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August 2, 2019

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first_img be_ixf; php_sdk; php_sdk_1.4.18 Jewel Burks, a Google Entrepreneur-in-Residence, spoke at Intuit’s QuickBooks Connect Chicago event to cue small companies in on the tricks of the trade when vying for online customers. In Part 1 of this article she focused on how to get online, set an advertising budget and identify your target customers.Here are four more things she says entrepreneurs can do to attract customers and increase sales:1. Adjust your bid. Once you’ve advertised, you might get a lot of people on your website but you don’t see conversions to sales. Determine what is working and what isn’t. You can make adjustments once you see what is turning into conversions for your business. Utilize web analytics, through tools like Google Analytics, to improve your website.“You can pull levers,” says Burks. “Maybe your buy button isn’t big enough. Or it’s not in the right place. Maybe they can’t find the phone number. Those are some of the things you can track with Google Analytics.” Ask yourself how does your business differ from your competitors, and how can you portray that in an online campaign.2. Simplify checkout. “Your website is a tool for your call to action. It shouldn’t be complicated for customers to do what you want them to do,” says Burks, who was a panelist at the Black Enterprise Entrepreneurs Conference where she talked about the value of accelerators in helping startups to garner funding.. “There shouldn’t be 15 steps for them to call you.”Speed up your website. Do speed tests to make sure your site loads properly. Involve your friends and family and ask them to test it out to make sure it is giving your customers the experience you want them to have.3. Engage your customer on Social Media. “You have to be on social media because your customers are on social media,” says Burks. Follow where your target persona is on social media. You can get a lot of insights about customer behavior there. Think about where they spend most of their time so you can target them where they are. Create content to drive people to your website. Target customers via video on Youtube.Review sites can be just as helpful, says Burks. “Say ‘Thank you’ for nice reviews, but leave a private message for poor reviews. Don’t go back and forth arguing with a customer.” Having a strategic and all-encompassing social media plan can take a lot of time, so use a tool like Hootsuite, which will allow you to create posts for the week in advance.“Make sure you still throw out fresh content throughout the week,” says Burks, “Reminding the audience how events in the news can be capitalized upon to win customers.” “Also, make sure you are tracking your success. You can’t just put stuff out there and hope for the best. Google Analytics will show you how people engage with your sight.”4. Be mobile. Should you get your sight designed for mobile? Yes, says Burks. “That has to be at the forefront. If not, customers are accessing your site from a mobile device and they are having a bad experience.”“Make sure people have a great experience wherever they are and no matter what device they use,” says Burks. “Be touch-screen friendly. Make sure whatever you want them to do they can easily do it from a mobile experience.” Don’t use pop-ups on mobile sites. They can be distracting and confusing. Don’t assume they will wait until they get home to their desktop computer before they fill out a form or make a call. They won’t. They will go to your competitor’s site if your site isn’t intuitive.For more great tools and resources for online advertising campaigns call 1-877-763-9802 or visit Financial Woes: Workers are Saving too Little to RetireChick-fil-A Restaurant Will Pay You Almost $20 …The Business of Looking Good: Style Expert Teac…last_img read more

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FFWPU Moldova On August 5 in Chisinau the capit

first_imgFFWPU Moldova: On August 5, in Chisinau, the capital city of Moldova held the Peace Road. Over 50 people participate for the Peace Road event, including Ambassador for Peace, NGO volunteers, students, children. New guests and students received Rev. Moon Sun Myung’s Autobiography book as a presents.National TV, Moldova 1, news program covered the event. The report will be on the next day (August 6) evening news. For this event, Mr.Gutiera Prodan (Media Relationship), Mr.Pavel Cherbusca, Mr.Eugenia Ursu, Mr.Marina Mazur, the Ambassadors for Peace actively supported with mobilization of participants, Also Rev. Lee Hong Mo, Special envoy participated and supported the event.From their supports, the Peace Road event was held successfully.See more at Peace Road 2015last_img

