bavaria like the writer Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. Growing quickly, by 1784 the Illuminati numbered in their low thousands across Germany, not just Bavaria.Members were constantly under surveillance from other members, who passed their gossip up the ranks, and only the leadership knew the true structure of what was becoming a complex network. The Order of Illuminati received another boost when the energetic Freemason Adolph Knigge signed up.Adolf Freiherr KniggeAlready frustrated about the lack of meaningful political change, Knigge was thrilled to find a ready made organisation with which to make a difference. Recruiting from within his own Masonic circles, Knigge’s clique was growing so quickly that he was given permission to create his own ranks — expanding the three original ones into a staggering 13, divided into three classes.Like many organisations that attract powerful and influential men, the Order of Illuminati began to fight amongst themselves as lines were drawn between those who thought the the anti-religious sentiment would alienate older Freemasons and other valuable potential recruits, and the original radicals.They also faced rivals from another secret society, the Rosicrucians who were also active in recruiting and infiltrating Masonic lodges. The Illuminati’s polar opposites, they were Christian mystics and staunchly pro-monarchy.“Ruined” castle built by Prince Charles of Hesse-Kassel in the park at Wilhelmsbad, venue for the last convent of the Strict Observance. Photo by Sven Teschke CC BY SA 3.0Rapid expansion had also led to a breakdown in authority. Dirty laundry began to be aired in public and arrogant new members boasted about their group’s power and influence, feeding rumors of conspiracy and corruption.There was some legitimacy to these fears. Unlike the many secret societies in Bavaria which were tolerated so long as they stayed out of politics, the Order of Illuminati were actively trying to renew the political culture, and fight against corruption and oppression. Rumors spread that they were interested only in personal wealth and power, and that a number of government officials were secretly members.Charles Theodore, Elector of Bavaria (1724-1799).Charles Theodore, Elector of Bavaria banned the formation of any new secret societies not approved by the state in 1784, but that backfired. Discovering that his heavy handed rule was seeing many sympathize with the Illuminati’s mission instead, his government targeted the group explicitly.The Bavarian police raided their meeting places and seized documents. In 1787 they published a selectively edited anthology of Illuminati papers that defended suicide and atheism, detailed plans to form an Order of the Illuminati for women, and offered instructions for creating invisible ink and performing abortions. In the eyes of Bavaria’s staunch Roman Catholic public, this was all their red flags flying at once.French RevolutionThe book was widely read across Germany, more so following the cataclysm of the French Revolution in 1789 which did Europe’s kings and bishops a massive favor by “exposing” the chaotic face of republicanism. Hysterical conservative critics blamed the Order of Illuminati for the anarchy in France, and from 1800 the word “Illuminati” became a shorthand for a secret revolutionary conspiracy behind every act of political unrest or scandal. Not long after, churchmen in the United States of America found themselves cursing the shadow of the Illuminati from their pulpits.Armed with this damning cache of cherry-picked evidence of agitating against the church and state, the Order of the Illuminati were outlawed in Bavaria first, then Prussia and Austria, and further membership of the organisation carried the death penalty. Adam Weishaupt was sacked from his position at the University of Ingolstadt, and was exiled to the nearby Duchy of Saxony.Weishaupt passed away in 1830, having seen his creation go from a potential vehicle of much-needed reform in his home country, to a bogeyman conjured up by paranoid priests, repressive monarchs and politicians across Europe and America. Over 200 years of conspiracy theories and paranoia is not the legacy this daring progressive thinker would have wanted.Read another story from us: Elizabeth I Files: The Conspiracy Theory Surrounding her True GenderHowever one man, at least, saw Weishaupt for what he was. In 1800 the Founding Father, author of the Declaration of Independence, and third U.S. President Thomas Jefferson wrote of the Order of the Illuminati that “in the heart of its founder was a deep yearning for humanity to experience enlightenment and true freedom, evolve with ethics, and no longer be governed by tyrant, state or throne.”last_img read more

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VIDEO Golfer holes out a pitching wedge from 100 yards out to

first_imgThings weren’t looking good for Tour golfer Ethan Tracy at this weekend’s Colombia Championship. He stepped to his approach shot on the 18th hole needing to hole out for Eagle to force a playoff.The odds of holing out from 100 yards to force a playoff are roughly the odds of winning the Powerball twice, but on this day Tracy had the winning ticket.He drained his approach for Eagle to force the playoff and went on to win the tournament. Tens of people in attendance went wild.Hey, it’s not the Masters, but it’s still a hell of a shot. Tracy was probably paid in pocket lint for the tour win, but this moment is priceless. Here’s the video:Ethan Tracy made his first career #WebTour cut … then won the tournament.— Tour (@WebDotComTour) February 14, 2017 Advertisementlast_img read more

