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January 20, 2020

More $$$ Flow into Super Cup 2015

first_imgWESTERN BUREAU: The dazzlingly new Flow Super Cup was unveiled yesterday in Montego Bay at the launch of the 2015 edition of the cash-rich schoolboy competition, which, according to Carlo Redwood, vice-president, marketing and products, FLOW, promises more money and lots more fun. The more than $2 million on offer makes this year’s staging a super football event, with all the top eight qualified schools rewarded. This also includes prize money for the Golden Boot winner. “We remain committed to the players that will participate, the schools that will benefit, an,d of course, the wider community,” stated Redwood. “This is why we modified the event to improve on what we delivered last year and chart the course for this competition, which, we believe, has tremendous potential for growth,” he added. Sixteen teams, the eight daCosta Cup interzone winners and eight Manning Cup quarter-finalists, will lock horns in the monthlong Super Cup competition, with the winner guaranteed the big prize of $1 million and the wonderfully crafted Italian-made trophy. All the qualifiers are set to make $25,000 upfront, with the added incentive from Western Sports that will provide every player with Nike football boots. The overall money will increase with each round for which the schools qualify. In total, $25,000 goes to each qualifier; $50,000 to the schools that reach the quarter-finals, while the four semi-finalists will pocket $100,000 each and the winner an additional $625,000, making the overall value in cash to the winning school $1 million. Three venues have been selected to host matches in the Flow Super Cup. These are the National Stadium, Sabina Park and the Montego Bay Sports Complex. The draw for the first round – which will involve a triple-header and double-header – takes place on October 22, with Match Day One set for October 24 and each Saturday thereafter. The final will be played at a venue yet to be determined, on November 14. happy for improvements ISSA President Dr Walton Small was delighted with improvements on the Flow Super Cup and congratulated the sponsors for “the most highly anticipated schoolboy sporting event”. “They were the ones with the vision and it’s something we are happy about, with their bold innovations, and it is something that has captured our hearts,” he said. Unlike last year when patrons accessed tickets from buying newspapers, this year, they will be asked to pay $500 or $200 to see the matches, or purchase $500 and $200 FLOW phone credit vouchers to get tickets. A $500 ticket gets a seat at the National Stadium and Montego Bay Sports Complex grandstand areas and a $200 voucher provides access to the bleachers. For Sabina Park, it’s a $500 voucher for the George Headley Stand and $200 for other areas. In addition, there will be a Super Cup Tour on October 7, which comprises visits to the campus of five title contenders.last_img read more