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Prepared by WFWP Argentina During the month of Dec

first_imgPrepared by WFWP ArgentinaDuring the month of December, we held two joint activities that took place respectively at the Buenos Aires Peace Embassy and lately at the Children Day care House (Merendero) “Caritas Alegres” in the Tongil District of Lomas de Zamora (Buenos Aires province).On December 7, women leaders of different ONGs and religious faiths gathered for a GWPN dinner with the purpose to share experiences and strengthen relationship among WFWP members and other women leaders.This time, the gathering had also an additional purpose that was to collect toys and vestments for the children attending the Day Care House “Caritas Alegres” (Joyful Faces) located in a needed district of Lomas de Zamora city (Buenos Aires province) called “Tongil district”.Women leaders accepted joyfully the solidarity appeals of WFWP members and participated to the collect bringing toys during the friendship dinner and wishing the best for our activity at the Day Care House.On December 17, members of WFWP Argentina traveled to Lomas de Zamora and shared a deep emotional gathering with the 80 children attending the Day Care House, their families and the people responsible of that place.  The children age ranges from 1 year to 12 years old.It was the first time that the Children Day Care House could celebrate properly the Christmas moment, with Christmas cakes and milk chocolates, and toys for the children. Of course their gratitude was deep and sincere and filled up the hearts of all WFWP members that were present to give this little joy to the children. Also Global Peace Citizen Autobiography books were offered to the people responsible of the care and education of the children in that place.Click to see more pictureslast_img read more

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Prepared by FFWPU Russia Exactly one month after h

first_imgPrepared by FFWPU RussiaExactly one month after holding a Family Festival in a town of Verkhneyarkeyevo in Ilishevsky District of the Russian republic of Bashkortostan, on June 11 2019, our members held a round table about family and marriage, in which district level officials took part.Alexey and Ilsiyar Pavlov, who reside in the town of Verkhneyarkeyevo , worked together with a government official to organize the round table, which was titled “Issues of Family and Marriage and Analysis of the Demographic Situation in Ilishevsky District over the Past Five Months.”The participants at the June 11 event included the heads of various departments of the district: the Civil Registry Office, Central Regional Hospital, social security, guardianship and trusteeship, committee on youth policy, mosque, and Department of Education. Andrey Burashnov, the leader of FFWPU for Yekaterinburg, also participated.The deputy head of Ilishevsky District for social issues, supported our initiative to hold a round table, saying that he needed to hold a meeting on the demographic situation and proposing to combine our efforts into one event.The round table was held in the district administration building, in a special room that is used for round table discussions. The program of the event was prepared by the Pavlovs, and the deputy head of the district sent out the invitations and led the meeting.All the department heads gave reports on their work and introduced statistics on demographics, sexually transmitted diseases and AIDS, difficult teenagers and teenage pregnancies. Andrey Burashnov told about the activities of FFWPU and about the basic principles of a healthy family. Ilsiyar Pavlova’s presentation was about the family crisis and the need to actively work to overcome it, and Alexey Pavlov gave a report on the importance of introducing a course for schoolchildren on morality and preparing for a family.The roundtable was held in a warm, friendly atmosphere, which everyone enjoyed. There were many proposals for improving work with families. The deputy head for social issues stressed several times, when addressing the representative of the district department of education, to think about how to introduce a moral education course for schoolchildren.The positive result of the roundtable was that we met with some leaders whom we had not known before; they heard about the FFWPU and our ideas and reacted well.We also agreed to hold training for married couples from September at the “Family” Center of our friend who attended FFWPU conference in Moscow and who helped with organizing Family Festival one month ago. Organizing training for families goes in accord with republican policy to open family clubs.Alexey and Ilsiyar Pavlov also agreed to help organize a summer camp for children, which will be held by a mosque.We will continue to search for ways to spread God’s Word and Blessing.last_img read more