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VIDEO Passengers miraculously walk away unharmed from fiery plane crash outside of

first_img Advertisement A dashcam video posted online shows the moment a small plane went down in a fiery crash on a street in Mukilteo, Washington, outside of Seattle, yesterday.Miraculously, the pilot and another passenger only suffered minor injuries from the wreck. It’s hard to believe after watching the video.This could have been a helluva lot worse.WATCH: Dramatic dashcam video captures a fiery small plane crash near Seattle:— ABC7 News (@abc7newsbayarea) May 3, 2017last_img

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VIDEO Marshawn Lynch got ejected after running off the sidelines and shoving

first_img Advertisement Marshawn Lynch added to his disappointing stint with the Raiders when he was ejected for shoving an official after leaving the bench in the second quarter of Oakland’s Thursday night game against the Chiefs.Lynch left the sidelines after Derek Carr took a shot from Kansas City corner Marcus Peters. It may have been Marshawn’s intention to defend his teammate, but going Beastmode on an official is guaranteed to get you tossed every time.Not the smartest move by Lynch here. It will be interested to see what additional fine or punishment he’ll get from the league office for this stunt.The whole sequence. Holy moly. Marshawn ran from the sidelines ?— The Football Bible™ (@TheFBBible) October 20, 2017last_img

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Colins NFL Week 14 Blazin 5 Picks

first_imgColin is coming off back-to-back sub .500 Blazin’ 5’s, but still sits at 35-28-2 on the season and is ready to get back to stacking winners and cash in Week 14. He may have cooled off a little, but Uncle Colin is ready to crush it and finish strong through the tape to end the year. Here are his Week 14 Blazin’ 5 plays:Patriots at Dolphins (+7.5) – There’s no bigger admirer of Brady and the Patriots than Colin, but he loves the Dolphins as 7.5 point home dogs against New England. The Pats have dropped 4 out of their last 5 in Miami, and since 2013 are averaging an uncharacteristic 21.0 PPG, while allowing 23.6 PPG when taking their talents to South Beach. Tom Brady’s passer rating in those games is an un-Brady-like 82.1.This season New England is just 3-3 on the road (6-0 at home), and will face a Dolphins D with 11 takeaways over the last 4 games (3rd-most in NFL). The Patriots D only has 19 sacks this season (T-2nd fewest in NFL) so Ryan Tannehill won’t have to worry about pressure. The Pats get the win, but the Dolphins cover, 27-23. 2. Falcons at Packers (-4.5) – Colin has been hard on Aaron Rodgers this season, but loves him leading the Pack as 4.5 point home favorites in a “show me” game at home against the equally struggling Falcons. Rodgers has torn up Atlanta throughout his career, averaging 327.8 YPG, with 21 TD’s, only 3 INT’s, a Passer Rating of 112.9, while completing 69.6% of his passes, and should demolish an injury ravaged Falcons D in his first game since Mike McCarthy’s firing.Atlanta has lost 4 straight and aren’t nearly as motivated as Rodgers and Green Bay looking to change the narrative after getting their coach canned. Green Bay wins and covers, 32-22. 3. Broncos at Niners (+5) – Give Colin the Niners getting 5 at home against a Broncos squad that’s only 3-3 on the road this season, and is set up for a let down game after winning 3 straight. San Francisco is bad, but they’ve been better at home. They’re 2-3 at Levi’s Stadium (0-7 road), averaging 23.0 PPG (20.0 PPG – road), 142.2 Rush YPG (119.9 Rush YPG – road), and converting 45.3% of their 3rd Downs (33.3% – road).The Broncos’ 35% 3rd down conversion rate ranks 27th in the NFL, and losing their leading receiver Emmanuel Sanders for the year with a torn Achilles doesn’t help their attack. The Broncos sneak away with a win, but the Niners cover, 24-23. 5. Rams at Bears (+3) SNF – The Rams have been one of the NFL’s best teams all year, but Colin likes the Bears as 3 point home dogs in a bone chillingly cold Sunday Night Game at Soldier Field where they’re 5-1 on the year. The Rams’ second ranked scoring offense (T-2nd with NO at 34.9 PPG) will be less prolific in the weather facing Khalil Mack and the Bears’ 4th ranked scoring D (20.1 PPG Allowed). Chicago’s defense also ranks 2nd in Rush YPG Allowed (85.8), and 1st in takeaways (30).Jared Goff is coming off his first back-to-back multiple turnover games of the season, and should have issues dealing with the elements and the Bears pressure. Chicago covers and wins this one outright, 27-26.Make sure you download and subscribe to Colin’s Blazin’ 5 Podcast with RJ Bell at,iHeart Radio, Google Play, or iTunes to find out what the wiseguys say about his Week 9 picks. Don’t miss it!🚨 Blazin’ 5 is 35-28-2 through Week 13🚨@ColinCowherd makes his Week 14 picks ⬇⬇— Herd w/Colin Cowherd (@TheHerd) December 7, 2018center_img 4. Eagles (+3.5) at Cowboys – The Cowboys are hot, but Colin is rolling with the Eagles getting 3.5 on the road in Jerry’s World. Carson Wentz is finally starting to look like pre-injury Carson Wentz, and is 7-1 against the NFC East over last 2 seasons, throwing for 262.4 Pass YPG with 17 TD’s, only 4 INT’s and a Passer Rating of 106.2.Philly has won back-to-back games for the first time this season, and is averaging 26.5 PPG over the last 2 weeks. Their 436 total yards in Week 13 win against Washington was a season high. Dak Prescott has been sacked a league-high 45 times this season and should be under pressure from Philly’s defensive front. Dallas has won 4 straight after a 3-5 start, but all 4 wins have been by 8 or fewer. This pick is all about the number. The Cowboys win a close one, but Philly covers with the points, 26-24. Advertisementlast_img read more