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January 17, 2020

Govt awaits public submissions

first_imgMinisterial Code of Conduct– only 1 response submitted – PMThe office of the Integrity Commission is again inviting members of the public to submit comments on the draft Code of Conduct for all Ministers of Government, Members of the National Assembly and public office holders.Speaking with the media on Monday, Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo said even with an extension granted for submissions to be made, Government has so far only received one submission and that was from the Guyana Bar Association.“The Code of Conduct would go through an exercise of an advertisement for further submission. We have received only one submission in terms of contribution and that is from the Guyana Bar Association. Though Government had put out an article that it is opened for submissions, we have not received any submissions as yet,” Nagamootoo told Journalists on Monday.The call for the swift enforcement of the Ministerial Code of Conduct became more pronounced, following the public debate about the appointment of businessman and Contractor Brian “BK” Tiwari as an adviser on business development to Minister of State Joseph Harmon.According to Nagamootoo, the time frame will also be set for submissions. He said Government was also seeking to solicit best practices from other Caribbean countries.“I have already asked for copies of integrity legislation from Trinidad and we are looking how to merge the Code of Conduct with the integrity legislation… integrity legislation would demand requirement of someone who holds public office and the Code of Conduct is setting either a higher or lower standard,” he assured.As it is now, Nagamootoo said, “We will have to wait, I believe not later than six weeks for the submissions to be made.”ContractionAt the beginning of March, Government had said that it was extending the countrywide consultation on the subject, opening opportunities for civil society to give its extensive input on the way forward. However, the Prime Minister is contradicting what Natural Resources Minister Raphael Trotman, who in his capacity as Governance Minister on November 5, 2016 had said. Trotman at a post-Cabinet media briefing had disclosed that the Guyana Human Rights Association (GHRA) sent their feedback and that Government is in the process of reviewing those suggestions.“We are trying to see how we can incorporate those comments,” Trotman said.Red Thread on January 5, also offered its input into the Code of Conduct. Executive Member of Red Thread, Karen De Souza had said that the Code of Conduct should have included the dismissal of persons if faced with enough evidence.According to the Ministry of the Presidency, the purpose of the Code of Conduct is to assist Ministers and Members of Parliament (MPs) and public office holders in the discharge of their obligations to their constituents and the public at large.It provides guidance on the values – the moral qualities – that should govern the conduct of Ministers and MPs in discharging their parliamentary and public duties. It is also meant to reinforce public confidence in the way in which Ministers and public office holders perform those duties.Ministers, by virtue of the oath or affirmation of allegiance taken when they are elected, have a duty to be faithful and bear true allegiance to the Cooperative Republic of Guyana, according to law.Public office holders are duty-bound by this Code in all aspects of their public life. This Code does not seek to regulate the conduct of public office holders in their private and personal lives.Public office holders have a duty to uphold the law, including the general law against discrimination and sexual harassment, and to act with propriety on all occasions in accordance with the public trust and confidence placed in them.Public office holders have a general duty to act in the interests of the nation as a whole and owe a special duty of care to their constituents, and citizens.The Code of Conduct says that the acceptance of gifts and other forms of rewards worth more than $10,000 by Ministers, MPs and other public office holders in their official capacity shall be reported to the Integrity Commission. Ministers, MPs and public office holders should consider declining such gratuities if the acceptance of same could be perceived to have an effect on their objectivity and lead to complaints of bias or impropriety.The Code of Conduct lays out that Ministers, MPs and public office holders should also avoid using their official position or transmitting any information made available to them in the course of their duties to benefit themselves, their relations or any other individuals with whom they are associated. They should avoid compromising themselves or their office and any action which may lead to an actual or perceived conflict of interest. Failure to avoid or declare any conflict of interest may give rise to criticism of favouritism, abuse of authority or even allegations of corruption.last_img read more

