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Marriages fixed on FB bound to fail: Gujarat

Written by : , Category : pwoihdei , Date : December 3, 2019 , No Comments on Marriages fixed on FB bound to fail: Gujarat

first_imgModern day marriages fixed on social media platforms like Facebook are bound to fail, remarked Justice J.B. Pardiwala of Gujarat High Court while dealing with a petition on domestic violence and dowry demand. The court disposed of the case of domestic violence and advised the couple to dissolve their marriage and think about future avenues in life. Justice Pardiwala was hearing the petition filed by Anitaben Shah, whose son Jaideep had married to one Fansi Shah after they first met in virtual world Facebook and subsequently met in person and got married in 2015.The petition was filed to quash charges of domestic violence and dowry demand levelled by Fansi Shah against her husband, in-laws and brother -in law. In the judgement delivered on January 24, Justice Pardiwala observed that within two months of their marriage, serious problems cropped up between the couple. “They got married and within two months thereafter problems cropped up in their marital life. I should make note of one fact that the parties did try to settle the matter, however, the settlement could not be arrived at,” the judge observed.“This is one of the those modern marriages fixed on Facebook, therefore, bound to fail,” Pardiwala noted, asking the couple to mutually divorce and start a new chapter in life. The court quashed the FIR filed by Fansi against her in-laws while allowing investigation against Jaideep, her husband. The court held that primarily, the respondent number 2 (Fansi) had problems with her husband and yet her in-laws were arraigned as accused in her FIR that she filed in Rajkot after she left her husband’s house. “I am still of the view that the parties should explore the possibility of settlement and put an end to the marriage with consent. Both the sides are young. Once the marriage is dissolved, they can think about their future avenues in life”, the court noted in its order.last_img

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