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August 1, 2019

Five Reasons to Leave the House This Weekend

first_img 000 By Claire Selvin· Sign up for Weekender. Arts, events, pop culture, and more.* Print Five Reasons to Leave the House This Weekend Circus 1903, the dance group Bodytraffic, and The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time are all in Boston this weekend. center_img Photo by Mark TurnerCIRCUSCircus 1903Barnum and Bailey may be shutting down, but that doesn’t mean the circus is over, or that you have to feel guilty about watching elephants perform. At this circus, you’ll behold skilled acrobats, contortionists, daring wire walkers, massive elephant puppets, and much more.$35+, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, Boch Center Wang Theatre, 270 Tremont St., by Bill HebertDANCEBodytraffic“If you’re seeking happy-go-lucky modernism, search no further,” raves the Los Angeles Times of Bodytraffic’s innovative contemporary choreography, which combines modern and balletic motions. See, for the first time in Boston, Bodytraffic pieces choreographed by Richard Siegal, Anton Lachky, Victor Quijada, and Joshua L. Peugh. The show also boasts a free pre-performance discussion with Boston Dance Alliance Executive Director Debra Cash.$40, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, Institute of Contemporary Art Boston, 25 Harbor Shore Dr., by Moses BerksonCONCERTDevendra BanhartTop off your weekend calendar with some jaunty folk music from Devendra Banhart. He’s certain to play some hits from his latest album, Ape in Pink Marble, as well as older favorites. Frustrated about the returning cold snap when your mind is on spring? The whimsy and poetry in Banhart’s music will warm you right up.$35, Sunday, 7 p.m., Royale, 279 Tremont St., by Joan MarcusBROADWAYThe Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-TimeAdapted from the popular novel, this Tony-award winning play tells the story of Christopher, a brilliant 15-year-old with a spectrum condition, who was wrongly accused of murdering a neighbor’s dog. Christopher must face his fears and anxieties regarding the chaotic outside world, and, in doing so, embarks on a journey of growth and discovery.$20+, through March 19, Boston Opera House, 539 Washington St., by Zack Smith PhotographyDISCUSSIONJami AttenbergNew York Times-bestselling author Jami Attenberg will discuss her new novel, All Grown Up, along with Boston College journalism professor, writer, and editor Maura Johnston. All Grown Up deals with a woman’s feelings of aimlessness amongst her apparently more fortunate and successful family and friends. The novel also tackles the ways in which disease and heartbreak can put a family’s bonds to the test. Attenberg is best-known for her 2013 hit, The Middlesteins.Free, Friday, 7 p.m., Harvard Book Store, 1256 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge, 3/9/2017, 8:00 a.m. Keep your weekends full of the coolest things to do around Boston with our weekly Weekender newsletter. last_img read more

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Massachusetts Is Sending Police Officers to Help in Puerto Rico