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January 12, 2020

Govt mulls aerial surveillance for mining areas

first_img…not sure if bandits are indeed “foreigners” – RamjattanBy Bhisham MohamedIn light of the recent robberies committed on two prominent mining camps in Guyana’s interior locations over the past two weeks, Public Security Minister Khemraj Ramjattan on Monday said security forces are contemplating the implementation of aerial surveillance in mining areas.Public Security Minister Khemraj RamjattanMinister Ramjattan, however, believes that although the idea of implementing the aerial surveillance is a good one, the need for patrols on the ground is also important. He has, however, admitted that there are challenges in the hinterland communities.In a telephone interview with this publication, the minister explained that the Public Security Ministry is looking at efforts to strengthen surveillance of the “extraordinary” territory involved, and as such, more gun licences are being made available to miners to assist them in protecting their properties.“There are also some security firms that are contracted by the miners to provide the necessary protection, but I agree (that) the Guyana Police Force’s presence is needed in those mining areas,” the minister told Guyana Times.He could not confirm whether those security personnel are trained to deal with situations such as the robbed mining camps had faced.“In the last robbery, involving the Chinese mining camp, we were told that a security firm was contracted to provide security, but we are not sure what took place; and that brings back the question of training,” Ramjattan said.ChallengesCommander Kevin AdonisHe posited that getting Police officers to a crime scene in hinterland areas is quite a challenge.“Due to the mountainous terrain, it is sometimes difficult to reach at a location in a timely manner. Most times the use of ATVs are recommended, but in some cases, it’s boat and foot,” he related.Divisional Commander Kevin Adonis has expressed an opinion similar to the minister’s when referring to the latest robbery committed on the Chinese mining camp.“The closest Police outpost to the Black Water area is at Eteringbang, and it took a team of Police ranks and soldiers four hours to reach the location. The ranks had to use boats, and then walk some distance. It is not a case that as soon as these crimes are committed, the Police can react right away,” Adonis stated.Adonis added that the soldiers and Police are doing an exceptional job, considering the challenges. Protecting Guyana’s borders is paramount, he noted, but added that, at the same time, an investigation has been actually launched to determine whether or not the crimes are committed by foreigners.Also touching on this issue, the Public Security Minister noted that he is awaiting a report from the Commissioner of Police with the findings of an investigation that was launched into the robberies.“As of now, we are aware that the people who committed the crimes spoke broken English, some Portuguese and some Spanish… This does not mean that they are foreigners… We have some smart Guyanese criminals who would use the little foreign language they know to make it look as if it is a bunch of foreigners who are trespassing on Guyana’s territory to commit the acts,” Minister Ramjattan said.He added that law enforcement officers are presently interviewing persons in the area to find out if they had seen any unusual movements by foreigners in the past weeks.About two weeks ago, four armed men staged a robbery on a mining camp at Baboon Backdam, Cuyuni River, Region Seven, escaping therefrom with millions of dollars’ worth of raw gold and other valuables, including a licensed shotgun.The bandits were reportedly armed with rifles and shotguns, and were clad in dark-coloured clothing. They also spoke a foreign language, allegedly Spanish or Portuguese.Initial investigations have revealed that about 28 workers attached to Mohamed’s Enterprise were in the mining camp when the men held the camp hostage. The miners were ordered to hand over all the raw gold that was kept in the camp, and all the personal items, including the shotgun.After committing the robbery, the gunmen disappeared.On Wednesday last, a group of four armed men — who also reportedly spoke Portuguese, broken English and Spanish — carried out a brazen daylight robbery on the China High Tech Mining Company at Black Water Backdam, Cuyuni River, Region Seven (Cuyuni-Mazaruni).The men, all masked, carted off 50 ounces of raw gold, estimated at $13 million; US$500, and two GPS systems belonging to the owner of the mining company.They also took one 12-gauge semi-automatic shotgun with six matching rounds, and one AR rifle along with eight matching rounds, property of Mark’s Interior Communication.The Police have not as yet arrested anyone in connection with the robberies.last_img read more

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Efficient, effective transportation critical to regional integration – Caricom SG

first_imgAviation conferenceThe ongoing air transport conference organised by the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) has brought many experts into the Region to promote air travel.Caricom Secretary General Irwin LaRocqueCaribbean Community (Caricom) Secretary General Irwin LaRocque took the opportunity to highlight that keeping with the Caricom Treaty entails interminable efforts to develop transportation in the Region.“The Caricom Treaty requires the Community’s constant trade and economic development to develop policies and programmes to facilitate the transportation of people and goods,” he stated.According to LaRocque, sections of the framework demand air service that is safe but competitive enough to foster development.“It [Caricom has also been charged with coordinating the national transport policies of Member States. The Community transport policy, which is provided for in the treaty, calls for the provision of adequate, safe and internationally competitive transport services for the development and consolidation of the Caricom Single Market and Economy.”He further linked these required qualities to the regional integration process of countries within Caricom by adding, “There is no doubt that safe, efficient and cost-effective transportation within this region is critically important to our regional integration process.”Caricom Member States are scattered across the Region, and air transport is crucial in connecting people of these nations. The Secretary General is of the opinion that such engagements with officials would foster tourism on an elevated level if action was taken based on these decisions.“Given the geographic spread of our Member States, such a transportation system is essential to fulfil the goal of free movement of people and goods. It is equally important in fostering the spirit of community among our people. It will also facilitate the growth of tourism that is so crucial to the economies of the Member States,” LaRocque claimed.Last February, Member States approved the Caricom Multilateral Air Services Agreement, which provides a range of advantages to passengers and creates new markets for these airlines.“This is a major advance as it expands the scope for airlines owned by Caricom nationals to go to new markets within the Community. The agreement allows for no-restriction on routes, capacity or traffic rights among the participants,” the SG noted.The Air Transport Meeting concludes today after input from the ICAO and the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) under the theme “Promoting Connectivity for Sustainable Air Transport Development’’. Issues such as harmonising the regional air transport regulatory framework and the liberalisation of air cargo were also on the agenda for discussion.last_img read more

