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The city of Vukovar bought an old hotel in the city center – Hotel Dunav

first_imgThe Mayor of the City of Vukovar, Ivan Penava, held a press conference at which he was pleased to inform the public and the citizens of Vukovar that on January 23, 2018, the City of Vukovar entered into an Agreement with EURCO dd for the sale of Hotel Dunav in the amount of 10.360.000,00 kn.”It is a building that for more than 10 years in a devastated state damaged the appearance of the central part of our city, and thus we became the owner of the former Hotel Danube, which is located in an extremely attractive location in the city center, at the confluence of the Vuka and Danube. With his paintings of the past years, he gave an ugly impression of Vukovar and reminded of various destructions. Due to the appearance of this building, we have been warned many times by tourist experts because Hotel Dunav is the only building in the city center that damages its reputation and is often the first thing that tourists see when they step on the soil of Vukovar., ”Said the Mayor of Penava, explaining that the responsibility towards the citizens and the awareness that Vukovar needs to move forward quickly are pushing the City Administration of Vukovar to take over capital projects that are not its primary activity, but necessary for the development of the city.Reconstruction, equipping and conversion of Hotel Dunav into Social Education Center “Danube” is planned through the Intervention Plan of the City of Vukovar in the amount of 35.000.000,00 kn and 5.959,40 m2 of gross construction area will include multifunctional halls, public spaces, classrooms, cabinets, restaurant, cafe, business premises and accommodation units. A more detailed division of areas and purposes will be defined through the project documentation, taking into account the fact that the citizens of Vukovar are emotionally attached to the same, and will consist of a ground floor and 8 floors.”In this way, it will fully serve our fellow citizens, but also all visitors to Vukovar, ”Concluded the Mayor of Penava.The news, which is at least strange and difficult for me personally to understand, because with this decision the City of Vukovar is directly entering the private sector. I can understand and only support the desire and need for one such object, which is in the center of the city and a symbol of the city, to put a new value into function because this is just a mockery of the city. But to enter the market competition, and thus put the private sector at a disadvantage, is insane to me. Especially because Vukovar needs it the most, private investments and opening new ones market jobs.Also, Vukovar, which unfortunately can only be seen from the media only in a negative context, asking for state help and donations for various projects, which is not disputable because Vukovar has suffered enormous damage and certainly needs help to develop well, suddenly buys a property of 10 million HRK and additionally invests HRK 35 million. I wonder, couldn’t that money have been invested in a better way?Tourism as an opportunity for the development of Vukovar                              The development of tourism in Vukovar has incredible potential, and it is certainly not through war tourism, but focused on Vučedol culture, the Danube, culture, gastronomy, cycling tourism and other forms of tourism. Regardless of the fact that Vukovar realized twice as many nights last year, when we “peel” tourist nights from arrivals on the Day of Remembrance of the Victims of Vukovar and the number of eighth grade students who come to Vukovar on a mandatory two-day program, only then can we get a clearer and more realistic picture arrivals and overnight stays.On the other hand, Vukovar has a problem with the lack of accommodation capacities, from which Vinkovci ultimately benefits, where most of the guests will actually be accommodated due to the proximity of Vukovar. However, fortunately, family accommodation is developing well, but there is certainly a lack of hotel capacity.Also, I wonder what capital will come into the negative atmosphere? None. Capital goes where it is desired, where there is a positive atmosphere, and where it can be developed and fertilized.The potentials are there, Vukovar is being built, arranged and developed, but the city is not buildings, but people. And there are fewer and fewer people, and a radical paradigm shift is needed, and tourism could be just that. Why tourism? Because the development of tourism with relatively little money and time, compared to other industries, can create a positive entrepreneurial climate, generate tourism spending, and start many micro enterprises, and we know that tourism is not one industry but connects vertically and horizontally different industries. Especially if we know that the Vučedol culture developed and sprouted in Vukovar, which laid the foundations of European civilization.Vukovar has a great opportunity and its chance for tourism development through year-round tourism, and thus send a positive image. Also, there is a need for accommodation and construction of a hotel, but this is how a wrong and contradictory message is sent.So, in conclusion, instead of developing a market economy, we are again developing the public sector.last_img

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