first_img Print News Massachusetts Is Sending Police Officers to Help in Puerto Rico The state will deploy a team of 69 to assist with the Hurricane Maria recovery. Get a compelling long read and must-have lifestyle tips in your inbox every Sunday morning — great with coffee! Sign up for Boston Daily. News. Commentary. Every day.* 10/5/2017, 3:11 p.m. center_img By Hayley Glatter· 000 A couple bathes in the Gurabo River in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria in Las Piedras, Puerto Rico, Monday, Oct. 2, 2017. Photo via APA team of 69 Massachusetts law-enforcement officers will be deployed to aid recovery efforts in hurricane-battered Puerto Rico, Gov. Charlie Baker’s office has announced.Personnel from across the state, including eight officers from Boston, will assemble in three two-week waves to assist local police forces. They will carry out security measures on the island and join a Massachusetts National Guard communications unit that mobilized last week. The state is also sending 13 state police cruisers.“We are proud that a team of law-enforcement officers will deploy to Puerto Rico to help keep residents safe after the recent catastrophic hurricanes,” Gov. Charlie Baker said in a statement. “The Commonwealth continues to offer personnel and equipment resources as needed to Puerto Rico, and is preparing to welcome disaster survivors traveling to Massachusetts. We will keep collaborating at all levels of government to support Puerto Rico throughout this difficult time.”Gov. Baker initially refrained from deploying military forces to Puerto Rico, heeding the advice of the National Emergency Management Association. The hesitation elicited the ire of gubernatorial challenger Setti Warren, who advocated for a more immediate state presence on the ground. Baker’s office notes that the deployment comes after the state responded to a request from the Emergency Management Assistance Compact (EMAC).The state’s response to Hurricane Maria has since been comprehensive. In addition to the military and police forces on the island, everyday citizens continue to lend a financial hand. The Massachusetts United for Puerto Rico Fund received nearly $800,000 in donation pledges just two business days after its inception. That money will aid both short- and long-term recovery and resettlement efforts from the storm’s fallout.Gov. Baker was also in contact with Puerto Rican Gov. Rick Rosselló and committed the state to welcoming storm refugees. Massachusetts is home to the country’s fifth-largest Puerto Rican population.last_img read more

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Jordan Spieths callouses will make you shudder

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Is it the Open Championship or the British Open Its really not

first_imgAmong the things that should evoke pity in all but the stoniest hearts is the earnestness with which some athletes who ain’t come to Ohio State to play school* will, later in life, refer to the institution as The Ohio State University. Surely, a handful do this ironically, but it’s hard to shake the impression that to many the “The” is a point of pride. The university itself insists on using the The, too. Perhaps it’s just clever marketing, but if you aren’t from Ohio or didn’t attend the school, it’s rather sad, really, to listen to someone who thinks that emphasis on a definite article is their bona fides, when the true effect is to reveal they are a bit too aware of the perception that the school and the state are both just one of many, and not particularly special ones at that.Soon enough we shall all kick back and watch the proceedings at Royal Portrush, curious to see which of the world’s best players will win golf’s oldest tournament. When the winner inevitably kisses the Claret Jug**, will he be celebrating triumph in the Open Championship or the British Open? For the time being, please note the lowercase “t” and lack of stress on “the” in the previous reference to the Open Championship.GearAmazon Prime Day golf deals: Here are some of the best discounts that caught our eyelast_img read more

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British Open live coverage How to watch the 2019 Open on Friday

first_imgTired yet? Good, because there’s plenty more to come from the Open Championship in Northern Ireland. J.B. Holmes fired a 66 on Thursday, catapulting himself atop the leaderboard. Jon Rahm sprinted out with a hot start, but came back to the field, two shots back of Holmes. Brooks Koepka’s march of massive performances in majors just keeps on going. Shane Lowry was the low man in the clubhouse for awhile, posting a strong 67.And don’t forget about Aphibarnrat, Finau, Fleetwood, Fox, Frittelli — enough F’s? — as well as Garcia, Hatton, Enamori, MacIntyre, Noren, Simpson, Turner and Westwood. All of them are just two shots back.Northern Ireland's Rory McIlroy walks down the fairway from the first hole during the first round of the British Open golf Championships at Royal Portrush golf club in Northern Ireland on July 18, 2019. (Photo by Paul ELLIS / AFP) / RESTRICTED TO EDITORIAL USE (Photo credit should read PAUL ELLIS/AFP/Getty Images)NewsThe Open 2019: Rory McIlroy explains what went wrong during his disastrous opening roundWhile Tiger, Rory and Phil can probably start packing their bags, there’s still plenty to watch for in Friday’s second round. Friday can help provide some clarity as to who, among the 42 players under par right now, will actually head into the weekend with a chance.Wake-up call is, once again, coming at 1:30 a.m. ET. When you awake from that short slumber, here’s how you can watch ever minute of Friday’s second round from Portrush:last_img read more

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