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January 11, 2020

Film director Clark and son die in crash

first_imgMaltin said there is a sad postscript to “A Christmas Story.” “(Clark) and all the principals were ready to make a sequel called `A Summer Story’ but the studio hemmed and hawed and wouldn’t give the go-ahead,” he said. “By the time he got to make it (1994’s `It Runs In the Family’), he had to recast, and lightning did not strike twice.” In all, Clark directed 30-plus films, including the horror cult classic “Black Christmas,” which recently was remade, as well as the box office hit “Baby Geniuses” in 1999, which spawned a widely panned sequel “Sugar Babies: Baby Geniuses 2” in 2004. While he was at the helm of the 1984 megabomb “Rhinestone,” which paired Sylvester Stallone with Dolly Parton, and such silly fare as “The Karate Dog,” Clark also directed Jack Lemmon to an Academy Award nomination in 1980 for his performance in “Tribute” and was behind the camera for the respected drama “Murder By Decree” starring Christopher Plummer, John Gielgud and Donald Sutherland. “It looks like he at times was a director-for-hire and would do films that, to stay the least, aren’t stellar,” Hollywood Reporter film critic Kurt Honeycutt said. “It’s a very unusual mix of films.” While “Porky’s” certainly didn’t win any Oscars, it was a major box office hit and led to several sequels. At the time of his death, Clark had continued to work steadily and had a trio of films in the preproduction stage. The crash shut down PCH between Temescal Canyon Road and Sunset Boulevard until 10:40 a.m., causing a massive traffic jam for commuters. The LAPD is looking for witnesses to the crash, and asks anyone with information to call the West Traffic Division at (213) 473-0222. The Associated Press contributed to this report. (818) 713-3758160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! Nava and his passenger, Lydia Mora, 29, suffered minor injuries and were treated at a local hospital. Nava, who remains hospitalized, was arrested on suspicion of gross vehicular manslaughter and driving under the influence of alcohol. Clark was a prolific director, writer and producer during his more than 40-year career. But 1983’s “A Christmas Story” was far and away considered his artistic high point. “For me, the pinnacle of his career was `A Christmas Story,’ which was one of those rare movies you can say is perfect in every way,” said film historian and critic Leonard Maltin. “A Christmas Story” starred Peter Billingsley as a young boy named Ralphie Parker, who was determined to get a Red Ryder BB gun for Christmas. It was adapted from the book of short stories by humorist Jean Shepherd called “In God We Trust, All Others Pay Cash.” The movie was not an immediate hit at the box office, but word-of-mouth was strong and it was re-released into theaters a year later. It has since enjoyed a long afterlife on television and video and was recently released as a deluxe DVD edition. Filmmaker Bob Clark, director of the classics “A Christmas Story” and “Porky’s,” and his son were killed early Wednesday when their car collided head-on with a vehicle driven by a wrong-way drunk-driving suspect. Clark, 67, was driving south on Pacific Coast Highway near Bay Club Drive in Pacific Palisades when his 1997 Infiniti sedan was hit by a swerving 2007 GMC Yukon with Hector Velazquez-Nava, 24, behind the wheel, authorities said. Velazquez-Nava was driving without a license northbound in the southbound lanes while under the influence of alcohol, said Los Angeles police Lt. Paul Vernon. Clark and his 22-year-old son, Ariel Hanrath-Clark of Santa Monica, were pronounced dead at the scene, according to the Los Angeles Police Department. last_img

