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Cooperation between the auction house Sotheby’s and the Istria County Tourist Board: The first auction of white Istrian truffles is being organized in London

first_imgIn addition to extra virgin olive oils, the elegant audience will be served family wines Kozlovic from Momjan, Malvasia, Teran and Momjan Muscat. Cover photo: Zigante truffles, Sotheby’s, Illustration: HrTurizam.hr In addition to Istrian white truffles, Istrian extra virgin olive oils of the family will be presented Chiavalon which will be served with truffle-based specialties and present at all Harry’s Bar tables so that each of the guests present is available for tasting.   That’s right! Excellent quality and authentic rounded tourist product. Experience truffles in Istria Istria attaches increasing importance to the UK market, where great efforts have been made for many years in terms of promotion, says Denis Ivošević, Director of TZIŽ and emphasizes that work is being done to increase traffic of UK guests, intensify existing and open new airlines – especially in postseason. “Since last year, the Istria County Tourist Board has been cooperating with the London PR agency, FOX Communication, so that Istria is more and more present in the local media and events, which is why the region is recording an increasing growth of British guests. After the Time Out Istria special for the English-speaking area, which was entirely dedicated to our region, TZIŽ is working intensively to become more famous in London and its wider surroundings, with a focus on guests of medium or higher purchasing power, so the auction truffles and one of the activities that will help Istria to build its image and reputation as a destination in Istria. I believe that this auction will contribute to the affirmation of the Istrian brand ” said the director of TZIŽ Denis Ivošević, adding that Istria is most often recognized in the world precisely for its gastronomy and lifestyle.  In addition to the auction, guests will have the opportunity to enjoy dinner based on Istrian white truffles, extra virgin olive oils and wines from Istria. A leading truffle processing and sales company is also participating in this important project for Istria Zigante truffles Ltd. from Plovanija near Buje, which will provide the main ingredients for the auction and Istrian dinner.  A tennis legend in the Pula Arena A new great step forward for Istria. Namely, the Tourist Board of the Istrian County in cooperation with the world-famous auction house Sotheby’s, on Monday, November 25, 2019, for the first time in London is organizing an auction of Istrian white truffles.  In the Istrian truffle ‘Bermuda’ triangle between Pazin, Buje and Buzet, especially in the valley of the river Mirna and in the Motovun forest, white and black truffles have their natural habitat. They grow underground and are sought after by specially trained dogs. The peak of the white truffle season, which is both the most expensive and the most prized, is the month of October. Namely, the auction will be conducted in four parts, and will be intended for both present guests and interested parties who will bid by telephone. In the first part, smaller truffles will be auctioned, in the second part, medium-sized truffles, then the package deal “Experience of truffles in Istria “, and at the end of the biggest truffle of the season, due to which the dinner was sold out in just a few hours, and a large part of those who failed to book a place on the list are waiting in the hope that some place will be vacated in the meantime.  How to extend the tourist season? How to increase tourist spending? Attract better guests? Then, in Livade, a famous truffle center near Motovun, a series of events are held on weekends in honor of this undisputed king among mushrooms. But before and after that, during most of the autumn, Istria lives in the rhythm of a noble mushroom and is full of celebrations in its honor. The event will be held in a prestigious Harry’s Baru in Mayfair – an elite area of ​​London’s West End, one of the most exclusive private clubs whose members are representatives of the London elite, international jetsetters, and UHNW individuals (ultra high-net-worth individuals). Three greats of Istria (Zigante, Chiavalon, Kozlović) with a top premium product, as well as the offer of top hotel accommodation, all nicely rounded off through one whole, ie the event Experience of truffles in Istria. That’s it, so it breaks through the wall and the noise in communication and positions itself strongly on the global scene. And that is why Istria is constantly in focus and at least ten years ahead of everyone, if not more. The Tourist Board of the Istrian County will organize the auction in cooperation with the world-famous auction house Sotheby’s, to be chaired by its President for the UK, Lord Dalmney, and with the support of a PR agency FOX Communication from London. Also, after an excellent promotion and cooperation with the football giant FC Bayern Munich, the Tourist Board of the Istrian County agreed on a new excellent promotional project and spectacle. The first is a new big sports spectacle in Istria, which, in cooperation with Wimbledon and the ATP Masters Series Tournament, would organize a revival match of tennis legends in the Pula Arena. The collaboration has been agreed, but details are not yet known, such as the date and the players who will come to Pula. Thus, Pula could host some of the famous tennis legends, such as: John McEnroe, Carlos Moya, Pete Sampras, Boris Becker and many others. Another big project is about attracting a new big festival in Pula. After the Outlook and Dimensions festivals left Pula, the Istrian Tourist Board is negotiating the arrival of Tomorrowland in Pula, currently the largest and most famous dance and techno music festival. Admittedly, there are still various discussions about the best techno music festival, Ultra or Tomorrowland, but one thing is for sure, if there is cooperation, it is a great motive for coming and promoting Istria. What is the magic winning formula? Focus on market development! Photo: Sotheby’slast_img

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