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Google to Acquire ConnectedHome Startup Nest for 32 Billion

first_img Today is a big day for the founders of Nest Labs. Tech giant Google announced that it has agreed to buy the Palo Alto, Calif.-based creator of the Nest smart thermostat for $3.2 billion in cash. In addition to the Nest smart thermostat, the company sells the Nest Protect, a smart smoke alarm.Nest was founded in 2010 and launched the following year. The company had raised a total of $230 million in funding, with Google Ventures leading Nest’s Series B round in August 2011 as well as its Series C in 2012.”Nest’s product line obviously caught the attention of Google and I’m betting that there’s a lot of cool stuff we could do together, but nothing to share today,” Nest co-founder Matt Rogers said on the Nest blog.Nest says it has more than 300 employees in three countrie,s as well as a network of more than 25,000 certified professionals who help install Nest in the U.S. and Canada.”This decision wasn’t made on a whim,” Nest co-founder and chief executive Tony Fadell wrote in a separate blog post. “I know that joining Google will be an easy transition because we’re partnering with a company that gets what we do and who we are at Nest – and wants us to stay that way.”Nest will continue to operate under Fadell and with its own distinct brand identity, Google said. The deal is expected to close in the next few months but, of course, is subject to customary closing conditions.Related: The Connected Home: A Huge Opportunity But Slow to Catch On January 13, 2014 2 min read Hear from Polar Explorers, ultra marathoners, authors, artists and a range of other unique personalities to better understand the traits that make excellence possible.center_img How Success Happens Listen Nowlast_img read more

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Samsung Expects Record Shipments of Galaxy S6 Smartphones

first_imgApril 9, 2015 Samsung Electronics Co Ltd expects record shipments for its new Galaxy S6 smartphones and said it will struggle to meet demand for the curved-edged version due to production constraints, adding to hopes for a turnaround in mobile sales.The S6 models are widely expected to sell briskly following a string of positive reviews, boosting prospects for an earnings recovery in 2015. This week, the company estimated its January-March operating profit to be its highest in three quarters, which analysts said was partly because Samsung put its own chips in the new phones.Samsung expects the flat screen S6 to sell more than the higher-margin S6 edge – priced about $120 more in South Korea – but mobile chief J.K. Shin said at a media event on Thursday the firm won’t be able to keep up with demand for the latter model in the near term because the curved screens are harder to manufacture.”Some carriers are switching existing orders to get more of the S6 edge, and it looks like demand for the model will exceed supply throughout this year,” said HMC Investment analyst Greg Roh. “That means average selling price will fall at a slower rate, which will have a positive impact on Samsung overall.”Samsung has not disclosed its shipment record for the handset. Analysts regard the Galaxy S3 as its best-selling model overall, though they estimate the Galaxy S4 to have done better in its initial year, when a model is most profitable.Nomura estimated that Samsung sold 80 million S3s in three years from its 2012 launch, and 43 million S4s from the model’s April 2013 launch to the end of that year. Some analysts say Samsung could ship 50 million or more S6 phones this year.Samsung’s Shin also said the South Korean electronics maker is preparing a variety of wearable devices, including a new version of its Gear smartwatch, but did not give specifics. Arch-rival Apple Inc is due to roll out its much-anticipated smartwatch on April 24.Qualcomm Still a PartnerShin acknowledged that Samsung opted for its own mobile processor and modem chip in the Galaxy S6 instead of equivalents from U.S.-based Qualcomm Inc.Samsung previously relied heavily on Qualcomm chips for its flagship phones, but recent reports based on dismantling Samsung’s handsets showed the firm replaced many Qualcomm chips with its own. Shin said the companies remain close partners.”We have to use the best engines to make our products competitive, which is why we opted to use our own chips,” Shin said. “But we may very well end up using products from Qualcomm again in the next Galaxy phone.”The new Galaxy devices go on sale in 20 countries on Friday.(Additional reporting by Sohee Kim; Editing by Tony Munroe, Edwina Gibbs and Christopher Cushing) Attend this free webinar and learn how you can maximize efficiency while getting the most critical things done right. 3 min read This story originally appeared on Reuters Free Webinar | Sept 5: Tips and Tools for Making Progress Toward Important Goals Register Now »last_img read more

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