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A love of language

first_imgNORWALK – When Lynn Schaulis began teaching social studies at Hargitt Middle School Academy 12 1/2 years ago, she thought her focus would be telling youngsters about U.S. history or maybe world history, not just how to read the words. But that’s exactly the position in which Schaulis found herself. So she went back to school, obtained a master’s degree in reading and language arts from Cal State Long Beach and jumped into her district’s movement to ensure that 90 percent of its students can read at grade level. These are the reasons why Schaulis, 38, of Huntington Beach, an eighth-grade U.S. history teacher, is this year’s Teacher of the Year for the Norwalk-La Mirada Unified School District. “The classroom was filled with so many struggling readers that now I consider myself a reading teacher and secondarily a social studies teacher,” Schaulis said. Schaulis’ classroom also is used as part of a demonstration program for other teachers. Coaches come in and teach a lesson for Schaulis or others to watch so they can learn how to teach reading better, she said. Hargitt Principal Karen Cresswell said Schaulis is a deserving teacher of the year. “Lynn is definitely a leader when it comes to vision about what’s best for the program,” Cresswell said. “She’s approachable and personable. She loves the students and is passionate about them.” Schaulis’ students say she helps them a lot. “When we don’t understand something, she takes time to make sure that we understand it,” said Ignacio Rodriguez, 13, of Norwalk.” Ruby Ruiz, 13, of Norwalk described Schaulis as fun and serious. “She puts things in her own words and makes it sound like it’s fun,” Ruiz said. Schaulis knew she would be a teacher from a young age, but actually began to pursue the career while attending Orange Coast College in Costa Mesa. She later received a bachelor’s degree in history from UC Irvine and a teaching credential from Chapman University. It wasn’t easy finding her job during the summer of 1994, said Schaulis, who was looking for a high school job. “The high school market was flooded at the time,” she said. “There just weren’t opportunities.” But a friend of Schaulis, who taught at Hargitt, told her of an opening and she was hired. Schaulis, who had planned on becoming a high school teacher, said the switch to the younger age was no big deal. And now she loves this age group. “The range of maturity is fascinating to me as well as their sense of humor and openness,” she said. “I love them.” (562) 698-0955, Ext. 3022 160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! “There were words on the page, but \ were not able to make meaning or connections with them,” she said. “Kids couldn’t talk about the ideas in the text.” Schaulis said she now spends a lot of time helping her students become better readers. “I’m less concerned with memorization of facts,” she said. “They’re on the Internet. They’re in books.” Schaulis said she shows students how the text is organized, how to pull out ideas from the book, take notes and even create their own study guide. “I want the eighth-grade readers to leave this class and be prepared for all of that independent reading in high school,” she said. last_img read more

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Biola names Corey as president

first_img“Over the last week, as Dr. Corey interacted with Biola’s faculty, staff and students on campus, he demonstrated the qualities that attracted our search team to him in the first place – a deep love for Jesus and Scripture, 100 percent affirmation of Biola’s doctrinal statement and genuine authenticity,” Jantz said. Cook has served as Biola’s president since 1982. He has been associated with the Christian university for 45 years. Corey said he is honored to succeed Cook and looks forward to working at Biola. “Over the past few months Paula \ and I have listened carefully to God’s voice as we’ve considered a calling to Biola University,” Corey said. “Paula, our three children and I look forward to the years ahead, serving alongside this strategic, biblically-centered Christian university,” he said. “We are confident that the Lord will continue to lead Biola University from strength to strength, holding fast to our mission while boldly moving into a second century as a global center for Christian thought and spiritual renewal.” LA MIRADA – A vice president of a Massachusetts Christian university has been named president of Biola University, officials announced Friday. Barry H. Corey, 45, vice president/chief academic officer and academic dean of Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary in Hamilton, Mass. will succeed Clyde Cook, effective July 1. He will be Biola’s eighth president in its 99-year history. “\ academic and fundraising experience, collaborative leadership style and deep love for the Bible is just what Biola needs at this time in our history,” said John Siefker, chair of Biola’s Board of Trustees. Stan Jantz, chair of the Presidential Search Team, also praised Corey. Corey is a native of Massachusetts and oversees academic operations including faculty relations, curriculum development and degree/non-degree programs. Before that, he served as vice president for development at Gordon-Conwell since 1992. During this time, he led and completed a $54 million capital campaign. Corey also is a long-distance runner, having completed two Boston Marathons, one in 2004 and one in 2006. He has been married for 15 years, and they have three children: Anders, 14, Ella, 11, and Samuel, 8. He received a bachelor’s degree in English and biblical studies from Evangel University in Springfield, Missouri in 1984. (562) 698-0955, Ext. 3022160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set!last_img read more

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January 10, 2020

Wolves draw a “good point”, insists Guardiola

first_img0Shares0000Managers Nuno Espirito Santo and Pep Guardiola share an embrace and have a chat on the touchline before kick-offWOLVERHAMPTON, United Kingdom, Aug 25 – Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola described his side’s 1-1 draw at newly-promoted Wolves as a “good point” despite seeing the Premier League champions drop points for the first time this season.Willy Boly controversially put the hosts in front just before the hour mark as the final touch from the defender came off his arm. City responded thanks to Aymeric Laporte’s first goal for the club, but were left to rue their luck as the visitors hit the woodwork three times through Sergio Aguero and Raheem Sterling.“We conceded too many counter attacks, we were not settled but especially because we missed simple passes,” said Guardiola.“We created a lot of chances. Against a team with 10 men behind the ball, defensively well-organised, we created chances to win the game but it is a good point.”Guardiola, though, denied being held was a wake up call after a scintillating start to the season from City in beating Chelsea to win the Community Shield and sweeping aside Arsenal and Huddersfield in the Premier League.“We played the same level we played this three or four games we played season and last season,” added Guardiola.“The chances we create, the last pass, the shots, three posts, some decisions in the box, we tried to do it, (but) of course we will improve because defensively we were not solid like we normally are.”Despite his side’s good fortune, Wolves boss Nuno Espirito Santo believes the Premier League newcomers were worthy of a point thanks to a more daring approach than normal from City’s opponents.“They (the players) knew it would be a tough challenge but we just go for it and played. We played in the way, the style, the shape we believe and of course individually they did fantastic.”0Shares0000(Visited 2 times, 1 visits today)last_img read more

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January 3, 2020

Andy Goldstein’s Sports Bar Top Tens – Luke Campbell

first_imgThe Olympic gold medal-winning boxer answers Andy’s top ten questions as he talks about his career so far.last_img

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December 30, 2019


first_imgDonegal Creameries has reported a big drop in profits for the first half of this year.The company says the drop is due to tough conditions in the dairy market, lower mushroom profits and adverse foreign exchange movements.The company reported a pre-tax profit of €862,000, down from just over €4m a year earlier. Revenue, however, rose 13.5% to €68.7m. An unchanged interim dividend of 7% will be paid.The company said turnover at its dairy division rose by more than 12% to €31.6m, but there was a loss of almost €1m due to a time lag in passing on increased wholesale prices.Donegal Creameries said, however, that dairy volumes were growing, and it expected a return to more ‘normal’ levels of profit in 2012.The company received €1.3m in its share of profits from Monaghan Middlebrook Mushrooms, down €1m from a year earlier, but said it saw this fall as temporary. Finance costs of €1m also affected profits. These were due to increased borrowing costs and currency movements.Agri-inputs profits almost doubled to €1.1m, on 12% higher turnover of €24.5m. Produce profits also doubled to almost €600,000, with turnover up 21.6% to €12.1m.For the rest of the year, Donegal Creameries said it expected to make progress on recovering increased dairy costs, and expected a good performance from the agri-inputs and produce businesses.Earlier this week revealed how Connacht Gold was considering buying a major share of the Donegal Creameries operation.Donegal Creameries has refused to comment on these reports. EndsDONEGAL CREAMERIES REPORT LARGE DROP IN PROFITS BUT REFUSE TO COMMENT ON CONNACHT GOLD TAKEOVER REPORTS was last modified: September 1st, 2011 by StephenShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Tags:Connaught GoldDOnegal CReameries profitslast_img read more

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